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She got away, but she wasn't safe. He would come back for her. No one ever got away from him


49. 48

Chapter 48

* Third Person POV*

            He was ready. Zayn had finally perfected the plan brewing inside his malevolent mind. He had completed the first step. Eliminate the threat. Now all he had to do was take the second step.

            Zayn walked into an empty café to pick up a few sandwiches and two waters, telling the women up front to keep the extra change. He was in high spirits. Nothing could stop him. Not even the gloomy sky and the dark, heavy clouds could spoil his joyous mood. Before he could retreat to his “get-away house” as he liked to call it, he had to stop by his flat to get Apollo, a Great Dane with black spots he had…picked up a while ago.  

            Zayn had grown quite accustomed to the giant dog in such a short time period, but maybe that was what he needed; someone by his side, even if that someone is a dog. The wind were starting to pick up, tousling his hair as the clouds darkened even more, but not one drop of rain fell. Thankfully, his flat was right around the block.  He watched as cars zoomed past him, enjoying the sight of random individuals getting irritated by the people in front of them, honking their horns and shouting.

            As soon as Zayn stepped on his doorstep, his neighbour, Matt, stepped off of his.

            “Is that your dog that was barking all day?” Matt asked, agitated. Zayn felt his happy mood slip a touch. 

            “I don’t know. I just got here,” he answered calmly, turning around to face his clearly unhappy neighbour. Matt’s naturally red face was purpling at the sight.

            “Well, it was coming from your flat, mate. Could you please do something about it? I have a two year old niece that’s staying with me and she really needs to take a nap.” Matt sighed, rubbing his face tiredly. Zayn shot him a forced smile, his fingers tightening around the bag he held. Matt instantly noticed something wrong and took a tiny step back.

            “Sure,” Zayn said, voice like ice. “I’ll make sure he doesn’t bother you and you’re niece again.”

            “Thank you,” Matt said falteringly, not wanting to make his neighbour angry. Zayn nodded and turned around, twisting the key in the lock. When he turned around, Matt was still lingering by.

            “Do you need anything else?” Zayn asked, smoothing his voice out to a more mellow tone. Matt hesitated.

            “Not really, well, I was just wondering if you know anything about the murders that have been happening? My sister is really nervous about ‘em. Barely let my niece come to visit me!” He laughed lamely. Zayn felt his fingers twitch.


            “I’ve heard about them. I read that it’s, like, some girls or something that the police found.” He said, faking interest. The best way to avoid suspicion is to play it out. That and it helps to be a good liar.

            “Yeah! They’ve found, I think, five bodies so far. Five or four, I forget.” Matt mumbled. This conversation is going on too long.

            “Well, if I were you, I’d keep a look on Tom.” He said, widening his caramel eyes for the dramatic effect.

            “Tom? The guy that lives the floor above you? Why?” Matt gasped. Zayn thought quickly.

            “I heard he has a record for murder and attempted suicide, like, two years ago. Ask around, everyone knows.” He said, fought a smile, and walked into his flat, leaving Matt aghast. What he said was true, Tom Riggle, a thin man in his forties with gray hair, was charged with first degree murder against his wife and then charged with attempted suicide two years ago. Zayn had read about it on the news.

            Apollo’s menacing barking snapped him out of his thoughts. The dog had jumped up on Zayn excitedly, wrapping his legs around his waist in some sort of hug. Zayn chuckled.

            “Down, boy.” He said, pushing him down. Zayn’s flat was small and simple with two bedrooms and one bathroom. Neatly clean with everything in its rightful spot, nothing out of place, even his spice collection was put in alphabetical order. It wasn’t his fault he was a perfectionist. He could blame his mother for that, as the woman was OCD herself.

            “C’mon, Apollo. I have someone I’d like you to meet,” he cooed to the dog before hooking a leash to his collar and grabbing the bag of food and the water bottles. He made sure the all the windows were locked and the curtains closed, then made his way out the door, locking it behind him. Apollo eagerly sniffed the ground, pulling and tugging his massive head the opposite direction.

            The weather outside had only worsened. The roads were splattered with raindrops, cracks of thunder was heard, and zaps of lightening illuminated the pavement. Zayn sighed.

            “Guess we’ll have to take the car then,” he said to Apollo. The dog tilted his big head to the side, cocking one ear up. “C’mon.” He said, looking behind him just in time to see Matt peering at him from behind his curtain. He disappeared within seconds.


            The drive to his get-away house took all but twenty minutes. Hidden deep in the woods, was a little cabin, complete with four levels; basement, main level, upstairs, and the attic. The cabin had belonged to Zayn’s great great grandmother years back and somehow ended up belonging to him. Not that he was complaining. And the best part was that no one from his family comes up here anymore. After Mum had died, his dad and sisters kind of just cut off the rest of the world, isolating themselves in their own little bubble. It was only a matter of time before Zayn deserted them. It wasn’t like it made a difference either. They just didn’t care. Neither did Zayn. Walking into the foyer, Zayn set his keys on the little coffee table near the door and unhooked Apollo’s leash, allowing him to roam around the house. Zayn opened the bag he had on the table and took out one of the subs and a water bottle, sitting in silence as he ate. The only sound was coming from Apollo’s nails scratching the wooden floors as he walked. He hated the quiet.

            Once Zayn was done with his snack, he took his time cleaning his mess, and then grabbed the other sandwich and water. The basement door was bolted shut with seven locks total; each one of them had their own special combination. Something that Zayn had installed soon after he inherited the place. He let his eyes adjust to the darkness before heading down the stairs, Apollo trailing after him.

            “Are you awake yet?” He called out to the figure in the middle of the room, bound to a chair, ropes tied tight. The figure stirred, straightening up from the slumped position.

            “Wake up sleepy head. I brought you something to eat and drink and I want you to meet someone.” He grinned, grabbing hold of the figures chin, forcing eye contact.

            “W-what? Where am I? Wha-? Zayn! Let me go!” The figure squirmed weakly in the constraints. Apollo barked nervously.

            “What did you do?! Where the hell am I?” The figure continued to shout. Zayn sighed.

            “Come on, now. You can yell all you want, but I think you should have something to eat, Harry.”

Here's chapter 48

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