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She got away, but she wasn't safe. He would come back for her. No one ever got away from him


43. 42

Third POV


                The man with the raven black hair stood nervously across the street from the Police Station. The place was swarming with cops, adding on an extra layer of nerves and paranoia.

                I can do this; nothing is going to happen, the man thought to himself. He stepped one step closer, his figure still hidden underneath the shadows. It was ten o’clock at night. By the time he thought of taking another step, he already turned around and rushed to his little get-away house on the outskirts of town. The man didn’t mind walking a two-mile distance; it gave him time to think.

                As much as he wanted to have Brigh’s life in his sinister hands, there was Harry. The protective little guard dog. He’d have to do something about his… friend.

                The man walked into town leisurely, hands stuffed in his jacket pockets as he schemed.  The amount of stress pent up in him was pathetic. Why should he worry about this? Well, no matter the reason, he was worried, very worried. His eyebrows furrowed together and his hands collected into fists. The man was getting angry, his pace speeding up.

                A mile down the streets, he was nearing his place, his humble abode.

                “Hey, excuse me!” A females voice yelled out. The man’s eyes snapped up. A woman, no more than twenty-five with short honey brown hair, was running up to him with an expression of worry.

                “I’m sorry, but you haven’t seen my dog around have ya? He’s a great dane with black and white polka dots? I saw him running this way,” The woman, attractive woman, asked breathlessly, holding her sides. The man looked her up and down slowly, taking in every aspect. She’s not his type, but the urge to kill was starting to overwhelm him. He needed this.

                “You know what? I think I did. I saw a massive dog running up there,” he said quickly, sending a disarming smile toward the frazzled woman. “Here, I’ll show ya.”

                She sighed in visible relief. “Thank you so much!”

                The man in black began to walk up the tiny hill to his little house, being sure to seem friendly.

                “No problem. What’s his name?” He smiled.

                “Apollo,” She grinned, proud of her dog. He discretely rolled his eyes. Fucking naïve girl, trusting a complete stranger.

                “I like the name,”

                “Thanks! My husband wanted to name him Dumbass, D.A. for short, but what kind of name was that? So, I came up with the name Apollo. I’m sorry for bothering you this late, I’m sure you were about to go home and get some sleep,” she laughed. “It’s just he got out a twenty minutes ago and I need to find him.” Will this woman shut the hell up? She was already raising the anger in him by yapping her mouth, but he remained calm, and understanding.

                “No, you’re fine. I was just going to a friends and I completely understand. I had a dog that ran away, never found him again,” he lied smoothly. She nodded sympathetically.

                “My name is Krissy, by the way,”

                “Zayn,” he grinned. “Just this way. I saw him go behind there,” He pointed to behind a massive tree, his house a mere twenty feet away. The woman nodded enthusiastically, turning on her flashlight off her phone and called out Apollo’s name.

                “Apollo! Apollo! C’mere boy! Come to Momma!” She coed while the man watched her, amused. His desire was becoming too strong to maintain. He had to do it now. He slowly slid his hand into his back pocket, gripping his blade and walking over to the loud woman.

                “Do you see him?” Zayn asked, faking concern. The woman’s shoulders slumped.

                “No, are you sure you saw him up here?” Her voice was losing its hopefulness and was beginning to sound weary. Good.

                “Yeah, I’m pretty sure. Big dog with black and white on ‘em? Right?” Zayn glided closer, his fist clenching in anticipation. The adrenaline was pumping through his veins, his excitement raising. There was nothing like the thrill of doing what he does.

                “Yeah, but I don’t see him.”

                The man stepped right behind her, a chilling smile on his face.

                “Has anyone ever told you not to trust strangers?” He whispered. “Bad things might happen,”

                “What?” The woman jumped, spinning around with wide eyes. He didn’t waste anytime lunging at her, shoving the knife in her stomach. She let out a series of ear-shattering screams, but they were far enough to where no one would hear, even if they were listening. The thrill was overwriting his system. He couldn’t stop. He smiled as the life drained out her limp body, the brightness slowly leaving her eyes.

                When he was finished, he sat up, admiring his work. Stab wounds coated her petite body, blood splattered her face. The man was pretty sure blood was on his face, but he didn’t mind. The snapping of twigs caught his attention, panic striking his mind. He quickly got up, the knife dipped with red at his side. Through the dark, an animal stepped from around a tree tentatively. It was big, with black and white spots.

                Zayn grinned. He actually never saw the dog run this way, but it looked like he did.

                “Apollo, come here boy.” The man called, patting his knees. The dog instantly ran towards him. He bent down, heaving the bloody body over his shoulder and began walking home, with the dog hot on his heels.

                I think I should give Brigh a ring, see how she is and all, he thought darkly and laughed out loud.



Kate’s POV


                “Have there been any new people in Brigh’s life other than Harry?” An agent questioned me. I sighed, rubbing my temples.

                “I don’t know. I mean, she worked at that café, so, uh, she talked to people there and stuff. There is Michael, Edna and John as well, but I don’t think there is anyone else.” I concluded, tired of being asked ridiculous questions.

                “Did she live alone?”


                “Has she been acting strange before all of you were placed in Witness Protection?”

                I shook my head in disbelief. “I’m sorry, but how is this going to help find her?”

                “Studying her behaviour is something we do, if we find something about her behaviour that might seem irrelevant, it’s not. Every little thing is one step closer to finding your friend.” The agent spoke softly. I nodded in defeat.

                “Now, how well did you know Harry?”

                I shrugged. “Not that well. I know that she and Brigh were sorta going out before all this happened.”

                “What do you mean sort of?”

                “Like, little dates here and there. She’d gush about them when she got home. But there was this one time Harry stood her up, she was pissed.” I giggled a little, shaking my head.

                “What about when you were with John and Edna? Did they still see each other?” The agent asked.

                “Yeah, they did.” I thought back to all the times Harry and Brigh would hang out with each other. The deeper I thought, a sudden thought hit me.

                “Wait, there was this one time. Uh, he was on the phone and I was walking to the bathroom I think. I overheard some of his conversation. It was a little weird.”

                “Do you remember what he said?”

                “Not really. Um, something about sending a letter. I asked him about it and he got all…fidgety. He said that his friend broke up with a girlfriend and wanted to send her a letter to win back her heart or whatever and asked Harry to send it for him.” I recounted, tapping my fingers on the wooden table. The agent perked up at that, writing something down in his notepad thing.

                “That’s all for now. Thank you Kate,” He said and stood up, opening the door for me. Michael was still in for questioning, so where Edna and John and I think Karen was here too. I sat in the little waiting room near the front, and couldn’t help but wonder if Harry had a partner involved with these crimes.


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