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She got away, but she wasn't safe. He would come back for her. No one ever got away from him


5. 4



I was practically swimming in boxes. Kate was helping me pack to move in with her. We had already moved five boxes to her flat and we were still up to our neck in cardboard. We had been moving all day and I was ready to just crawl into bed and sleep for forty-eight hours. But of course we were determined on moving everything that day. It isn’t until you have to move that you realise you just have way too many things.


“Brigh, I love you, but jesus christ you have a lot of shit.” She said breathlessly as she carried a large cardboard box.


“Yeah, I know, and I’m sorry for, like, dragging you into all of this.”


“Are you kidding? Like I would let you just live on your own after someone tried to kill you.”


“Yeah thank you a lot for this, its just we never really talked much outside of work before this, and now I’m just moving in with you on such short notice.”


“Brigh, if you even think about feeling like a bother I will actually hurt you.” I laughed and continued putting all of my clothes into a box.


It took us about another thirty minutes to get all of my clothes packed and loaded onto the rental van. We still had a lot of kitchen and bathroom things to pack, but we had made a pretty good dent so far. We were starting in on the kitchen when both of stomachs growled at the same time. We looked at each other and laughed.


“We haven’t had dinner yet have we?” I asked, placing my toaster in a box. We had been so busy packing and moving that we had forgotten to eat.


“No we haven’t and I’m starving.”


“Do you want to go get something to eat, I literally have nothing to make.”


“Yeah, and I don’t even care where we eat I just need food.” She grabbed her keys and we quickly left for Tesco. We arrived about fifteen minutes later and were practically ravenous beast. Of course Kate had the brilliant idea of making something that took nearly an hour to make. As we walked through the aisle, it took everything within me to not eat everything off the shelf.




We had been in the story for over an hour and over half of that was spent in the bread aisle. Kate said the French bread we chose was a really important part of our meal. So there she stood trying to tell me that there was a really big difference between two loaves of bread that looked exactly the same to me.


“Brigh, I am telling you this one is better, it's whole wheat and a lot softer than this one, how do you not see the difference.” Kate practically yelled loud enough for the entire store to hear.


“You do know how ridiculous you sound right now don't you. You're yelling about bread in the middle of a tescos at nearly midnight.”


“I'm just getting this one since you're too blind to see how better it is.”


“Finally! Now can we checkout please.” I said starting to slowly roll the trolley backwards. I was paying attention to where I was going and colliding with someone.


“Oh my goodness I'm so so- Harry?” I looked up to see his incredible green eyes.


“Brigh? What a coincidence running into you here.”


“I guess everyone just does their shopping at night now.”


“apparently so. So what shopping needs bring you here at this time of night.”


“Uh Kate and I,” I pointed to Kate who was now patting all the bread trying to find the softest one. “Apparently really need bread.” I laughed. “We’re having a really really late dinner.”


“Ah, I see. Bread is very important you know.”


“Thank you!” Kate yelled from behind us.


“Don't encourage her or we may be here for another hour.”


“No worries, I have to be off, I have a friend waiting for me.”


“Okay, will I see you at work Monday?”


“Maybe, maybe not.” He smiled and walked away.


“Oooooh someone's crushing hard.” Kate came up behind me, resting her arm on my shoulder.


“Kate I will not hesitate to beat you with a baguette.”




we finally sat down at my kitchen table to eat around two hours later. At that point I would literally eat anything. I shovelled spoonful after spoonful of food into my mouth, not caring at all about how I looked.


“Geez Brigh, slow down. Are you even breathing.”


“Kate, I am starving I will not hesitate to stab.” Kate laughed, holding her hands up in defeat.


We finished eating and I instantly felt a hundred times better. We finished moving a few last boxes and did a finally look around in case we missed anything. My heart dropped as I saw my empty apartment, only the furniture I couldn't take with me left behind.


Butter meowed at me from inside her cage, signaling it was time to leave. I was completely dead and wanted nothing but sleep. Kate and I stumbled outside and quickly drove to Kate’s flat about ten minutes away. We definitely were not going to be moving anything inside at that time. So I took Butter’s cage and my bag of clothes and headed up the stairs leading to Kate’s flat. All I can remember was letting Butter out of her cage and face planting into the couch.




I didn’t wake up until noon. I woke up to Butter laying on my face. I picked her up and put her next to me on the couch. I could hear Kate loudly snoring in her bedroom. I laughed and walked down the short hallway that led to her room. I slowly opened her bedroom door and quietly walked over to her. She was sprawled out on her bed like a starfish, snoring like a chainsaw. I began gently poking her face, but she didn’t respond at all. So I climbed on the bed and just started jumping. Kate jumped up right away and screamed.


“Jesus Christ, Brigh.”


“Get up! It’s already noon, and we have a lot of shit to move in. Starting with my bed, I am not spending another night on that rock of a couch.” I she rolled her eyes, grabbed my ankle and pulled me down onto the bed.


“I hate you so much I hope you know that.”


I rolled off the bed and walked back out into the living room. I took no time searching Kate’s kitchen for food. I was eating a yogurt when Kate finally decided to come out of her her cave of a room. She was still wearing pajamas and her hair was in an very messy ponytail.


“I swear to god I feel like I’m hungover and I didn’t even have a sip of alcohol.” Kate whined sitting  at her island.


“Yeah and we still have to bring in all of my shit.”


“Dammit you have too much stuff.” Kate groaned putting her head in her hands. We both ate and got dressed before starting to move all my shit into her flat. It took us about thirty minutes to figure out how  to move my giant bed up two flights of stairs to her flat.


Luckily with moving occupying all my mind I didn’t have time to think about the fact that there were two people out there who wanted me dead. but by the time night rolled around again and I was laying in Kate’s spare room alone, the thoughts came back. I was, however, a little less paranoid knowing that Kate was just a room over. 



- Hunter x


This is just a shitty filler chapter and it hasn't been checked for spelling and grammar mistakes. -Tessa x

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