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She got away, but she wasn't safe. He would come back for her. No one ever got away from him


38. 37

POVs will also be changing a lot in this chapter lol

Chapter 37

*Michael’s POV*

                Kate’s questions got me thinking. Why did I still have my shoes on? I always take them off when I get home; it’s the first thing I do. Why were my shoes untied? It’s not like I’m unable to tie them. And when I tie my shoes I tie them super tight so they don’t come untied.

                I slightly jumped when the front door slammed shut. I heard Harry yell my name angrily. I rolled my eyes and walked down the stairs. Harry saw me and angrily stormed over to me, shoving me against the wall.

                I jumped slightly when the memory flooded back into my mind. Harry looked beyond pissed. I knew we fought before it happened but I didn’t remember the fight.

I pushed him off and walked back upstairs not wanting to deal with his bullshit. When I reached the top of the stairs I was shoved against the wall again.

“Listen here you little prick, if you ever say anything about my girlfriend like that again I will kill you.” The sincerity in his voice was a bit intimidating.

His threat was the part of them memory that frightened me the most.

“Dude it was a joke calm down.”

“Don’t you dare fucking tell me to calm down. Don’t go near her again.” Then he swung his fist. It connected with my jaw.

I pushed him off and switched positions so now I was holding him against that wall.

This whole fight seemed incredibly stupid. I was incredible stupid for talking to Brigh like a dick.

“Don’t you ever fucking touch me again; I can go near who ever I want. I actually like Brigh and I’m not myself around her.” Something inside of him clicked. He shoved me back with all of his might. I stumbled over my feet and tripped, falling down a flight of hardwood floors.

I lay at the bottom, not able to really move from all the pain.

“Shit, shit, shit….” I heard Harry say as he ran down the stairs.

I shot up from the table. Fuck. Harry was the one that pushed me down the stairs. I didn’t trip.

                Kate jumped up as well.

                “Michael, what’s wrong?”

                “I remember.”


                *Brigh’s POV*

                Harry and I were cuddled up on the couch. It was extremely cold even with fire going, so we were keeping each other warm. We were watching TV, flipping through the channels. There wasn’t anything on at the moment so we were stuck channel surfing.

                Harry stopped it on a news channel for a second right as a breaking news thing flashed on.

                “Late last night the BBC News station received a gruesome letter from a serial killer responsible for the death of over seven women.”

                My heartbeat sped up. It couldn’t be.

                “The letter was said to be written in the blood of his last victim Carly Earnshaw. Her body was found along with two other victims in the middle of a park two days ago. We will read the letter, but it is extremely gruesome. Viewer discretion is advised.”

                I put my hand up to my mouth to try and calm my breathing.

                “’Oh Brigh, you’ve think you’ve gotten away, but you haven’t. I will find you and I will have the satisfaction of hearing you choke on your own blood. It’ll be music to my ears. Harry Styles, you may act so innocent around the little whore of yours but it’s time she knows the truth,” Harry went to grab the remote but I did before he could and stood up. “He’s not innocent at all, he’s a murderer. He’s like me Brigh. He has the blood of many on his hands. Signed: The ripper.’”


                *Kate’s POV*

                “You remember?” I asked in shock.

                “Harry…he pushed my down the stairs…it was him.” Michael said breathing heavily.

                Harry hurt Michael out of anger. And now he’s alone with my best friend god knows where.

                “Michael we have to tell her somehow.”

                “How, she has a new phone we don’t know her number.”

                “Shit.” I groaned loudly gaining attention from a few other people in the café.

                “I can’t believe I didn’t remember that. Now Brigh’s in danger and it’s all my fault.”

                “Yes, Brigh is in danger, but she was in danger long before she met you. It’s not your fault.”

                “I think we need to go to the police.” Michael said worriedly.

                “I don’t know what they’d be able to do they can’t even find them.” I said.

                “We at least need to let them know Harry isn’t who he says he is.”

                “Excuse me are you two talking about Harry Styles.” A little old lady said walking up to us.

                “Uh…yeah. How do you know him?” I asked confused.

                “Oh he’s all over the news. There’s a manhunt for him. There was a letter sent by that serial killer to the news station stating that he was involved in a few of the murders. Their saying he kidnapped that poor girl….what was her name?”

                “Brigh?” I asked with a shaky breath.

                “That’s it.”

                “Oh my god Michael we need to go.” I said grabbing his hand.

                Tears starting flowing from my eyes. My best friend is alone with a serial killer. If she’s even still alive. Oh god what if he’s killer her. Michael noticed my state of panic and stopped me. He placed both of his hands on my shoulders and looked me in the eyes.

                “Kate, calm down. Brigh is fine she’s going to be okay. They’re going to find them and he’s going to be locked away for a long time.”

                I nodded trying to calm myself down.

                “For now we need to get to the police.” He said and I nodded in agreement.

                We got into the car and went to the police station in Whitechapel, which was quite a long drive from where we were. About an hour later we arrived at the police station. It was extremely dangerous for us to even be in Whitechapel and the moment, but we need to figure stuff out.

                Officer Greene jumped up when he saw me enter.

                “Kate? What the hell do you think you’re doing here?”

                “We heard about Harry.”

                “It’s a shame he was a close friend here at the station.”

                “I don’t give a shit if the station lost a little buddy, I might lose my best friend because she somewhere out there with a serial killer.”

                “Now watch your tone.”

                “Find my friend.”

                “If we could we would have done that by now.”

                “Work harder she could be in more danger than ev-,”

                “Excuse me, I might have the whereabouts of Harry and Brigh.”

                I looked up to see a man about 20-22. He wore a black leather jacket, black pants, and black boots. I could see a tattoo peeking out the top of his shirt. He black hair was styled up into a quiff. His intense brown eyes made me uneasy. His whole appearance makes me scoot closer to Michael and take his hand. This man wasn’t good news and how, of all people, does he know where they are.

                “They’re in Tennessee at his family cabin.”


         Hey guys here's chapter 37  so so sorry for the long wait, we've been writing i've just been to bust to post them i'm so sorry, but i hope you enjoy the rest of the story -Tessa

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