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She got away, but she wasn't safe. He would come back for her. No one ever got away from him


37. 36

Sorry, but there will be a lot of POV changes. Again.

Chapter 36

*Michael’s POV*

            I drove along the empty streets to a nearby local café with Kate in the passenger seat, hands clasped together tightly, eyes locked onto the landscape in front of her.

            “We’ll be okay, Kate. I promise,” I murmured softly, sliding one of my hands onto hers. As I said the words, I felt like something wasn’t right. Will we be okay? The question ran laps in side of my head all the way to the café. I turned off the ignition and glanced at Kate. She looked so cute in leggings with those weird patterns on them and a brown leather jacket. I looked down at my own clothing; tight black jeans that were a pain in the ass to put on and a band t-shirt. She was so much more stylish then me.

            I laughed at my silly thoughts and stepped out of the car.

            “What are you laughing at?” Her angelic voice asked. I grinned and shook my head.

            “Nothing, just myself,” I leaned over and pressed a sweet kiss to her cheek, unable to resist myself. She giggled, her blue eyes crinkling and lips pressed in a beautiful smile.

            “You’re just extra sweet today, aren’t ya?” She teased, playing with the hem of my t-shirt.

            “Only for you,” I teased back, pressing another kiss to her cheek and pulling her into the café.

            “Hi, welcome to Zaza’s Café. What can I get you?” A woman in her late thirties asked with a small smile. I ordered a cheese omelet for myself and Kate ordered oatmeal with fruit in it along with two cups of coffee. I found a booth by a window and took hold on Kate’s hands across the table. I played with her slender fingers while we waited in a comfortable silence.

            “What do you think really happened before you fell that night?” Kate surprised me by asking. I looked up, raising my eyebrows.

            “Why?” I asked, curious for her answer. She shrugged and picked at the skin around her nails.

            “I don’t know. I was just wondering,” she said quietly. I could tell she was thinking hard about something. Her eyebrows were slammed together, eyes narrowed; focused.

            “What are you thinking about?” I said softly; bring one of her hands to my lips and kissing her soft skin. Before she could respond, the lady at the front yelled off our order. I quickly got our food and sat back down again. I handed her the oatmeal and coffee and took my cheese omelet and coffee off the tray. As I ask the question, I already knew the answer. She was wondering what happened that night.

            I furrowed my own eyebrows and thought back to the night I fell to the best of my ability.


*Officer Greene’s POV (haha remember him?)*


“Kit, get me a coffee will ya?” I spoke to the intern sitting hunched over one of the empty desks, writing fiercely. Kit was not a day over eighteen with wavy light brown hair, dark brown eyes and was extremely skinny, but smart for his age. He looked up and dropped his pencil.

            “Yeah sure,” Kit nodded and disappeared into the kitchen area filled with drinks and snacks. I sat down at my desk with a sigh, resting my elbows on the table. Several minutes later, Kit returned with a steaming cup of coffee and placed it beside me. I thanked him quietly and took a sip. Everything was stressful. Brigh Nixton and Harry Styles have seemed to disappear off the face of the earth. Only her friend Kate (I forgot her last name -_-) staying exactly where I put her and even she doesn’t know where Brigh is.

            “Greene! Check the news!” Officer Reid shouted from across the room. I turned my attention to the T.V.

            “Yesterday at five-thirty in the morning, the local Television Station received a gruesome letter,” the pretty blonde haired woman stated with confidence. The screen flicked to a picture of a piece of blank paper with red ink. My skin crawled as I read the words dripping in blood. Fucking shit. Our unsub was now sending fucking letters to the Television Station? Now everyone around the world will know about this and go into panic. I was sure of that.

            “Reid! Get Special Agent Lehrer from Behavioral Analysis Unit FBI on the phone,” I commanded with a firm voice.  It’s about time we needed help to stop this sick bastard.


*Kate’s POV*

            I watched as Michael stared off into space, thinking about something obviously. Probably trying to remember what happened? The question had bothered me since Harry disappeared with Brigh to god knows where. Did he really fall? I mean, I know his shoe laces were untied and people tend to trip over them, but…wait. Both of his shoe laces were untied. It struck me as a wee bit strange.

            Usually when I get home, I take my shoes off by the door, and then go take them upstairs or whatever in my room. Michael was already upstairs when he fell.

            “Hey Michael? Babe?” I waved my hand in front of his face to gain his attention. He snapped his focus to mine.


            “I’m just wondering, but when you get home, where do you take your shoes off?” I felt like an idiot for asking, but I needed to know. He cocked an eyebrow.

            “Uh, usually I take them off when I walk through the door,” he laughed. “Don’t you?”

            I forced a smile. “Yeah, I do.” Okay, so he usually takes his shoes off by the door. Then why did he still have his shoes on when he went upstairs? Did he forget to take them off? Could he possibly just wanted to leave them on? I thought back to the night I saw him. I tried to think of what his shoes looked like. They were his black converse with a hole on the side, but the laces were tied. Pretty tightly it looked like. If I were to fall down the stairs with tightly tied shoe laced, they wouldn’t just magically untie, either the shoe would come off completely or not.

            Unless someone untied them.


           So here's chapter 36 hope you enjoy it -Hunter

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