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She got away, but she wasn't safe. He would come back for her. No one ever got away from him


33. 32

(Warning: Adult content!!!)


Brigh’s POV


            “Are you doing okay?”  Harry asked. I bit into my sandwich and held the phone to my ear with my shoulder.

            “Mm Hm, just eating,” My answer came out muffled. Harry laughed.

            “That’s good. I don’t have too much time to talk. I have like a two minute break,” Harry scoffed. I giggled, which resulted in my choking on my food.

            “That sucks,” I coughed between the words.

            “Are you alright?” Harry asked, but I could hear the smile in his voice. I shook my head.
            “Absolutely perfect,” I glanced down at my sandwich and angrily chucked in the trash bin, so much for that. “You shouldn’t have gone to your job today, that way I wouldn’t be talking to you right now and I wouldn’t have choked on my sandwich,”

            “As much as I would have loved to stay home and take care of you, I had to come in today. I can’t get fired on my third day!” He laughed contagiously. I laughed as well and plopped down on the living room couch, curling my legs up underneath me.

            “Well, better get back here soon. I’m bored. I don’t even know why you made me stay home in the first place, Harry,” I complained.

            “Because you need to rest, you’re in too much stress,” Harry said. I sighed. I guess it was true, especially with that phone call with the guy from the hospital and the things he said. I decided that what he said was complete bullshit. Of course Harry was who he says he was... Who else could he be a fugitive clown on the run? I giggled at my own ridiculous thought.

            “Why are you laughing?” Harry questioned.

            “Nothing,” I said stifling my laughter with my hand.

            “Whatever, Brigh; I have to go now. I’ll see you later, babe.”

            “Later, babe,” I laughed. I had no idea why I was laughing.

            “Why are you laughing?” He demanded again, sounding amused. I giggled crazily. “You didn’t take anything, right?”

            “No!” I laughed again. Maybe there was something in that sandwich…

            “Bye,” Harry chuckled.

            “Byeee,” I cooed.

            “Bye,” Harry said. I shook my head.




            “Harry! Move it! Your break is over,” A voice yelled on his side of the line.

            “Fuck, I have to go,” I laughed heavily as he hung up. I pulled the phone away from my ear and set it on the coffee table grinning like an idiot. I switched on the T.V. for some background noise and picked off the dead skin on my nails to pass the time. It was only eleven in the afternoon. I don’t know why I had lunch so early, but I always had so it kind of stuck.

            Around noon-ish, my phone buzzed. Thinking it was Harry; I picked it up and answered it immediately.

            “Hey,” I smiled.

            “So happy to hear from me, huh,” It wasn’t Harry’s voice. This voice was cold and rough.

            “N-no, what—,” Fear started to kick in and I couldn’t move.

            “No need to start stuttering, I just want to talk,” He chuckled. I swallowed thickly.

            “Why do you keep calling me?” I dared to ask. This time he actually laughed, loudly.

            “You still haven’t figured it out?” He laughed. I furrowed my eyebrows. “You know, I can very well trace this call all the way to your phone, but I won’t do that because I’m going to give you a choice, Brigh.”

            “And what is that?” I spoke harshly, surprising myself by the sudden strength in my voice. My hands shook like a leave, but I kept my voice rough.

            “You tell me willingly where you are, or I will track down every friend, every family member and kill them slowly. Do you understand me?” The man hissed. Tears burned in my eyes, threatening to fall out. “Then I will come for you. I will kill you in front of your little boy toy or will I kill him in front of you. I haven’t made up my mind yet,” he chuckled.

            Bile rose in my throat. To my horror, Harry appeared at the living room door with a frown. He took in my bloodshot eyes, shaky hands and the phone. He took action immediately, lunging across the room and snatching the phone out of my hands, hanging up and throwing it across the room. A tear fell, slowly sliding down my cheek.

            “What did he say?” Harry growled, crouching down in front of me and placing his hands on my cheeks. I took a deep breath.

            “H-he said that he would give me a choice,” My voice trembled, my bottom lip wobbling.

            “What did he say, Brigh. Please, I won’t be mad,” Harry whispered, resting his forehead on mine.

            “He told me to tell him where we are or he would kill my friends,” I whispered, throwing my arms around his waist, clinging tightly to him like my life depended on it. Maybe it did.

            “Fuck, this guy is a maniac. You didn’t tell him did you?” Harry asked quietly. I shook my head.

            “You got here just in time,” I answered and buried my face in his neck. Harry sighed deeply.

            “I’m so sorry, Brigh. I didn’t think he’d call back again,”

            “Harry, do you know him?” I asked. The question had been lingering around the back of my mind, begging to be asked but I have been distracted by Harry. Harry looked into my eyes in silence then nodded.

            “Y-yeah, I do. He was an old family friend. He, uh, and I had a really bad falling out a few years back. I stopped hanging out with him and I guess he really didn’t take that well,” Harry admitted. I pulled back with wide eyes. I can’t believe he’s actually telling me.

            “Holy shit Harry. He could be the killer! Have you even thought about calling the police?” I asked. He nodded.

            “Believe me, I’ve tried; A few days after I informed the police about his…activities. He came to my house a-and,” he took his hands off of my face and lifted his shirt to his chest. “Gave me this,” He ran a finger over a scar that ran from his armpit to his hip. I gasped. How have I never seen this before? How could I miss it?

            “Oh my god,” I murmured. I lifted a quivering finger to his side, looking at Harry for permission. He nodded and closed his eyes. I gently traced the full length of his scar, feeling the ragged skin under my finger. I gathered enough courage and bravery to push his back on the couch and pressed my lips against his skin. I trailed my lips down to the very end then pulled back. He looked down at me with wide eyes.

            “You’re perfect, Harry,” I mumbled against his scar. He shook his head.

            “No I’m not, Brigh. I’m not perfect,” Harry sighed. I felt the sudden urge to kiss his stomach, his tattoos, and his muscles. So I did. I started with the butterfly on his stomach, skimming my lips down the center of his stomach and softly pressing my lips to the fern leaves on his hips. It was a tad risky, but I couldn’t stop myself. Harry sucked in a breath and squeezed his eyes shut.

            “You are perfect,” I said, feeling the fear slowly retreat and was being replaced with a tingly feeling all over my body.

            “Brigh, Brigh, Brigh,” Harry sighed breathily. “You should stop; I won’t be able to hold out any longer,”

            I felt a smirk play at my lips. I didn’t want to stop. I needed this.

            “What if I don’t want to?” I whispered in his ear, letting the words fall seductively from my lips. “Be my distraction Harry; I need you,” Now I had no control over my words. They just kept coming out without any thought. I kissed the corner of his jaw, letting my words sink in.

            “You’re sure?” He asked slowly. I nodded, kissing down his neck.

            “Please, Harry,” I whispered. He pushed me back and stood up, fixing his shirt and offering a hand to me. I gladly took it and stood up. His eyes hungrily raked up and down my body, resting them on my face. My eyes flickered to his pink lips, then back to his eyes. His grip on my hand tightened as he guided me to the bedroom, glancing back every so often as if to see I was still there.

            I turned off my brain and let my body take control. I pulled his hand up to my lips, kissing each knuckle with ease. My eyes flicked up to meet Harry’s. He had a small smile on his face, showing off his deep dimples. I grinned back along with a wink. He smile wiped off his face, being replaced by a smirk. He pushed me up against the nearest wall, pinning my arms above my head with one hand while his free hand slid down my hips, settling right under my bum.

            “You’re so beautiful,” Harry whispered before crashing his lips to mine. I arched my back off the wall, pressing my chest against his. I craved his touch. He was like my own personal drug. I was addicted and there was no way I was able to stop. “So sexy,” he continued, letting his hand fall down my bare thigh just right under my knee and pulling it up to wrap it around his hips; I mentally fist-bumped myself for wearing my shortest pair of shorts today.

            A whimper escaped my mouth, needing more. I pulled his lips back to mine, being the one to slide my tongue inside his mouth. Our tongues lapped over each other, sending a chilling feeling down my spine. There was so much need in the kiss, so much passion and lust, and more importantly, love. I placed my hands on his head, burying my fingers in his curls and giving them a soft tug. Harry let out a small groan and took his hand off of my hand, resting it just under my bum. He gave a light squeeze, indicating me to jump.

            I jumped up and wrapped my other leg around his waist, locking my ankles together. Harry hiked me up against the wall so I was a couple inches above him. I ran my hand recklessly through his hair, loving the feeling of combing my fingers through it. Harry tightened his grip on my thighs and pushed off the wall, stumbling backwards. He broke the kiss, bringing his mouth against my neck. I let out a light moan, tilting my head back.

            I don’t know how he got us up the stairs, but he did and now we were in the master suite. Harry kicked the door closed with his foot and dropped me on the bed. I giggled and pulled him on top of me by his shirt collar. He laughed, grabbing my hips and pushing me to the center of the bed. With quick hands, I pulled his t-shirt off his body, running my hands over every inch of his smooth stomach and chest. I felt like moaning as my I felt every muscle, every line. My stomach tightened with desire.

            Harry pushed my legs wide open, sliding his body between them and running his hand under my t-shirt, over my stomach and hips, but never groping my breast like I know most men would. I couldn’t stop looking at him with a mix between awe and adoration. He was beautiful, absolutely, one hundred percent beautiful. The light shone through the windows, casting shadows in all the right places upon his face and body, giving him that angelic look.

            He slowly lifted my shirt off and unhooked my bra, a rush of coolness breezed on the new exposed skin. I wanted to cover my stomach in self-consciousness, but there was something about the way Harry was looking at me. Like I was the most beautiful thing he has ever saw. It made my devotion for him strengthen. I felt short of breath as he lowered his head and kissed between my breasts and slowly ran his tongue up to my neck. His hands gently caressed my back, my arms, my shoulders and I felt our heated bodies press together, skin to skin.

            He kissed my neck and nibbled gently as I lifted my hips to allow Harry to pull of my shorts. I reached for the snap of his jeans, undid it, and watched as he slipped them off as well. It was almost slow motion as our naked bodies finally came together, both trembling with passion. His hands moved over the smooth hot skin of my breasts, down my stomach, past my navel, and up again. I pressed my hands to his back, beckoning him. He pushed me backwards by the shoulders until my back hit the softness of the mattress. My back slightly arched as he rolled on top of me in one fluid motion. He was on all fours above me, his knees on both sides of my hips. I lifted my head and kissed his chin and neck, breathing hard, licking his shoulders, and tasting the sweat that lingered on his body. I ran my hands through his hair, feeling the sleek curls wrap around my fingers as he held himself above me, his arm muscles hard from the exertion. With a little tempting frown, I pulled him closer, but he resisted. Instead, he lowered himself and lightly rubbed his chest against mine. My body responded in anticipation. He did this slowly, over and over, kissing every part of my body.

            I let out a chorus of small whimpers and moans. I gasped when the tip of his length pressed lightly against my entrance and bucked my hips forcefully. He growled against my ear, then kissing along my jaw and finally my lips. I cried out when he fully pushed himself in, my fingers clawing hard into his back. I buried my face in his neck as I felt him deep inside me, felt his strength and gentleness, felt his muscle and his soul. Then he started to move. I moaned loudly, moving my hips to meet his thrusts, allowing him to take me wherever he wanted.

            I opened my eyes and watched him in the dim light, marveling at his beauty as he moved above me. Beads of sweat glistened against his skin. My eyes fluttered close as he pulled out and plunged back in deeper. He groaned against my lips, moving his head to my shoulder and lightly biting down. Waves of pleasure racked my body, my stomach clenching and tightening. Harry’s thrusts became faster, more forceful. And I loved it.

            “Harry,” I whimpered, raking my nails down his back.

            “Brigh,” Harry whispered back, voice full of emotion. I struggled to open my eyes to meet his. I melted under his gaze, so full of love and admiration. I bite my lip harshly to keep in my moans as Harry thrusted where it felt best. But I couldn’t keep them in. I let the moans fall out of my mouth like a waterfall. Harry let out a moan himself, thrusts getting sloppier. My legs stiffened and started to tremble.

            “Come on, baby. Let go,” Harry whispered huskily against my neck. My head fell back against the mattress as I reached my climax, my orgasm flooded through my body. Harry thrusted a few more times before pressing a sloppy kiss to my lips and released inside me. I sighed breathily as he pulled out slowly and flopped on his stomach beside me, completely knackered. I felt like I was on cloud nine, my body glowing. Harry wrapped his arm around my waist, pressing his warm lips to my shoulder.

            “I love you, Brigh,” He said so quietly. I turned my head towards him and smiled.

            “I love you too, Harry,” I said truthfully.

            I am absolutely, definitely, positively, unquestionably, no strings attached, beyond any doubt, unconditionally in love with him.



Hey, sorry I took forever on this chapter…It’s a little awkward trying to write smut, but I hope this is okay lol. It’s also awkward when my mum is in the same room as me!! Anyway hope you enjoyed the chapter.


Wolves- Taylor Ames

Souls- Taylor Ames

Resolution-Matt Corby

Brother- Matt Corby

Ray LaMontagne- Empty 

Arctic Monkeys- Do I Wanna Know

Arctic Monkeys- Why’d you only Call Me When You’re high

Arctic Monkeys- Arabella

-Hunter x


(Hey sorry, but chapters are really slow we're really busy with school and stuff, but we will update as much as we can -Tessa x)



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