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She got away, but she wasn't safe. He would come back for her. No one ever got away from him


25. 24

Chapter 24


Brigh’s POV


            Today was a strange day. Well not as strange as some of the things going on in my life, but still strange. How about I back up about three hours ago:

            I was sitting at the dining room table, eating dinner (roast beef with mash potatoes) when someone knocked on the door. Not even two seconds later, Harry walked in with a guilty expression on his face. Edna, John and Kate glanced at me, then back at him. I excused myself from the table and hooked my fingers around Harry’s wrist and literally pulled him up the stairs into my room and closed the door.

            “What are you doing here?” I hissed, crossing my arms in infuriation. What was he doing here?

            Harry sighed and looked down at the floor briefly before reconnecting his eyes to mine. “Look, I – I was wrong yesterday for yelling at you the other night and I am really sorry.”

            My eyes widened. Was he really apologizing? What should I do? Stare at him? Say something? I decided to just look at him.

            “Really,” I said and uncrossed my arms. Harry ran a quick hand through his hair.

            “I just wanted to tell you that I’m very sorry for acting that way. It was wrong on my part and I shouldn’t have gotten shitty with you. I wasn’t trying to be honestly. I was just so angry about that whole situation, but I didn’t expect to lash out like that and I certainly did not mean any of those names I called you. Really; that was so shitty of me to do that and I know you wanted to know which I will tell you, just not right now. I’m just not use to the whole boyfriend-girlfriend thing and I knew that I would somehow fuck it up.”

            Harry was ranting now and my eyes were the size of softballs. My heart felt incredibly heavy at his apology and the butterflies that always seem to swarm in my belly were now flying frantically around.

            “I’m not expecting you to forgive me so quickly, but I just want to let you know that I—“

            “Harry!” I cut him off by pressing my finger to his lips. “I forgive you.”

            Now it was Harry’s turn to widen his eyes. An undeniably beautiful smile crossed his lips, brightening up his features.

            “Really,” I nodded and took my finger off of his soft lips.

            “I mean, yeah. I know that I wasn’t the most rational person either, I called you an asshole too right?” I said and giggled. I couldn’t help it. It all seemed so long ago. He laughed nervously and ran another hand through his hair, sending the hairs in the back straight up. I raised my hand to his head and smoothed back the stubborn hairs affectionately. He hooked his arms around my waist loosely. How could he be so… what was the word; lovely, attractive, good-looking, gorgeous, stunning, striking, beautiful; or all of those.

            “I deserved that though, I was being an asshole.” Harry hummed and leaned against my touch, his brilliant green eyes closing.

            “Yeah, you were.” I agreed with a smile. He let a breath out through his nose and rested his forehead against mine.

            “I was so worried about you the other night, I was so tempted to sneak in here and hold you so the nightmares wouldn’t come, but I knew you were pissed at me and I didn’t want you to hate me even more.” Harry mumbled, his warm breath spanning around my face. I shook my head.

            “No,” I pulled my head back slightly. “No, I didn’t hate you. I was just upset with what was being said, but I would never hate you.” All of the negative thoughts toward Harry that had passed through my mind vanished and was replaced by affectionate feelings toward this boy. Harry’s grip tightened around my waist, pulling me closer to his body. My hands moved from his hair to wrap around his neck and I pressed my cheek to his chest, feeling the slab of muscle harden. I listened to his heart, beating rapidly under my touch.

            This was good wasn’t it? We were on good terms now. Hopefully, they stay this way. I don’t know if I can handle another night without him. Suddenly, Harry pulled back and looked down at my neck. I froze as he traced a scratch softly with his fingertip. They faded into a light pink now, barely there but still noticeable.

            “What happened here?” Harry murmured, lifting his gaze to mine. His green eyes were clouded with concern. I shrugged.

            “Nightmare, it was worse than the others, I guess.”

            “Did it happen the other night?” Harry asked slowly. I nodded. Pain filled his eyes quickly.

            “And I wasn’t here,” he muttered so lowly, I began to think I imagined it. His expression was so sad and solemn.

            “Its fine, Harry; you can’t be here every day.” I reasoned and pulled him closer again, placing a single kiss on his shoulder. He sighed.

            “I can try, right?” He smiled weakly. My heart fluttered at his words. Can this get any better? Well, he could take me to that bed and lay me down and- No. I can’t think like that. At least not right now. Besides, if you can’t do it now, that’s what your imagination is for. Shut up brain.

            Silence embraced us in a comforting way. Harry led me to the bed and sat down, taking me down with him, repositioning me so I sat sideways on his lap with my legs across his lap. A thought came to mind. He never told me where he was when I went to hang out with Michael. Should I ask him about it? No? I decided not to ask him. He needs his space and I don’t want him thinking that I was trying to snoop. As long as he isn’t cheating on me, then I’m fine.

            So I kept shut my mouth and enjoyed the feeling of Harry’s fingers tracing random shapes onto my knee and his head on my shoulder. I played with a curl, pulling it out slightly and letting it bounce back.  

            “Can I stay tonight?” Harry asked, still tracing shapes on my knee.

            “Mhmm,” I answered back, burying my fingers in his thick, unruly hair, scratching his scalp slightly.

            “God, I love it when you do that.” Harry moan against my shoulder. I smirked and pulled on his hair a little harder. “Such a tease,”

            “What I do best.” I teased back. Harry suddenly pushed me back against the bed and rested all his weight on me, his body was crushing mine but since it was Harry, I didn’t mind.

            “Play with my hair,” Harry demanded and nuzzled his face in the crook of my neck. I giggled and let my fingers spread wide through his hair, twisting and twirling random strands. How could his hair be so soft? Mine isn’t this soft last time I checked which was in the morning. Well, this wasn’t fair.

            I threw my free leg over Harry’s. I felt like a puzzle piece and Harry was my match; my perfect match to completing the puzzle, painting a beautiful picture. I exhaled contently, forgetting about the people downstairs probably waiting on me. All that I thought of was Harry. He took over every inch of my mind, turning it to mush.

            I looked down at Harry’s face. His eyes were closed and his breathing was even and peaceful. He looked so much younger and, dare I say it, adorable. Men weren’t supposed to be adorable, but Harry was proving me wrong; big time. With his curly, soft hair, green eyes and dimples. I found myself on a cliff, where Harry was waiting right below me, to catch me when I fall. As I stared at his features, trying desperately to find a single flaw, I realized something.

            I love him. I love this curly headed, green-eyed cutie with the name Harry. And I don’t regret a single thought.


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