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She got away, but she wasn't safe. He would come back for her. No one ever got away from him


21. 20

Chapter 20 

Brigh’s POV

    The nightmares were inevitable. They seemed to sneak up on me when I’m least expecting it and strike. I always had this queasy feeling in my belly, like I could puke any second. I was afraid to go to sleep, as pathetic as that sounds…it’s true. Even the thought of sleep sent my hands shaking like a leaf. The nightmares would always be the same; same place, same person, same ending. I never felt safe, which was ironic since I was in witness protection, but that could never keep me safe from the nightmares running through my head like a never-ending film. 
    John went out of his way to go to the pharmacy to pick me up some anxiety pills, for which I am grateful. It was just the other night when I had fallen asleep on the couch when Karen, Harry and Michael were over that the pills didn’t work. Harry had woken me up frantically and gave me some of my pills, but they didn’t numb the shock I felt as the knife plunge into my chest, they didn’t dull the pain I felt. It felt all so real; so scarily real. 
    The only time I felt somewhat safe was when Harry was right beside me, arms wrapped around me, protecting me from the darkness that surrounded my mind and ate away at my brain. The nightmares would still come, but they were faded; just…barely there. It was honestly strange. I wish I had the words to explain what my situation was, but I didn’t. I felt horrible that John, Edna, Kate and even Harry had to listen to the ear-shattering screams that expressed the torture I felt. I wonder if that’s why Harry would stay so late into the evening, staying with me until I fell asleep. 
    I wish they would stop. My heart breaks in half every time I catch sight of Kate’s red eyes and blotchy cheeks and Edna dabbing her eyes with a tissue every now and again. I hate how so many people know about them now; it used to be just me; then Kate, then Harry, and then Edna and John. I didn’t know if Michael knew, but if he didn’t I would like it to be kept that way; didn’t need any more people to pity me. I didn’t need their pity or sympathy; I just needed their support. 
And the fucking topping to my sundae was that Officer Greene had called yesterday morning to advise us to stay with Edna and John and for Harry’s case, Karen and Michael, for a little while longer due to a new threat in the Whitechapel area. He wouldn’t tell us what the threat was and it must have been pretty dangerous for him not to say anything. 
‘”Fucking perfect timing.”’ Harry had said under his breath after the phone call and I had instantly wrapped my arms around his waist and rested my head against his shoulder. Now, it was two in the morning and lay awake, waiting for Harry.

“Babe,” Harry whispered into my ear. “I need to use the toilet.” 
I woke with a start and my hand frantically searched for Harry in the darkness. Once I found him, I clutched his t-shirt and sighed. 
“What did you say?” 
“I need to use the toilet. Are you going to be okay being alone for a second?” 
I nodded and reluctantly unattached his shirt from my grasp. He pressed a lingering kiss on my forehead and headed towards the bathroom. 

“Brigh, You still awake?” Harry’s smooth voice suddenly spoke out. I jumped in fright and a hand flew to my chest, over my thumping heart. 
“Y-y-yeah,” I stuttered terribly and ran a hand through my hair nervously. 
“Shit, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you.” Harry whispered, if it wasn’t for the sincerity in his voice, I would have thought that that he was getting annoyed with me.  I opened my arms and beckoned Harry to lie back down. He complied quickly and pulled the covers up to our chests. 
“It’s fine.” I mumbled sleepily in his ear and snuggled into his warm embrace, finally able to allow sleep to overtake. 

    When I woke, the sun was shining through the window, blinding me as it usually does when I wake up, or when it was a lovely day outside. Something heavy and hot was pinning me down to the mattress. I squinted downward. Harry’s mops of curls were tickling my neck and his face was pressed against my chest, both arms wrapped tightly around my hips. My right arm was buried underneath his body. It was too hot in here. 
    “Harry,” I muttered and tried to wiggle out of his grasp. He mumbled something incoherent and snuggled his face deeper into my chest. I flushed. Well, this is awkward… After several failed attempts, I stopped struggling and began to play with Harry’s hair with my free hand. His head unexpectedly lifted off of my chest, his eyes locking onto mine.
“Good morning. Did you sleep alright?” He asked. I nearly moaned. His morning voice was so deep and raspy. I definitely could get use to waking up every morning. 
“Good morning and yeah, I slept well.” I said truthfully. The nightmares were barely there, but they were… like I said, it was strange when Harry was beside me… and I really needed to brush my teeth to get rid of my morning breath. He looked down right at my chest and looked up with a grin. I rolled my eyes. 
“Can you please get up? I need to use the bathroom.” I gave him a gentle push. He groaned and lifted his body off of mine and flopped onto his side. 
“I don’t want to get up,” he whined. I giggled and stood up. 
“Then don’t. Wait till I get back and we can get some breakfast.” I told him and hurried to the bathroom. Once I did my business and washed my hands, I wandered back to my room. I knew everyone was awake due to the loud voices and laughter downstairs. When I got back to my room, Harry was standing at the foot of my bed, taking off his shirt. Whoa, I thought. I could see his muscles in his back strain as he lifted off his black t-shirt and switched it out for a white t-shirt. His skin was smooth and tan, not a single tattoo on his back as there are on his arms and stomach. I just wanted to reach out and—
“Staring is rude, Brigh. You should know that.” Harry soft voice teased me. I blushed madly and looked to the floor. 
“Sorry, I, uh, was just…I don’t know.” I admitted. Harry laughed. The beautiful sound coming out of him may as well be angels singing. 
“It’s fine, let’s go downstairs. I’m hungry.” He said and laced his fingers with mine. Since everyone knew about my nightmares, they knew about Harry staying the night from time to time and surprisingly, they were fine with that. Butter darted from under my bed and brushed past my legs. 
“Hi kitty, who’s a good girl?” I cooed and stroked her behind the ears. Harry snorted. 
“Not trying to be mean or anything, but this is probably the ugliest cat I have ever seen.” 
Butter hissed at him as if she understood what he said. I laughed. 
“Well, she doesn’t like you either.” I said and picked her up. She wrapped her paws around my neck in a hug and allowed me to hold her like a baby. 
“That cat is fucking weird,” 
“You’re fucking weird,” I mocked in his voice. 
“Whatever,” he laughed and headed down the stairs, me hot on his heels. 
“Let’s get you some food and water, baby girl.” My voice raised an octave. I haven’t had some quality time with Butter lately and I think that needs to change. 
“Why can’t you talk to me like that?” Harry teased. We walked into the kitchen where Edna and Kate were standing next to the stove. I gently put Butter down and poured some kitty food into her bowl along with some water from the faucet. 
“Because you’re not a cat, duh,” I giggled. Kate turned towards me and Harry. 
“Good morning, guys! Sleep well?” She directed that last question to me. 
“Really well, thanks for asking.” I told her and wrapped her in a hug. 
“Well, I sleep lovely. Not that you care or anything,” Harry said behind me. Kate giggled quietly. “I think I’ll be with John out in the living room.” 
“Okay, see you in a minute,” I said and turned back towards Kate. “So what’s for breakfast?” 
“Eggs and hash browns,” Kate replied. I walked right beside Edna and watched her flip some hash browns. She turned to me. 
“Good morning, dear. I trust that you slept well?” Edna asked with a little smile. Harry. I blushed and nodded. 
“Um, yeah; I slept pretty well.” 
Edna nodded her smile widening. She went back to cooking and I went back to stroking Butter and talking to Kate. 


After breakfast, Kate had taken the house phone and set it on the table, sitting down and staring at it for the past twenty minutes. 
“What the hell are you doing?” I asked Kate. 
“Michael said he would call after breakfast,” She said and rested her head on her hands. 
“Ohhh, and why is he going to call?” Couldn’t he just walk his ass over here? 
“I don’t know. He just said that he would call after breakfast.” 
“Well then. I’ll, uh, leave you too that.” Just as I finished that sentence, the phone rang. Kate’s hands darted out and snatched the phone. 
“Hello?” She greeted. Her face brightened up in the most adorable way as the person on the phone answered. 
“Yeah, okay. Hold on.” She got up and walked up the stairs, a big smile sketched onto her face. I rolled my eyes and left the kitchen to find Harry, who was sitting on the couch watching a boring ass documentary about coins with John. 
“Harry,” I whispered and waved him over. He got up quickly and strode toward me. I led him back into the kitchen. 
“Is everything alright?” He asked. I nodded 
“Yeah; when do you think you should go home? I don’t want Karen to worry about you.” 
“I mean, I guess I could go back now and maybe you can come over later, to keep me company?” Harry said with a smirk and a mysterious twinkle in his eye. Butterflies fluttered around my belly. 
“Yeah, that’d be fine.” I shook my head yes. 
“Great,” he answered and linked his arms around my hips, locking his fingers at the small of my back. “Then I guess I will see you later?” 
I nodded and snaked my arms around his neck, grabbing his collar and moving his head closer to mine. His lips were so close to mine now, inches away. I could feel his hot minty breath on mine. Mine probably smelled like that as well, since the toothpaste is extra minty. I gathered enough courage to raise my lips to meet his in a single peck, and then quickly pulled away. 
“Nope,” Harry mumbled and pulled me in for another kiss, a sweeter, longer kiss. I responded to the kiss head on. I hesitantly trailed my tongue along his bottom lip.  He groaned and opened his mouth. Heat pulsed its way straight down toward between my thighs. I clamped them shut in hopes of easing the tension. Harry noticed the movement and broke the kiss with a grin. 
I gasped when he slid his fingers along the band of my pajama pants, pulling them down a few centimeters, teasing me. 
“Nice pajama’s you have,” Harry whispered into my ear, his lips ever so lightly touching the shell of my ear. Goosebumps rose on my skin and there was no doubt that Harry noticed. Before I knew it, I was sitting on the kitchen counter, legs spread wide with Harry standing between them. My breathing hitched in my throat as something hard was pressing against my most sensitive spot. I wrapped my legs around his waist, locking my ankles together to press harder against him. His kisses were harder against my skin.  
I forgot about the people in the other room, not even five feet away. I forgot about how this shouldn’t be happening between Harry and me. We have only been dating for a handful of weeks and nothing we had done was as intense as this. The forcefulness Harry was showing as well as the gentleness only made me want Harry more. The desire burned deep within me, the desire and want. I just didn’t care about the consequences.
“We may have to finish this sometime later, I can’t risk someone barging in on us.” Harry mumbled against my lips, giving one last kiss before stepping backward and walking out of the kitchen. Leaving me sitting on the counter completely flustered. 


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