Obsessed *Editing*

She got away, but she wasn't safe. He would come back for her. No one ever got away from him


17. 16

*Third P.O.V*

            “Is it done?” Boss asked through the phone. I gulped and ran a hand through my hair.

            “Um, n-not exactly…” I trailed off, glancing at around my room nervously.

            “Please, do enlighten me.” Boss said calmly. That’s not good, I thought.

            “I just don’t think I can do this anymore.” I answered quietly. Boss laughed harshly, making me cringe.

            “Didn’t we have this discussion last time? What’s stopping you? You had no trouble in the…others,”

            “I don’t know okay? I don’t want to do this anymore! Imagine if they caught me? Huh? I’d go to fucking jail for the rest of my life and I can’t live through that. I’d rather kill myself.” I hissed, already getting annoyed as fuck with him. Boss went quiet for a few short seconds before he burst out laughing.

            “Do I sound like I give a shit? You will do your job and you will complete it.”

            I shook my head frantically. “No, you do-“

            The line shut off. No, I’m not going to do this anymore, but I have to. My own life is on the line.


*Brigh’s P.O.V*

            When I woke the next morning, I just lay in bed, resting my arms behind my head and sighing happily. Our date was perfect last night. Not exactly a normal one, but that didn’t faze me. What did was how sweet and romantic he was. Kate was, surprisingly, not in bed when I woke. I could hear the running of the shower down the hall and the noises of the telly on downstairs. The morning sun was slanting through the window, casting a ray of sunshine on my face.

            The birds were chirping outside, singing contently and fluttering around like leaves floating to the ground in autumn. Such a lov-

            “Kate! Brigh! Karen just called! Michael is waking up!” Edna yelled as loud as her little voice could up the stairs. Lovely day, I thought sarcastically. I groaned deeply and let a frown settle on my face. Michael is waking up, I thought. How perfect. I heard the shower shut off from down the hall and the door open immediately.

            “What did she say?” Kate asked me as I stepped out of the room slowly. I had quickly put on a pair of sweat pants and an oversized t-shirt with long sleeves along with my normal black vans.

            “We need to get to the hospital. Michael is waking up.” I informed her and trotted down the stairs. Kate let out a noise of disbelief and happiness. I scoffed and rolled my eyes. Why the fuck is she so happy? Did she fall down a flight of stairs and hit her head too?

            Less than five minutes, we were raring to go, well, they were, not me. I loitered behind them as they all climbed into the car. Apparently, Harry and Karen were at the hospital. I wonder what Harry’s reaction was… Probably not happy, but who could blame him? Michael had tried to come onto me when I was seeing Harry. He’s my boyfriend now. I smiled widely at the word. Boyfriend; I can’t believe he’s mine.

            When we arrived at the hospital, I wasn’t surprised to see Harry leaning up against the wall beside the front entrance, looking nervous and tense. He visibly relaxed when he saw us pull up and stood straight, walking over to us. I hurriedly walked over to him and took hold of his hand with a small smile. He smiled back, dimples deep as ever. He leaned down, lips brushing against the shell of my ear, making a shiver slither down my spine.

            “Michael’s waking up,” He whispered bitterly. I looked at him and reached upwards to brush my lips to his ear, teasing him.

            “I know,” I whispered. I smiled when I felt Harry shudder. I was glad to know that he could be affected by me as I was by him. His smile dropped when we walked through the hospital doors, a frown settling on his lips.

            “What’s wrong?” I asked, turning to look at him. He stopped walking and pulled me by the arm around a corner and gently pushed me against the wall. His breathing was hard, his chest rising and falling quickly. His bright green eyes kept flittering back and forth between mine. As if he was searching for something.

            “Nothing’s wrong,” he finally said, sighing deeply. Harry’s body was pushed against mine on the wall, hands on my waist and his front pressed up against mine. I frowned at him.

            “Are you sure? You seem a little-“I was cut off by a pair of soft lips pressing against my own. I responded immediately, wrapping my arms around his neck, fingers burying themselves into his dark hair. His tongue quickly slid along my bottom lip, making my inside turn to jelly. I opened my mouth slightly, drawing him in. He moved a hand from my waist and caressed my jaw, finally cupping my cheek.

            I wasn’t sure how long we stood there because my brain literally turned to mush. I couldn’t think straight. The only time we parted when we had to breathe, then he quickly dived back in.

            “Harry,” I mumbled against his lips. He groaned in response. “H-harry, I think we need t-to get back.” I pulled away slightly. Harry dipped his head and lips attached under my jaw, making me gasp. I tightened my hold on his hair, pulling lightly. His lips were warm and soft, leaving a trail of kisses down the column of my throat. I bit my tongue to refrain from moaning. Not once did it occur to me that we were standing in a hospital, with loads of people around as Harry continued his gentle assault. A shock of electricity shot through me. My breathing was ragged and uneven, but so was his. As much as I love this, we needed to get back.

            “Harry, we need to get back.” I said more confidently. I felt his teeth nibble on my ear.

            “Do we have to?” Harry whispered, dragging his lips across my throat. I sucked in a breath, my head tilting back at the sensation.

            “Y-yes, if you don’t want to answer questions about where we have been.” I smiled. I felt him sigh against my neck and ever-so-slowly pulled away. I removed my hands from his hands and adjusted my shirt. I could imagine how we both looked: crazy hair, swollen lips, rosy cheeks and crippled clothes.

            “Let’s go, then. Maybe later we can finish what we started.” Harry grinned and sent me a wink. I flushed and looked away. He laughed and took hold of my hand, lacing our fingers together. I was still reeling on what just happened. He has never done that before and as much as it’s different, I loved it. I let my imagine take over if we were in his room when that happened, but cringed slightly at my thoughts.

            In Michael’s room, Harry and I settled ourselves on the two extra chairs by the side of the bed. Michael was awake and talking to Karen who was, unsurprisingly, crying.

            “Do you know what happened, Michael? Are you in pain? Do you need anything?” Karen fired questions at him all at one time. Michael shook his head.

            “No, I’m fine; well could I have a glass of water.” He croaked, “Please.”

            Feeling surprised was an understatement. He just said please… Please as in…please. Wow maybe falling down the stairs was a good thing. Harry was back to being nervous once Michael spotted him.

            “Hey man, uh, Karen said that you were the one that got help when I tripped,” Michael said awkwardly, rubbing his hand on the back of his neck. “So, um, thank you, I guess.”

            For a second, Harry looked shocked, but he quickly recovered and stammered out an answer. “You’re, uh, welcome?” His response sounded more like a question than a statement. Michael nodded and lay back down on the thin hospital bed.

-Hunter x

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