Obsessed *Editing*

She got away, but she wasn't safe. He would come back for her. No one ever got away from him


12. 11

Chapter 11


            I plopped down on my bed. My new bed until the killer is found. Kate is in the room next to mine and Harry is in the house next to us. The family seems like a pretty nice family a little elderly couple.


            I heard and knock at the door and I got up to answer it. Kate was standing there with a plate of cookies. I smiled and let her in.


            “Edna made these for us.”


            I took one and took a bite, “Oh my god these are amazing.”


            “Edna wants us down in an hour for dinner.”


            I nodded and took another cookie.


Kate sat on my bed and sighed, “I can’t believe this is all happening.”


“I know I’m sorry for dragging you into this.”


“What kind of friend would I be if I left you to some psychotic killer?”


I smiled and finished my cookie. Kate and I talked about all the recent events that have been happening. An hour later we were called down for dinner. I walked down to the kitchen; Edna and John were both setting the table.


“Here, let me help you with that,” I sat grabbing the plates from Edna.


“Thank you dear,” she said giving me a smile.


I gave her and smile and set the rest of the table.


“Why are there so many plates if there are only four of us?” Kate asked.


“Well the neighbors are coming over,”


I counted the plates; there were seven. I sat next to Kate and waited for Harry to get here. There was a knock at the door and John was about to get up and get it.


“Oh no, I got it,” I got up and walked over to the door.


When I opened it, Harry was standing there with a woman and what I assumed was her son. I looked at her son but he didn’t make eye contact. He looked kind of like an asshole. He looked a bit younger than Harry and I around 18 or 19.

I moved out of the way and let them in. They made their way to the kitchen.


Edna stood up and hugged the women, “So good to see you Karen and you too Michael.”


So their names are Karen and Michael. I somehow ended up sitting between Kate and Michael, with Harry sitting across from me. I felt quite uncomfortable sitting next to someone I don’t know, especially Michael, who looked like the biggest asshole in the world. I mean he’s probably not that bad, but he’s quiet and mysterious which kind of gives him that jerk-ish vibe.


I shifted in my seat. We had finished our dinner, and now we were just talking. Well the adults were talking more than us. Well I’m technically an adult but I don’t like getting involved in adult conversation. Harry, Kate, and I eventually ended up going upstairs.


“Michael, go join them.” I heard Karen say.


I mentally groaned as I hear footsteps coming up the stairs.


“Ok, my mum forced me to come up here so don’t expect me to actually want to talk to you.”


Ok so he is an asshole… perfect. I rolled my eyes and went back to the conversation with Harry and Kate.


“After they find the guy I don’t I’ll be ever be able to face him,” I stated.


“You’d have to eventually.”


“I know.”


“What if you’ve already met him?” Harry said jokingly.


“What’s that supposed to mean?” I asked getting nervous.


“Well, I’m just saying what if he was some customer at the café or something and you’ve already spoken to him.”


The thought sat there a while. The killer could be anyone; I’ve probably met him before. Just thinking about it made me shiver.


“That’s a creepy thought.” Kate said.


“Let’s talk about something else,”


“How about when this is all over I take to on the best date of your life,” Harry said looking at me.

“And what makes you think I wouldn’t have had better dates.”


“Because I’m the best,” Harry said in a childish voice.


I laughed a bit too loudly. Harry never usually acts this weird in front of me. I continued to laugh for no reason earning strange looks from Kate and Harry; even Michael shot me a weird glance.


“Could you like, I don’t know, shut up!” Michael said, obviously annoyed with me.


I sighed a looked down. I hate being annoying, it’s one of my biggest insecurities. I absolutely hate being told to shut up.


“Hey, don’t talk to her like that,” Harry said angrily.


“And I would care why?”


Harry stood up towering over Michael. Michael pushed him and that seemed to set him off or something. Harry punched him right in the face.


“Harry!” He turned to me with this rage in his eyes that was enough to make me take a step back.


He stormed out of the room. I heard the front door slam, making me jump. I have never seen him angry, and it’s one of the scariest things I’ve ever seen.


“Even though you just insulted me, are you okay?” I asked Michael, who was holding his jaw.


“I’m fine,” he said rudely.


“I liked it better when you were quiet.”


He rolled his eyes and walked down the stairs back to his house. Kate just kind of sat there in shock. I walked over and sat next to her.


“What just happened?” I asked.


“I have no idea.”




Around twelve o’clock Edna came up to tell us to go to sleep. It felt weird being twenty and being told to go to bed by someone. Kate went to her room and I got ready for bed. I just lay in bed when there was a knock on the window.

I looked up to see Harry standing on the little balcony outside my window. I didn’t want to talk to him, afraid I would make him angry. I reluctantly opened the window and let him in.


“Listen I didn’t mean to get the angry earlier. I didn’t scare you did I?” I didn’t say anything. I just looked at my feet. “I didn’t mean to scare you I would ever want to do that.”


I nodded and hugged him, “Just please don’t punch people in front of me.”


“I won’t,”


I smiled and hugged him tighter, “I think you’d better go, Edna wouldn’t appreciate a boy being in my room alone.” I laughed.


“Yeah, I’m tired anyway. I guess I’ll see you tomorrow. I’ve got to go make up with the asshole Michael.”


“Bye,” he kissed me on the cheek and left.


I lay in bed and finally got to sleep.




I rubbed my eyes and slowly opened them, yawning in the process. I shot up not remembering where I was. Looking around the room everything finally came back to me. There was a knock at the door and I got out of bed. Kate was standing there, looking extremely tired.


“Edna wants us down for breakfast, and then we’re going to the shops.”


I walked into the bathroom and splashed my face with cold water. I walked down the stairs like a zombie. Edna, John, and Kate were sitting there just beginning to eat. I took a seat next to Kate and began eating. Edna’s meals were what I’m most looking forward to the rest of our stay here. But hopefully our stay here isn’t very long.


After our meal there was a knock at the door. Edna asked me to get it, and I gladly walked over to the door and opened it. Harry was standing there smiling. I looked over and unfortunately saw Michael standing there.


“I had to bring him.” Harry’s smile faded as he said that, “its Karen’s whole idea of us bonding; she acts like we’re brothers that need to get along or something.”


“Well we were about to get ready to go shopping if you want to come.”


I heard Michael groan at the mention of shopping.


“That would be lovely.” Harry said. I could tell he was just trying to annoy Michael.


“Okay, Kate and I are going to go get ready and we’ll be down in a bit.”


Kate and I ran upstairs and started getting dressed. I just decided on a pair of blue jean skinny jeans and a plain black t-shirt. I slipped on my black vans and ran downstairs. Kate came down five minutes later.


“Looks like we’re ready to go,” I said to Harry.


Michael rolled his eyes; I can obviously tell he does not like me.


“By Edna, by John, we won’t be out long.”


“By dears, have fun.” she said smiling.


We walked out to Edna’s car that she’s letting us borrow. Surprisingly she had a really nice car. We arrived at the nearest mall. I’m sure we aren’t supposed to leave our houses, but at this point none of us really care. I drove, Kate sat in the passenger side, and Harry and Michael were in the back. Michael was on his phone as usual.


I can’t believe we’re being forced to stay with an asshole like him. I honestly don’t know what his problem is. We got to the mall and walked inside, Michael trailing behind us not really talking to us.


He really started to piss me off when he started stepping on the back of my shoes and pushing me. Harry was trying his hardest not to explode on Michael. Harry made me walked in front of him and he stood between Michael and me.


The day went on pretty uneventful from there. Until we walked past a stored that was selling TVs the news was on the TVs and something caught my eye. Copycat killer furious with the sudden disappearance of escaped victim.


“The copycat killer has sent many threatening messaged to the Whitechapel Police Station. All of them mentioning a women that escaped him, the only person to every escaped him. The killer won’t seem to rest until he finds her.”


Everywhere I go I can’t seem to escape him. It’s like he’s everywhere. Me, Harry, and Kate all just ignored it and continued walking. I tried not to hear it but I heard Michael mumble something.


“If only it was you he was after,”


If only he knew. Does he really want me dead? I stopped and shot around to face him.

“Look, I don’t know what your problem is, but you need to get over yourself. And what kind of sick bastard would practically tell someone they want them dead besides a serial killer. You are such an asshole.” I felt a sharp pain across my face.


He fucking slapped me. I felt Harry pushed me behind him.


“Don’t you dare fucking touch her again. If she was not here I would beat the shit out of you, but I won’t for Brigh. If you ever touch her like that again, I will not hesitate to hurt you.” Harry said angrily.


Michael did not seem the least bit phased by his threat, in fact he seemed amused. I placed a hand on Harry’s arm and he turned to me, his eyes instantly softening. He placed a hand on the read mark on my face.


“I shouldn’t have let that happen.” he whispered.


“I’ll be fine.” I smiled.


“I won’t let anyone hurt you.”


-Tess x

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