Obsessed *Editing*

She got away, but she wasn't safe. He would come back for her. No one ever got away from him


2. 1


The TV clicked lightly as I turned it on. It was seven in the morning and I had just woken up. My TV took a second to turn on so I went to make myself a cup of coffee.

After I had finished making coffee and pouring myself a bowl of cereal I went back into my living room and sat down on my couch. My cat, Butter, rub herself against my leg until I gave her attention. I laughed lightly and focused my attention to the TV. I flipped through a few things before just sticking to the news. I didn't watch the news much, but for some reason I decided to watch it that day.

My heart immediately sank when I saw the breaking news banner at the bottom of the screen with the words 'another copycat killer victim found in a small park near downtown London'. I lived about fifteen minutes from downtown London and my job was only five minutes away. The first thought that ran through my mind was, how could someone possibly kill someone in a city so busy without someone seeing them.

I shook my head and shut off my TV. I cleaned up the remnants of my breakfast and quickly got ready for work. It was 8:00 by the time I left my house, and I had to walk quickly to make it to work on time. Luckily, by the time I got to work my boss, Matt was just turning over the 'open' sign.

I smiled at him as I walked through the door.

"Just barely made it again, Brigh. You're cuttin' pretty close there aren't you." Matt said shaking his head, but he was smiling.

"Yeah I know, but I just got caught up in the news this morning. Have you heard about what happened?" I asked as I hung my jacket on the coat rack next to the door.

"The dead girl? Yeah read 'bout it this mornin'. Tragic story that one is; girl was only twen'y." Matt shook his head and headed into the back. I pulled my apron off the hook behind the counter and started making sure everything was in order. It was about fifteen minutes before our first customer walked in. It was a little old lady with a kind smile.

As the day went on my mind kept wandering back to the news story. It didn't help that that was all anyone could talk about. There were about a hundred different theories on who it was, but of course none of them were right.

"Bet it's that one bloke, lives down the street from me. I always see him walking the streets late at night. Quite strange if you ask me." Mrs. Damon said to her chatty group of friends. They were a usually bunch around this time of day. Typical housewives and their typical gossip. I walked over to their table to refill their coffees.

"Hello ladies how are we doing today." I asked with a smile.

"It's been a crazy one, Brigh. You heard 'bout the girl they found 'bout five minutes from here?" Cathy, the one with the bright, bleached hair and the fake boobs, asked me.

"Oh yeah, it's just a tragedy isn't it."

"I heard someone say the body was all cut up, but it looked almost surgical. They're sayin' the killer's a copy of Jack the Ripper." I listened to Mrs. Damon gossip as I poured their coffees.

"Just what we need innit, somebody to bring those murders back. I'm tellin' you Brigh, you best not walk alone in these parts. It's a pretty young girl like you he seems to be after." Cassandra said chewing loudly on a piece of gum.

"No need to worry about me ladies, I'll be fine. Let me know if you need anything." I turned and walked away back behind the counter.

Kate, my co-worker, came up beside me. "Is it just me or are Cathy's tits just getting bigger and bigger." I choked out a laughed and nudged her. Kate was a few inches taller than me. She had short blonde hair, and the brightest blue eyes I'd ever seen. She was incredibly beautiful.

"Okay, but do you not find it weird that Mrs. Damon won't let us call her by her first name?" I asked as I filled the coffee machine with fresh grounds.

"She wants everyone to know that her husband is like one of the richest men in town." I rolled my eyes and continued to busy myself in work.


It was five in the afternoon and my shift was over. I just had to quickly clean up a few tables and I could leave. Kate helped me clear the last table and I hung my apron up.

I grabbed my jacket and headed out the door. Surprisingly it was still unusually hot for London in September. I continued down the street; I felt kind of unnerved seeing as there was a murder about five minutes from where I was walking. There were and unusual amount of police cars everywhere and people were going about their business as usual. Sometimes I had wished I had money to buy a car, but unfortunately I was left to either walk everywhere or take a bus.

The walk to my flat took ten minutes and it was 5:40 by the time I walked through my door. Butter came bounding over to me begging me to feed her. I sat my stuff down and changed out of my work clothes before feeding her. I looked through my cupboards trying to find something for dinner. I eventually ended up making a can of soup.

A few hours later I decided to turn it to the news for some odd reason. Of course the only news they were talking about was the recent murder. According to the news the 'copycat killer' had already claimed up to three victims. Apparently the only Jack the Ripper thing he was sticking too was the method of killing.

I wanted to learn more about what was going on so I pulled out my laptop and started researching. Apparently all of the victims were twenty. They all had long brown hair and green eyes, just like me. Cassandra was right he was after pretty young girls like me. I spent the next three hours researching and finding everything I possibly could about the murders. The first victim's name was Shelly Nealson, she was twenty and going to university to become a lawyer. She was found dead in a park just outside of London a month back. The second victim was Amanda Raymond, also twenty and a bartender at the local pub about twenty-five minutes from me. Her body was found in the alley behind the pub only two weeks ago. Then this last victim Beatrice Baker, again twenty and working in a mall. Of course her body was just found this morning in the park.

My eyes started burning from staring at my screen for so long and I finally closed my laptop. I made sure my door and all my windows were locked before grabbing Butter and heading to my bedroom. I got settled in bed and by 11:30 I was asleep.


I barely heard my alarm and I rolled over to my phone on the nightstand. I was extremely tempted to just hit snooze as I had done that last few days. But seeing as I was almost late to work again I decided against it and I forced myself to get up. Butter was sprawled out in the bed beside me and I pet her before getting up. She followed behind be meowing.

I fed Butter before heading to the bathroom. I winced at the bright lights and took a minute to adjust. I quickly fixed my hair, did my normal morning things and headed to the kitchen.

I made breakfast and quickly at before opening my laptop. I pulled up and article I was ready last night about cryptic notes the police had been getting. There were pictures on the website of the notes and they were written in what looked like blood. My stomach churned as I read the letter. I had never read something so disgusting in my life, it was almost hard to keep my breakfast down. Just the fact that this man was so proud of what he was doing and found so much enjoyment in it.
I saw that it was 7:15 and decided to leave for work then. I slipped on my shoes, grabbed my jacket and headed for the door. As soon as I stepped outside a cool breeze hit me. It was a drastic change from the temperature yesterday and I pulled my jacket together. I shivered slightly as another cold breeze swept over me.

Matt was surprised to see me as I walked in early, well it was a normal time to arrived just early for me. I was the only one in so far so I started filling coffee pots.

"It's a very strange site seein' you workin' this early." Matt said as he was taking inventory.

"yeah I decided against hitting the snooze button this morning." I laughed.

"I'd say that was a good idea on your part." He laughed and patted my back before continuing at his work.


It was rush hour, and the cafe was extremely busy. Kate had just shown up for her shift thankfully adding to the help. I looked out the window just as a man was walking by, normally I wouldn't pay attention; he would just be another person in the rush hour crowd, but there was something strikingly familiar about him I just couldn't put my finger on it. But before I could think any longer and customer walking by trip and spilled her boiling hot coffee all over the front of me. I let out a loud gasp and jumped back. The man started apologising profusely. I assured him it was okay before walking quickly into the back room.

"Jesus Brigh what happened to you?" Kate said helping me pat myself dry.

"some guy tripped and spilled his incredibly hot coffee all over me." Kate couldn't help but laugh and the situation. I pushed her lightly but laughed along.

"oh gosh you just don't have great luck do you?" She continued to pat my shoulder with kitchen roll.

"clearly not," I laughed.

I was completely dry but also slightly sticky; which made for an annoying amount of discomfort. At that point I wanted nothing but to go home.

Matt walked over to me with a look I knew all too well. "So Brigh it looks like James never came into work today and we need someone to cover his shift. Do you think you could stay and lock up with Brigh?"

I sighed internally before answering. "Yeah sure no problem."

"thanks Brigh you're a lifesaver."


It was almost 9:30 and I was left with Kate to lock up. The sun had set about two hours ago and it was completely dark outside. It was not the ideal time to walk home alone, but I had no choice.

"You can go home I have everything here." Kate said hanging her apron up.

"Are you sure?" I asked tossing my apron to her.

"Yeah, I don't know why Matt had you stay, I could have handled this by myself." She laughed.

"Okay well, I'll see you tomorrow." I waved as I walked out the door. It was even colder than it was this morning. I walked quickly with my head down wanted to get out of the dark and the cold. I stopped at an alley and tried to decide whether to take the shortcut or not; wanting to get home as quickly as possibly.

As I was walking I swore I heard footsteps behind my, but I turned no one was there. I picked up the pace a little and so did the footsteps. When I looked again there was still no one. At that point I decided to just run. I heard the footsteps coming closer and I tried running faster. Before I could turn the corner of the alley I felt a stinging in my scalp as I was pulled by my hair up against someone's chest. My screams echoed down the alley.

No no no no no no, was all that was running through my mind. I let out a choked sob as I felt the cool sensation of metal against my throat. The knife was so sharp that it cut my throat a little with him having to apply any pressure. I winced at the sting. Without even thinking I brought my elbow back harshly; luckily it landed right in his gut and he dropped his knife. I broke out of his grip and started sprinting to my flat. My flat was a ten minute walk from my job and I ran there in under five.

I burst through the door of my flat and made sure to lock ever lock. I ran around making sure everything was locked. I was breathing heavily and I fell to the floor and held my chest. I felt like I was dying and I didn't know how to regulate my breathing. The room started spinning and I thought I was going to pass out. I couldn't wrap my mind around what had just happened, and I couldn't believe I was still alive; I couldn't believe I had escaped him.


-Tessa x

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