Obsessed (16+)

She got away, but she wasn't safe. He would come back for her. No one ever got away from him


1. Intro


                He watched her working in the little café on the corner. Her long brown hair falling over her shoulder every time she bent over to pick something up. The way she flicked it off her shoulder. The way she smiled brightly at the customers as they left. Her bright green eyes lit up the room in every way. 

                He noticed how she walked home alone every night. How she went  home to no one. She was always alone. He was almost certain the she didn’t even have friends. Her life was pretty pitiful in his eyes. But maybe that’s why he chose her. 

                She was the perfect person. No one would miss her.  She had a cat but I’m sure that it wouldn’t miss her much. The police would never even know she’d gone missing. She was his next victim.


-Tessa x

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