Obsessed (16+)

She got away, but she wasn't safe. He would come back for her. No one ever got away from him


5. 4

Chapter 4


            It took half an hour for me to stop crying; a half hour.  Kate rubbed my back soothingly as my sobs softened.  Finally, Officer Greene spoke up.


            “Brigh, I am so sorry you have to go through this.  We are trying our best to track this bastard down and bring him to justice.  In the meantime, I suggest you stay with a friend or a family member, at least until we find a possible lead.” And so far you have nothing, I thought bitterly. I immediately scolded myself for thinking that.  They’re doing the best they can. 


            “She can stay with me, Officer Greene.  Is that okay Brigh?” Kate asked, turning her head towards me.  I wiped my eyes with the back of my hand and ran my hand through my hair.         


            “Yeah, that’s okay.  Can I bring Butter with me?” I asked her.  Officer Greene looked at me weirdly. 


            “I’m sorry, but did you just say butter?” He asked, his eyebrows rising on his forehead. 


            “Butter is her cat,” Kate answered for me.  I giggled at the look on his face despite my situation. 


            “Oh, I see,” Officer Greene said sheepishly. “Well, girls you are free to go, and don’t worry about this, okay?  We have everything under control.  I will send police cars to drive by your house and Kate’s house every hour to check up on you, does that sound okay?”


            “That’s fine.” I mumbled.  I grabbed my purse and slung in over my shoulder as I stood up. 


Kate and I followed Officer Greene out into the main lobby. 


            “Have a good night girls and call me if you see anything unusual, yeah?” Officer Greene asked seriously. I nodded my head, so did Kate.


 He walked us out the front door and to Kate’s car, saying good bye once again.  In the car, I checked the time on my phone, 3:12 p.m.


            “Do you want to go to your place and get some stuff?” Kate suggested.


            I just nodded and stayed quiet.  I stared out the window at the moving landscape.  Whitechapel was such a beautiful place. I had never really thought of it as dangerous.  Sure I had heard stories about Jack the Ripper in 1888 and how he had murdered women in this very city, but I had paid no mind to it.   


            “We’re here.” Kate’s voice broke my train of thought and brought my attention to the building in front of me.

I felt a natural pull of my head to the left; the alley, the alley where that...that man attacked me.  I felt a bubble of anger rise through me, making my fist clench.


“Hey, Brigh, are you alright?”


            “Huh?  Oh, yeah. I’m fine.”  I looked at my building again.  “Do you mind coming up with me?”


            “No, I don’t mind.” Kate said patiently. 


She unbuckled her seat belt and climbed out of the car.  I followed in pursuit, my hands slightly shaking.  I led the way through my building, clutching my purse tightly to my side.  I dug out my key as we neared my door. I felt strangely nervous about walking through my home; the butterflies flew around my stomach, making me feel nauseous.  Kate waited silently behind me as I turned the knob slowly, unsure what to expect on the other side. I took a deep breath and pushed my way through the door.  With a quick glance around the room, my muscles began to relax.  Nothing was lurking in the dark, waiting to pounce.  It was bright as day in here, well, it was day.  Anyway, nothing was here.  Everything was exactly how I left it. 


            I dropped my keys on the coffee table and treaded to my room.


            “I’m going to watch a bit of the telly, okay?  You go pack, or whatever.” Kate said, plopping down on my couch and grasped the remote. 


            “Yeah, go ahead, make yourself comfortable.” I mumbled sarcastically, advancing to my room. 


            “I heard that, Brigh!” Kate shouted to me.  I giggled lightly. 


            “Sure you did!” I bit back.


 I smiled all the way to my room.  I picked up an old, beat up backpack from my closet and picked out a few clothing.  A weeks’ worth of undergarments, five shirts, three pairs of jeans and a pair of shorts since it was quite warm outside.  I padded to the bathroom and picked up my toothbrush and hairbrush and shoved it in my already too full bag.  I packed my phone charger in my purse along with some lotion and my other bottle of anxiety medication.  I looked down at my converse covered feet.  Nah, I thought.  I’ll just wear these for a few days. 


            “Kate?  I’m finished.” I called out.  I heard a groan come from the living room.


            “Really, I thought you would be longer.” Kate whined.  I laughed at her.


            “Sorry, not happening.”


            “Fine,” Kate sighed and turned the telly off and stood up.  “Are ya ready to go?”

            I looked at the clock to see that it was already ten at night but I was super hungry.


            “Yeah, what are we having for dinner?”


            “Well, I put some chili in the crock pot this morning, so it should be ready now.”


            “Chili, I haven’t had that in forever!” I exclaimed. 


Seriously, it has been years since I had chili. It might not seem like that big of a deal but I used to love chili, but I hadn’t eaten it since I moved away from home.


            “Wow, you’re missing out.  We need to stop by the shop then so I can pick up some French bread.” Kate said.


            “That’s fine.” I stated and walked to the door.


            We were off on to get bread at ten at night.




            “Which one should I pick this one or this one?”  Kate said while holding up two different types of French bread.  We stood in the middle of Tesco’s at ten in the bread aisle with me standing impatiently behind Kate.


            “Kate, they’re the same thing.” I pointed out.  She shook her head.


            “No, they’re not.  See,” she shoved one of the breads in my face, “this one is whole wheat and this one isn’t.” I pushed the bread away from my face and sighed deeply.


            “Do the whole wheat one.” I suggested. 


            “Hmmmm,” she looked deep in thought, “Okay.” Then she smiled and walked up the aisle.


 A slight cough made me turn my head to the right.  Someone that looked very familiar stood at the other side of the aisle, looking at the bread on the shelves.


            “Harry?” I called out.  The familiar man looked up in surprise, his head of curls swaying.  It’s weird seeing him here this late at night. Who knew so many people needed bread this late.


            “Brigh, um, hi… how are you?” Harry asked.  He put the bread he had in his hands back on the shelf and walked over to me with a small smile.  I gave him a half smile.


            “Hey Harry, I’m well, yourself?” I asked politely. 


            “I’m very well, thanks for asking.” He responded equally as polite. I looked at his empty hands.


            “No journal today?” I teased. He looked confused for a minute, and then smiled, showing off his amazing dimples.


            “I’m afraid not. I didn’t think I would need it at the store.”


            “Oh,” I felt my cheeks light up with colour. “So, uh, what are you doing here?”


            “Just looking around for something to have for dinner tonight, having a bit of a late dinner; I’m out of food.” He explained. 


            “That’s cool, same here, actually.  My friend over there made chili, so we needed bread and stuff.” I felt totally awkward talking to him right now. It was different talking to him now than it did talking to him at the café. 


            “Aren’t you working tomorrow, a little late to be out isn’t it?” Harry suddenly asked.  There was something in his eye that I couldn’t read. 


            “Um, no, I-it’s my day off.”  I stuttered.  I have never really been a good liar and right now, it was showing.


            “Oh.” He smirked. The look in his eye intensified and I found myself slowly taking a step back.


            “Yeah, but I’ll be back Friday.” I carried on casually, trying to play it off cool. 


            “I’ll be waiting,” He mumbled so low, that I didn’t catch it; instead I just saw his lips moving.




            “I said that I should get going, my friend is expecting me.” He said quickly and took a little step back and smirked.  “Bye Brigh, I’ll see you around.”


            “Bye Harr…” I trailed off because he was already out the door. I stood there looking at the door until I heard Kate call my name.


            “Wasn’t that Harry?” She asked.  We walked up the self-check-out and placed the bread on the scanner.


            “Yeah, it was.”


            “Oh, what did he want?”


            “Nothing just asked how I was and stuff.” I answered truthfully. 


            “Huh,” she hummed thoughtfully. “Well, I’m done.  Now we can go eat!” I cheered silently and clapped my hands.


            “It’s about damn time, Kate.” I scolded playfully. 


            “Hey!” She pouted like a child. 


            “Hurry up and pay so we can eat.  I’m hungry.”


            “Hold your horses.” Kate laughed and paid the cashier the amount of money needed and put the bread in a plastic bag.  “Now let’s go.”


            “Yes!” I said and literally pushed her out the door of the store and into the car.  


-Hunter x

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