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She got away, but she wasn't safe. He would come back for her. No one ever got away from him


35. 34

***WARNING: This chapter may be a bit graphic for some of you***

*Third Person POV*

            He twisted his mouth in a grimace as he walked down the busy streets of London. Who knew people would be up at midnight? Still walking around, holding hands with lovers, smiling at people, happy as can be? It nauseated him. Dressed in black, blending into the shadows, he crossed through an alley way, and watched a couple clumsily fumbling at each other’s clothes as they kissed and made their way into an apartment complex.

            It reminded him an awful lot of his dear friend Harry. Harry, he laughed and shook his head, walking his way to his hideout. What a complete fool, an idiot! The man in black unlocked the door to his flat and walked inside, settling in a computer desk with grace. He tapped his chin thoughtfully, wondering where is friend and his girlfriend is off to.

            Where would I hide if I was in his shoes?

            He thought and thought, racking his brain for an answer to his question. Harry wouldn’t keep Brigh here in the UK, that much he knew, but Harry would take her somewhere else to keep her safe. Somewhere far away. A different country, maybe? That’s it! Harry had always ranted on and on about his family somewhere in America…what was it again? Texas? Indiana? Tennessee! Yes! Something about a family house, or was it cabin? He didn’t know, or care enough to answer that. He had so much to do.

            The man pulled himself up from the chair and sprinted up the stairs, taking two at a time with fast feet. He smiled to himself as he took out a folder with paper and dug out a pen, settling himself at the desk in his room. If Harry isn’t going to write the letters, then I am, the man thought darkly, dipping the tip of his pen in a container filled with blood. His last victims’ blood; Carly. Tall and lean, an athlete’s body. Carly had fought against him, just like he expected. Within minutes, he had her pinned to the ground; arms nailed her sides as he rested all his weight on her, holding her in place.

            The most she did to him was spit in his face, which spiked his temper. Big time. But it had all been worth it as he felt the thrill, the feeling of intimacy that came when the lifeblood drained from the body, the light in the victim’s eyes died slowly, and the frantic, fearful beating of her pules at her neck slowed to nothing. It was perfect.

            “No, please,” she’d had whimpered. “I won’t tell anyone,”

            Of course he had been anticipated that. That’s what they all say, but he knew better. He knew that if he’d let her go, she’d go straight to the police, screaming her head off. Plus, he never let his victims go. That was part of the plan. The plan that Harry abandoned. Because of his stupid feelings that got in the goddamned way. Now he’s going to pay. He scrawled out his message in the red ink, grinning in the process. He made sure to address exactly who he wanted to read this. This is going to be fun, he thought snidely.

            He put the pen down and folded the paper neatly and stuffed in an envelope with the address on the front. It was nearly eleven in the evening. Perfect timing. He needed to get rid of the bodies upstairs. Quickly. The man jogged outside to the mailbox and shoved the letter inside, slamming the little door shut. Now, he could get down to business. He jogged back in his house and ran up the stairs to the attic. He flicked on the light and smiled. The three girls hung on the meat hooks, bodies frozen and bare. Beautiful. He walked up to the first one; Rylee. Sweet, kind, beautiful Rylee. How lovely she had been. A real struggler.

            He caressed her smooth frozen cheeks with his thumb and gazed at her face. With her porcelain pale skin, pale sky blue eyes framed with dark lashes, high cheekbones and a long neck, she had been a natural beauty. Had been. Now she had scratches, bruises, and deep cuts decorating her face. The man placed a single kiss on her cold shoulder and moved onto the second victim. Tess. Tess was a tall, lean girl. Body honed and perfect, dark green eyes and full lips with a sculpted face. He ran his fingers down her side with a dreamy gaze.

            Little ice crystals made her smooth skin feel jagged against his hand. He smiled adoringly. Tess looked just like Rylee, with dark bruises and deep cuts. The man in black kissed her neck and looked over. Carly. Strong, fierce Carly.  With deep red curly hair, pale green eyes with flecks of brown in them, and high cheekbones. She was beautiful as well. They all had been. It was a pity, really, but it had to be done. He would miss Carly the most. Her defiant attitude, and resilient body. .

            He kissed the corner of her mouth and studied all three of them before taking them down one by one and rolling them up in blankets and bags.

            “Hey! Need some help?” A male voice asked as the man in black was loading the bodies in the back of his truck. He froze, his pulse fluttering.

            “No, I got it,” he said, but the guy -- who was his neighbour, Matt -- still wondered over and picked up a body covered with blankets and tape. If only he knew what was he was picking up. He had rolled them up in a certain way so it looked like it was rolled up carpet, that way, no one would get suspicious. Matt threw the load in his truck with a smile.

            “That’s a lot of carpet you got there. Throwing it away?” Matt asked. The man struggled to control his rage.

            “Something like that,” he answered through gritted teeth. “Thanks for helping. I should go now,”

            “Of sure! Happy to help!” Matt chirped and wandered away. The man wiped the sweat forming on his forehead and hopped in his truck, speeding away to the place where he would dispose of the bodies. Somewhere hidden, but not quite so. He wanted people to discover the bodies, he wanted the police to find out. He wanted Harry to know that he wasn’t giving up on the plan. Once Harry would get the message, he’d have to come back to him, or Harry would pay the price. No one got out of this freely. There was always a consequence.


Hey, okay here is chapter 34. I know this chapter is a little disturbing, but it really shows how delusional Boss is. How messed up he really is. We can’t have a serial killer that is completely normal, that’s just not how it works. Usually, they have some sort of problem or whatever lol. Do any of you have any guesses on who boss it? Leave a comment.


-Hunter x

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