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She got away, but she wasn't safe. He would come back for her. No one ever got away from him


32. 31

Chapter 31

            Harry’s words kept me up all night thinking, which is never a good thing for me. I could feel Harry restlessly moving around next to me. I wanted to sleep, but thoughts prevented me from doing so. At around 10:00 AM Harry just decided to get up, and walk into the bathroom. A few minutes later he walked back out, dressed for the day.

            He saw that I was awake and smiled. I lightly smiled back. He walked over and sat next to me.

            “You know that you have to get up right, you have to start your new job today,”

            I groaned at the mention of work, but sat up. I rubbed my eyes and yawned. I slowly got out of bed and walked into the bathroom. I groaned at my appearance. I had dark circles under my eyes and my hair was all over the place. I splashed some cold water on my face then did my hair and makeup. After that I got dressed and walked out to the kitchen.

            Harry was stood in the kitchen make breakfast. I smiled at how incredibly sexy he looked whilst cooking. I walked over and sat at the island across from him. He smiled at me and continued to cook.

            “I really don’t want to have to work,” I groaned laying my head down on the island.

            “Well we kind of have to, if you want to eat.”

            “I know,” I sighed.

            He handed me a plate of food and walked around to sit next to me. I slightly leaned on him as we ate in silence. I finished first and walked over to place my plate in the sink. By the time we were done eating it was 11:00 so we decided to just go to work a little early. The whole way there I was tempted to just fall asleep in the car. Not sleep was really taking its toll on me.

            I walked like a zombie into the mall holding Harry’s hand. He looked at me concerned.

            “Are you okay, you look like you didn’t sleep very well,” He asked before I walked into the subway.

            “Yeah, I just kept waking up last night, but I’ll be fine,” I lied.

            I felt like I was going to pass out at any moment. I completely forgot that I had to go to work today when I was awake all night.

            “Okay, well if you need me just text or call, I’ll be at the end of the mall.” I nodded and walked into subway.

            That same girl was standing there chewing her gum loudly. I mentally groaned, realizing I would have to be working with her for god knows how long. I walked over to the counter and the manager walked out with a subway shirt and name tag. I slipped the shirt over my white t-shirt and stepped behind the counter.

            “Jessica here will be teaching you the ropes of the job, so just follow her and you should get the hang of it.”

            I nodded and he walked into the back. I would rather learn from the manager than some bratty teenager.

            “Okay so what do I have to do?” I asked Jessica.

            She rolled her eyes before answering, “Just watch me for today and don’t touch anything, wouldn’t want you to screw something up because I would get in trouble for your shit.”

            “You can drop the attitude,” I said under my breath, but she caught it.

            “Listen I’ve been working here longer than you, so if you want to be a bitch you can leave.”

            “How old are you,”

            “I’m sixteen why do you want to know,”

            “Because I’m twenty and I don’t like to be bitched at my bratty teenagers.

            “Just fucking watch me and shut up.”

            I rolled my eyes and sat on the stool while she took orders and served food. I watched her as much as I could. I eventually got bored and pulled out my phone. I scrolled through Facebook while Jessica’s high whiny voice spoke to customers in the background. I looked up from my phone for a split second and I could have sworn I saw that guy; the same guy from the hospital.

            I blinked but he was still there, just smiling an evil smile. How the fuck did he find me here. My breathing started to speed up and grow ragged. I can’t believe I forgot my pills back at the cabin. Jessica looked back at me with a disgusted look.

            “What the hell is wrong with you?” She asked annoyed.

            “I think she’s having a panic attack,” the customer in the front of the line said.

            I nodded, telling them that I was having a panic attack.

            “Well, what the hell am I supposed to do?” She asked.

            I pulled out my phone and clicked on Harry’s number. I handed the phone to Jessica.

            “Yeah, there’s something wrong with Brigh, she’s having a panic attack,”

            She stopped talking and handed the phone back to me. It’s just kept getting hard to breath. Less than a minute later, Harry ran through the door and behind the counter. I was only the floor trying to steady my breathing.

            “Hey, I’m here now. Take deep breaths.” I did what he told me and started to take deep breaths. My breathing somewhat returned to normal. Harry helped me of the floor and led me to a seat. I tried to avoid the gazes from the customers. I really don’t need their looks of sympathy.

            “What happened?” He asked, brushing a strand of hair behind my ear.

            “That guy, he’s here. I swear I saw him.”

            “The guy from the hospital,”

            I just nodded. Harry sighed and ran his hands through his hair.

            “We need to go back to the cabin.”

            “But we can’t just leave our jobs,”

            “I think your safety is a little more important than some dumb job.”

            “But what if it was just my paranoia,”

            “Better safe than sorry,”

            He grabbed my hand and led me out to the parking lot. I was debating rather or not I should tell him about the phone call. If he actually did find us I think that telling Harry would probably be the best thing.

            We sat in the car and I turned to him. “I got a strange phone call last night.”

            His face went tense, “What about,”

            “I think it might have been that guy. He tried to get me to tell him where we are.”

            “Did you fucking tell him,” he started too grown angry.

            “No, why the hell would I do something so stupid. He also said something else,”

            “Well, what the hell did he say,”

            “He told me that you aren’t who you say you are, but I’m sure that it was just him trying to scare me right,”

            “Of course, I would never lie to you,” the way he rushed that out sounded a bit off, but I brushed it off like I do with everything else.


Hey so this is possibly the worst chapter I’ve ever written. I’ve just had a lot going on lately, but I promise that the next chapter I write will be better. This is defiantly just a filler. I’ve been having major writers block for this story, but I have so many story ideas for other stories. I’m sorry if I do get chapters in late, I have to write more for Trouble 2 because it comes out July 20th. So I have a lot to work on with that. Anyway here’s chapter 31.


River flows in you - Yiruma


Not about angels - birdy


Alone together - fall out boy


Just one yesterday - fall out boy

Holding on to heaven - foxes


Youth - foxes


Never stop - safteysuit


I am a landslide - Tired Pony


The ghost of the mountain - tired pony


I'm begging you not to go - Tired Pony


Get on the road - Tired Pony

(I am reallllly sorry for not posting in forever it's just Hunter and I've been reallllly busy with school. We just started high school and we're getting used to everything. We've also been really busy with homework and stuff. I'll try to post a lot more) -Tessa x

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