Obsessed (16+)

She got away, but she wasn't safe. He would come back for her. No one ever got away from him


4. 3

Chapter Three


            That guy had come back every day now. I still don’t know his name, but on my break I’m going to talk to him.




            My break finally rolled around. I took my apron off and made my way over to his booth. He stays all day until an hour before closing. He orders a bunch of coffees and writes in that leather journal of his. I’m dying to know what he writes in there.


            I sat down in front of him and he looked up. He shot me a wide grin; a grin that I could get used to seeing.


            “Well hello,” He said smiling.


            “Hi, I hope this isn’t weird. I just figured I would come over and chat; since you’re here every day. My name’s Brigh by the way.”


            “I’m Harry.”


            “Nice to meet you, so you really like writing in the journal.”


            “Yeah, it just takes my mind off of things.”


            “I could really use something like that now,”


            “What’s wrong?” He asked.


            “Its fine I don’t want to bore you with my life problems.”


            “Don’t worry about it. I’m willing to listen.”


            I smiled and proceeded to tell him about everything that happened.


            “So you went to the police right?”


            “Yeah, but I couldn’t tell them much. It was dark and I was facing away from him.”


            “Oh that’s too bad. I’m sorry you had to go through that.”


            “It’s okay. It’s not like it’s your fault right?” I said laughing a bit.


            “Right,” He smiled.


            “Well I better get going. My break is almost over.”


            “Nice chatting with you Brigh,”


            “You too, Harry,” I smiled and made my way back to the counter, putting my apron back on.


            He seemed like a really nice guy, he was willing to listen to my problems. An hour before closing he made his way out the door, waving to me as he left. There was a slight bruise on his face that I had yet to notice. I was going to have to ask him about it, or maybe that was crossing the line.


            Kate walked over nudging my side, “Ooh who was that,”


            “His name is Harry and he’s totally gorgeous isn’t he?”


            “Yeah,” She smiled “We should start cleaning up before we leave.”


            I nodded and started wiping down the counter. An hour later we were reading to leave. I got into Kate’s car and she drove me to my apartment. I walked up the stairs and unlocked my door. I made sure to lock it and turn on the hall way light. I walked into every room turning on the light. Ever since that night I’m terrified to be in the dark. I walked around making sure that there was nobody in my apartment.


            There shouldn’t be anyone in here. The police send someone to drive by and check out my apartment every hour. They said that they were going to do that for a few weeks before they know I’m safe for sure.


            Just as I was about to get ready for bed, my phone rang.


            “Hello,” I said answering it.


            “Hello, are you Brigh Nixon?” A woman said over the phone.


            “Yes, that’s me.”


            “We would like you to come into the station, there’s something here that you might want to see.”


            “U-uh, okay,”


            As I hung up my heart started beaten fast. There’s no doubt that this is something to do with that night. It has to be about the copycat killer. I took my phone back out and called Kate.


            “Hello,” she answered.


            “Hey, Kate, are you home yet?” I asked.


            “No, I’m about a few blocks away from your apartment.”


            “Can you come back? I just got a call from the police they want me to come to the station. I think it’s about that night,”


            “Yeah I’ll be there in a few minutes,”


            “Thank you,” I said hanging up.


            I slipped my shoes back on and waited for Kate to show up. On the way to the station I started having another panic attack.


            “H-hey, Kate to have any water.”


            She pulled out a water bottle handing it to me, “Are you okay Brigh?”


            “I’m having a panic attack,”


            “Oh my god, I don’t know how to help.”


            “It’s fine I have my antianxiety medication with me.”


            I fumbled in my purse looking for my pill bottle. My hand shakily opened the cap. I swallowed two of the tiny pills. A few minutes later we pulled up to the station, and I was doing a little better.


            I walked in and up to the lady at the front desk.


            “Hello, I’m Brigh Nixon; I was told I was needed,”


            “Yes officer Green will be with you in a minute.”


            I took a seat and waiting for the officer. A minute later Officer Green called us back into his office. I took a seat.


            “We received an anonymous note; we believe it’s from the copycat killer, your attacker.”


            My breath caught in my throat.


            He handed me the note. I hesitantly took it and opened it.


            She may have gotten away, but it’s not over yet. See, no one knows who I am. I get quite a laugh at hearing many people’s theories. They think that they’re so clever, Haha. I won’t stop, not until she’s gone. No one gets away from me. And boss won’t allow anyone to escape. I may not come tomorrow. I may not come for a long time, but I’ll be coming for her. I’ll come when she least expects it. Watch out Brigh.



            The Copycat Killer


            My blood ran cold; a shiver ran down my spine. I felt the colour drain from my face. I felt sick again. He knows who I am. I wasn’t just a random victim. He’s probably been watching me. He’s going to come for me. I could see Kate reading the note beside me. Her hand found its way to her mouth as she gasped.


            This wasn’t going to end. He wasn’t going to let me go. It wasn’t like I saw who he was. I wasn’t going to be able to turn him in. Why can’t he just let me go? And he has a boss? Someone is making him do this? That means that there are two people out there that want me dead.


            “Kate,” I whimpered, as I started to cry.


            Officer Green retrieved the note from the hands and placed it into an evidence bag.


            “We’ll run this for prints, but we haven’t been able to catch him yet, so he’s really good at covering his tracks.”


            Kate held me as I cried into her shoulder. What did I ever do to deserve all of this shit?



-Tessa x

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