Obsessed *Editing*

She got away, but she wasn't safe. He would come back for her. No one ever got away from him


28. 27

I felt it was best to not ask who he was talking to, knowing that it would probably cause a huge fight. He came back looking a little tense. Just as I was about to say I was hungry, my stomach growled. A little smirk tugged at Harry’s mouth.

            “I take it you’re hungry,”

            “Yeah I didn’t eat the whole plane ride,”

            “Well it’s already midnight but we can try to find a shop that’s open,”

            I nodded and hopped off the bed. I slipped my shoes back on and followed Harry out to the car. I shivered in the late September night air. I got into the car and Harry drove down the very long driveway connecting to the rode.

            About thirty minutes later we drove into town. There was a gas station open. We got out of the car and walked into the gas station. The inside had weird lighting that kind of made everything have a bluish look. There was a creepy old man working the cash register. Harry and I made our way to the crisps. It’s not much but it will hold us over until we can go to the actually shops tomorrow.

            We grabbed a few bags and headed to the drinks. I grabbed two Arizona teas and so did Harry. We made our way up to the cash register. Luckily Harry exchanged his money for American money.

            We got back into the car and started driving back to the cabin.

            “That had to be one of the creepiest old men I have ever seen,” I laughed.

            Harry chuckled and nodded in agreement. I opened a bag of Doritos before we even got back to the cabin. I was way too hungry to wait. We got back to the cabin and half of the bag was already gone.

            We grabbed everything and walked back into the house. It had gotten colder and the inside of the cabin was now freezing. Harry decided to make a fire in the fireplace. We sat in front of the fire place eating Doritos and drinking Arizona tea.  Neither of us was tired because of the time zones, but we decided to try to go to sleep so we can get used to the time zones.

            Luckily there was a fireplace in the bedroom so we wouldn’t be freezing. I walked into the huge bathroom and changed my clothes. I walked out to see Harry starting the fire. I quickly crawled into bed. Harry was only wearing sweatpants so I stared at his tattoos.

            “Staring isn’t polite Brigh,”

            I blushed but kept staring, “I guess I’m not very polite,”

            He smiled before climbing into the bed next to me. The only source of light in the room came from the fireplace. Harry looked amazing in this lightning. We lay on our sides facing each other. We just kind of stared at each other for a while, smiling every now and then.

            “You’re beautiful,” he whispered only loud enough for me to just hear it.

            I smiled and stared into his eyes. I’m glad I have him; right now he’s the only one that can truly keep me safe. I slowly leaned forward and kissed him. The kiss was short but still passionate. We smiled at each other as we fell asleep.


            I woke up to the sun shining through the large window. I looked down to see Harry’s arm draped over my stomach. I smiled at how childlike he looks when he sleeps. I slowly slipped out of his arms, careful not to wake him, and made my way to the bathroom.

            I washed my face and brushed my teeth. I looked in the mirror and sighed. I have a feeling we’re going to be here for a while. I walked out of the bathroom to see Harry starting to stir.

            I jumped on the bed to fully wake him up. He looked over at me and smiled.

            “Good morning,” He said in his deep morning voice.

            I smiled and gave him a quick kiss.

            “So what are the plans for today,” I asked eagerly.

            I was in a much better mood than I was yesterday.

            “I was thinking that we could go out for breakfast since we have not food, and then go shopping for food.” I nodded and hopped off the bed again.

            I searched through my clothes and picked out a warmer outfit since it was getting colder already in September. I changed in the bathroom and walked out. Harry was already dressed and ready to go.

            We got into the car and made the same thirty minute car ride into town. While we were still in the car I could see Harry looking at me. I looked over at him and he was still staring and smiling.

            “Don’t look at me, keeps those green eyes on the road,”

            He smiled and looked back at the road. We made it into town and went to a little café for breakfast. We walked in a got a bunch of looks from people. I guess they aren’t used to new people coming into town that often.

            We sat down at a booth in the back and waited for the waitress to come take our order. The waitress was middle age with big blonde hair. She walked over to our booth and clicked her pen to take our orders. She was a little surprised when she heard our British accents.

            She took down out orders and walked away. Harry and I chatted and laughed as we waited for our food. It was pleasant; almost as if we didn’t have a serial killer after us. We ate our food and then went to the shops.

            Our cart was full to the top when we were finished. We put everything into the boot of the car and drove back to the cabin.

            “What are you going to do when you run out of money,” I asked.

            “I’ll guess I’ll have to get a job or something,”

            I mentally sighed. We’re going be here long enough for him to get a job. He looked over at me and sighed.

            “I know what you’re thinking. We are probably going to be here for a while, but we will go home.”

            I nodded and looked down at my hands. We got back to the cabin and unloaded all of the groceries into the kitchen. As I was putting away all of the food Harry turned on the TV. Luckily I could see the TV from where I stood in the kitchen. After I was finished with that I joined Harry on the couch, and he wrapped an arm around my shoulder. I guess I’m just going to have to get used to this cabin for a while.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------

here’s chapter 27; yet another filler chapter. Anyway hope it’s good.


The ghost of the mountain – Tire Pony 

Good to you – Marianas Trench

Dani California – Red Hot Chili Peppers

Far too young to die – Panic at the disco

Falling in love at a coffee shop – Landon Pigg 


-Tessa x

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