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She got away, but she wasn't safe. He would come back for her. No one ever got away from him


26. 25

Harry and I lay together for a little while longer.

            “We better get down there before they think we’ve murdered each other,”

            I laughed and got up. He followed me down stairs where everyone was. Michael had come over and was now sitting next to Kate. Kate had her legs thrown over his. I no longer had to feel jealous now that Harry and I had made up.

            I sat next to Kate on her other side and Harry next to me. He grabbed my hand under that table. I was unable to hide the smile that grew on my face.

            Kate leaned over to whisper to me, “So I take it you and Harry have made up,”

            “Yeah,” I smiled wider.

            “So Michael asked me out for another date tonight; I think he’s going to actually officially ask me out,” She said excitedly.

            The home phone started ringing and Edna got up to get it. She was talking and I couldn’t really read the expression on her face.

            “Brigh, it’s for you."

            I got up and took the phone from her.

            “Hello,” I asked confused.

            “Miss Nixon, its officer Green. New problems involving the copycat killer have come up and they’re near your area, we might have to relocate you,”

            “But, how does he know where I am?” I asked frantically.

            “We don’t know for sure if he knows exactly where you are, but he’s getting too close for our liking. He hasn't killed anyone since you've been protected, but he's sent letters and he even puts a location, but by the time we get there he's gone."

My breathing picked up. Harry got up and walked over to me with a worried expression on his face. He took the phone from me and started to speak with Officer Green. His face remained expressionless as I assumed Officer Green was telling him what he just told me.

Harry slammed the phone down startling everyone. He grabbed his coat and walked out the door. Even though I was still in my pajamas and only had fuzzy slippers on, I followed him outside. The cold air ripped right through my cloths making me shiver. I followed Harry as he stormed into his house. Dammit he's acting angry and mysterious again. I followed him up to his room; he slammed the door before I could walk in "Dammit Harry, let me in," I yelled pounding on the door.

A few minutes later he opened the door and had a bag packed.

“What are you doing?" I asked in a hurry.

"You have twenty minutes to pack a bag, and then we're leaving.”

“What the hell, what about Kate? We can't just leave, what about Michael,"

"Leaving them will only make them safe. We need to protect you, it's you his after,"

He practically dragged me next door and up to my room. He grabbed one of my suitcases and start throwing random clothes in it.

"Harry, will you stop it! We need to talk about this before we just run off and leave everyone behind,"

"There's no talking about it, it's to protect you Brigh. That's all there is to it, now come on,"

"Excuse me, since when do you make choices for me."

"Please, I want to keep you safe, I can't let anything bad happen to you. I wouldn't able to live without you."

 I sighed and finished packing my bag. A small smiled tugged at the corner of his mouth. I finished packing me back and he carried both of our bags down the stairs. Edna, John, Kate, and Michael all stood there wide-eyed.

"Where are you going," Kate asked.

"I'm not really sure yet, but we have to leave." I said feeling a lump in my throat. I'm leaving the only best friend I've ever had.

"You're just going to leave me," She asked, her eyes starting to water.

"I'm sorry, but you'll be better off without us,"

She pulled me into a hug, that's when I let the tears fall. I'm going to miss her so much. Hopefully this will all be over soon, so I can just go back to my normal life. I looked over at Michael, who looked like he was about to get emotional too.

"I was hoping we were going to become good friends," he said pulling me into a hug.

"I'm going to miss you all so much,"

 Harry slightly pulled at my arm. If I stayed any longer I wouldn't want to leave. Harry and I walked over to Edna and John.

"I was wondering if we might be able to borrow your car for a while," Harry awkwardly asked Edna.

She nodded, a bit teary-eyed as well. I feel horrible for just leaving everyone. Harry grabbed the keys of the hook and gently pulled me outside. The tears have yet to stop as I got into the car. Harry look a little guilty but he knew it was for the best. I wiped my eyes and calmed down a little. I sighed and closed my eyes and started drifting off to sleep.


I felt myself someone shaking me. I opened my eyes to see Harry's green ones. I sat up slightly and looked around. We were in a parking garage.

"Where are we," I asked confused.

"We're at the airport," He said getting out.

I followed his actions.

"Airport," I questioned.

"We're going to America,"

“America, do we really have to go that far,”

“Yes, Brigh it’s for your pr-,”

“For my protection yes I know,”

“Will you come on; we’re going to miss our flight,”

I huffed and grabbed my suitcase, following Harry. I huffed like a bratty teenage girl. Harry sighed and turned around.

“Problem,” he asked annoyed.

“Well let’s see, I was almost murder, dragged away from my home because some sick fuck is after me, then I was forced to live with people I don’t know dragging people into this mess along the way. The neighbor had a dick of a son that somehow became a good friend. Then right when I get used to that I get ripped away from that life too. So yes, I have a fucking problem.”

Harry took a step towards me sighing, “Look, I know that all of this shit just got dumped on you, but I promise you it’ll all be over soon. You’ll be able to go back to your home, and work at the café with Brigh, and live with your fucking ugly cat,”

“Shit, my cat. We forgot Butter; we have to go back,”

“We can’t go back, our flight leaves it thirty minutes and the house it and hour and a half away.”

“Fuck,” I yelled earning weird looks from people in the parking garage.

“We need to go if we want to get through security and catch out flight,”

I groaned, wanting to cry again. I can’t believe I left my cat that I’ve had since I was 16. I followed Harry inside the huge airport. I’ve always wanted to go to America, but not for this reason.to go that far,"

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here’s chapter 25. It’s like really short so sorry about that. And it’s not that best either. But it’s something different. I was thinking that I would start posting songs I listen to while writing the chapters so here.

If you don’t know – 5SOS

Wrapped around your finger – 5SOS

Your Call – Secondhand Serenade

I will wait for you – UsTheDuo

All about you – Mcfly

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