Obsessed *Editing*

She got away, but she wasn't safe. He would come back for her. No one ever got away from him


24. 23

            I cried myself back to sleep. I was having an internal debate on rather or not Harry is trustworthy. Kate didn’t slip back until the room until after I had gone back to sleep. I had another nightmare after that. Kate woke up; luckily she didn’t wake the whole house up this time. This nightmare was the same as the other but instead of the random guy killing me, it was Harry. Harry truly terrified me.

            This is my problem, not yours, what the hell. I’m pretty sure that this involves me. He fucking knows my name and that terrifies me more than anything. Plus I think he may have been following me. I mean he was at the hospital then across the street from the restaurant. And Harry is being a dick about the whole situation. Why can’t he just tell me what the hell is going on?

            After waking up the second time this morning at 6:30, I just lay in bed listen to Kate’s steady breathing. At least some people can get some sleep. I’m pretty sure Kate is getting enough sleep for the both of us, as it is no 12:00 pm.

            I slid out of the bed, there’s no reason for me to be there now. Sleeping with Kate didn’t help the nightmares. Only Harry seems to be able to help, and he’s being an ass at the moment.

            Maybe if you weren’t such a bitch, this wouldn’t have happened, his words ring in my head. Maybe I was being a bit of a bitch about the situation. When Harry’s ready to tell me, he will. Until then I’ll have to deal with curiosity eating me alive.

            When we walked downstairs, Karen and Michael were sitting at the table with Edna and John. Something inside of me deflated when I didn’t see Harry. He just needs some time to cool down, that’s all I tried to reassure myself. I could see brightness in Kate and Michael’s eyes as soon as they saw each other. I bet if Harry and I weren’t fighting it would be the same for us.

            “Are you alright,” Kate asked as we took a seat.

            I hadn’t told her about the whole deal with Harry last night. I’m sure she would try to murder him with foul language and insults if she knew, so I decide against telling her. Secrets just lead to more and more secrets.

            “Yeah, I’m fine, just a little tired,” I half lied. I was actually really tired. Nightmares seem to take a lot of energy out of me. It’s even worse when I can’t go back to sleep.

            She nodded and went back to her conversation with Michael. Everyone else seemed to be in their own conversations and I just sat there awkwardly. My mind was racing with thoughts about everything. It’s been nearly two months since we’ve been put into the witness protection program, and we haven’t heard anything from the police.

            “Brigh,” I heard someone yell my name.

            I looked up to see everyone staring at me.

            “What,” I asked quietly.

            “I asked if you want to go to the mall with Michael and me,” Kate said.

            “No, I’m good, but you two have fun,”

            “Are you sure,”

            “Yeah go have fun,”

            They smiled as they left. Karen, Edna, and John were too busy in their conversations to notice me leave and go upstairs. I went to the bathroom hoping a warm shower would help relax me and clear my mind. The shower helped with nothing, it just gave me more time for my thoughts to consume me. The reality of this whole situation hit me. I may never be able to go back to my normal life. If they never find the guy who tried to kill me, I’ll be stuck here forever.

            I stepped out of the shower and shivered at the cold air. I wrapped a towel around me and walked out to my room. I slipped on pajamas; I’m not planning on going anywhere. I sat on my bed and pulled out a book. Maybe this will get my minds off of things.

            Halfway through the book Kate stumbled into the room. She looked beyond happy.

            “So how was your little date with Michael?”

            “It wasn’t really a date, but if you must know, it was amazing.” She said with a huge smile.

            “I’m glad to hear that,” I said going back to my book.

            I heard Kate sigh, “Brigh, are you okay? You haven’t spoken Harry since yesterday and you seem upset,”

            “It’s nothing really,” I lied.

            “Okay, either you tell me what’s wrong or I’ll tickle it out of you,”

            “Touch me and I’m not liable for any injuries you receive,”

            She laughed, “Seriously what’s wrong,”

            I sighed, “Harry and I sort of had a fight,”

            “Oh, what happened,” She said jumping onto the bed with me.

            “You remember that weird guy across from the restaurant yesterday,” she nodded, “so after he punched Harry and I ran over there, he said ‘hello Brigh,’ he fucking new my name. So naturally I ask Harry who he was. He said he didn’t know, but I know he’s lying. I asked him what he’s keeping from me he said ‘more than you think’. What the hell can that mean?”

            “Brigh, there is something off about Harry. Maybe he just needs to cool down a bit then you can talk to him,”

            I nodded and she walked into the bathroom. I decided maybe I should call Karen and see what Harry’s up too. The phone rang three times before someone answered.

            “Hello,” I heard Michael’s deep voice answer.

            “Oh hey, uh was just calling to see what’s wrong with Harry,”

            “For one thing, I haven’t seen him all day, plus I’m pretty sure he trashed his room. I heard a lot of loud crashes from up there.”

            I sighed.

            “Is there something going on between you two?”

            “We’re in a bit of a rough patch right now,”

            “Oh I’m sorry to hear that. Do you want to hang out?”

            “Uh, yeah, I’ll meet you on your roof in ten minutes,”

            “My roof,” He says confused.

            “Yes just meet me up there,”

            Kate walked out of the bathroom as I was changing into sweatpants and a hoodie. I put my hair up.

            “Where are you going?”

            “I’m going to hang out with Michael, if that’s alright with you. I’ll you up to him a bit, see where you stand,”

            “Oh, yeah go ahead,”

            I smiled and walked down to the front door.

            “Where are you going, Brigh?” John asked.

            “To hang out with Michael for a bit,”

            “Okay, don’t be gone for too long,”

            I nodded and walked next door. I decided to just climb up the vine thing in the side. When I got to the roof, Michael was already there. I smiled and took a seat.

            “So, want to tell me what’s wrong with you and Harry?”

            I told him what I told Kate and nodded.

            “Wow, I don’t know maybe you should talk to him,”

            “I will tomorrow, after he’s cooled down a bit,”

            “So, uh, does Kate ever talk about me?” He asked shyly.

            I almost laughed as his cheeks reddened.

            “Yes, yes she does. By the way what are you guys, like where do you stand?”

            “Uh, I’d like to be her boyfriend, but I don’t know if that’s what she wants,”

            “Trust me, it’s what she wants, she talks about you a lot,”

            “Really,” He asked.

            “Yes, you should tell her soon,”

            “I will. So, tell me about yourself.”

            “Well, I’m originally from Brighton. My name is actually Brighton, but that’s sounds like a boy’s name so I just go by Brigh. I moved when I was eighteen to Whitechapel.”

            “Why are you staying with Edna and John?”

            I can’t exactly tell him that a serial killer is after me because that would sort of put him in danger. I think they told them that we were just staying there while our houses were getting renovated.

            “I thought they told you our houses were getting renovated,”

            “Yeah, but that’s a lame reason and I don’t really believe that,”

            I sighed. Officer Greene said that we weren’t supposed to talk about the situation until it was over.

            “Well honestly, I was almost murdered and there’s a serial killer after me. They sent notes to the police threatening Harry, Kate and I, so they put us in the witness protection program.”

            He stared at me blankly before bursting out laughing.

            “Okay I believe the house renovation thing more than that,”

            I laughed not wanting to tell him that it’s actually true.

            “Well it’s getting late; I’ll talk to you tomorrow, hop everything with Harry works out.”

            “Yeah me too,”

            I climbed back down the side of the house and walked back to “my” house. I walked into my room to see Kate was already sleeping. I crawled into bed and eventually fell asleep.

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