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She got away, but she wasn't safe. He would come back for her. No one ever got away from him


15. 14

*Brigh’s P.O.V*


            Michael is in a coma. He’s in a freaking coma.

            Those thoughts were running through my head for the past three hours. He had suffered a traumatic blow to the head and broke both of his wrists. As much as I absolutely hated Michael, I wouldn’t wish this on him in a million years. Shortly after we had received the news of Michael being in a coma, I forced myself to go into his room, just to be polite. Then Edna and John took Harry, Kate and I back to their house. The car ride there was filled with an awkward silence.

            I really didn’t know how to handle this situation. Should I be sad? Upset? Or should I be happy? I don’t fucking know. Maybe the universe is on my side today. I had wished that he would “magically” fall out a window and he ended up falling down the stairs…breaking both his wrists and falling into a coma. Maybe my wish was a little extreme. I have no idea how long he is going to be in that coma, possibly days or months.

            I wish I had at least something nice to say about Michael, but nothing. There is nothing nice about that boy. Sure he didn’t know that I was Harry’s girlfriend when he hit on me, but he should have gathered enough context clues to know that I wasn’t into him. When we arrived home, I took my time placing the cupcakes on a decorative plate and positioned it on the dining room table. Kate went into the living room with Edna and John while Harry stayed by my side. Silence was my new best friend.

            “Brigh, are you alright? You’re very quiet.” Harry mused, leaning against the counter for support. 

            I shrugged, “There isn’t really anything to talk about.”

            “I guess,” Harry nodded and dropped the conversation.

            Later that night, Karen arrived, tear stained and shaky. She took Harry home with her after a meal of pot roast, leaving me with Edna, John and Kate. Kate has been acting really strange…. kind of solemn, unlike her normal self. As we got ready for bed, I decided to ask her about it.

            “Hey, Kate. Why are you so moody?” I asked softly, grasping her elbow lightly. She looked down at where my hand held her elbow and shrugged.

            “I’m not being moody; I just don’t know what to say.” She answered and took her arm out of my hand. I glanced at her, confused. Then it hit me.

            “Kate, are you sad because Michael is in a coma?”

            Again, she shrugged. “I don’t know, I mean, he is in a coma. Something like that doesn’t happen every day, Brigh.”

            Her tone blew me off. She sounded snappy, kind of like she was blaming me for Michael’s accident.

            “What are you saying?” I narrowed my eyes at her. Her blue eyes flashed to mine.

            “I’m not saying anything. I’m just a little…shocked, I guess.”

            I regarded her with suspicion. Something was off. “Fine,”

            She nodded and plopped down on her bed. I sighed and tugged back my covers, immediately knowing that this was going to be a long night. 


            The following morning, I woke up before Kate did and ventured down stairs. I guess Edna and John were still asleep since no one was up yet. I looked at the clock above the stove in the kitchen. 5:24. No wonder no one was up. Before my brain could tell me to go back to sleep, my stomach growled loudly. I looked around the dark kitchen, pondering what to do. Should I make myself breakfast, or wait? Nah, I thought, I’ll make something now.

            As quietly as I could, I dug out a skillet and some pancake mix. I could never get tired of these. Twenty-five minutes later, John came downstairs in his old wool robe and fuzzy bunny slippers. 

            “Good morning, Brigh.” John said and took in the heap of pancakes on the plate. “What’s this?”

            I shrugged and flipped the last cake. “Just thought I’d make breakfast,”

            “Well then, carry on.” John laughed and took a seat at the kitchen table, picking up an old newspaper he had left there last night.

            “Do you want me to go check the mail, John? So you don’t have to read the same thing over again?” I offered, adding the last cake to the tall stack.  He grunted in response. I take that as a yes, I thought and turned the stove off, then sat the spatula down.

            “Be right back.” I said to him.

            “Huh? Oh, be careful.”

            “I will.” I promised and left for the door.

The sky was still dark when I walked outside. A slight chill swept past me, ruffling my baggy pajama bottoms and shirt, making me shiver. I hurried to the mail box across the street and pulled out the daily newspaper along with some bills and magazines. I suddenly remembered that Karen only lived next door. I turned towards that direction, trying to see if they had a light on. Surprisingly, they did. The window on the top floor was illuminating the streets below, curtains closed. Maybe Karen and Harry will come over today, I thought.

            When I went back inside the warm house, Kate was seated at the table with a plate in front of her.

            “You make these?” She asked, taking a bite out of one.

            “Yep, are they good enough for you?” I teased, setting the newspaper in front of John who now had a cup of tea in his hands. Shit, was I gone that long that he had time to make tea?

            “Hmmm,” She pretended to think about it while taking another bite. “I guess.”

            I laughed and got out a plate for myself. Thank god things were back to the way they were before what happened with Michael. Kate didn’t seem to be so…emotionless today. Hopefully she stays like this for the rest of the day.

            “Edna still asleep, John?” I asked, setting two pancakes on my plate and slathering them with butter and syrup.

            “Yea, still asleep; being a bit lazy, now aren’t we?” John joked and laughed at his own comment. I chuckled lightly even though it was a little mean.

            “So what’s the plan for today?” Kate asked. Her blonde hair was a knotted mess on top of her head, random strands were falling down in her face, making her swat at them angrily. John shrugged and picked up the new newspaper for today.

            “Probably just hang about. Not a whole lot we can do around here.” He answered. Both Kate and I nodded. We continued to eat our pancakes in utter silence. 


Hey it's Hunter, this is just a filler chapter so it's kind of short.

-Hunter x

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