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She got away, but she wasn't safe. He would come back for her. No one ever got away from him


11. 10

Chapter 10


            “Have you found any finger prints yet?” Kate snapped at the officers around the room.  The one female officer that interviewed me a while back stepped forward.


            “Kate, I know you are upset, but you must understand that we are trying everything in our power to find any sort of evidence against this person.  I also understand that you are frustrated, you and Brigh both, but this is also frustrating for the police force as well.”


            Kate looked guilty. “I’m sorry; I guess I forgot that it also puts a lot of pressure on you guys and stuff.” The staff around the room gave a tired chuckle.


            “It’s alright, Kate. Just keep that in mind.” The female officer said gently.  I just now noticed that I have never gotten her name…


            “Okay,” Kate mumbled. “Officer…”


            “McKay.” She filled in.  Officer McKay, I thought; awesome.


I still sat next to Harry who was staring blankly at the table, his fingers in a tangled mess in his lap. I nudged him with my shoulder. His eyes shot up in a frantic motion, but calmed once he set his sights on me and gave me a small smile. I returned the favor and leaned in close to him.


            “Are you okay?” I whispered in his ear. He sucked in a deep breath and released.


            “I’m fine, just thinking.” He whispered back.


Kate was still talking to Officer McKay and some of the other officers about possible leads that had yet to be discovered.  His answer sparked some curiosity.


            “What are you thinking about?”


            “Just this letter and stuff,” His voice sounded…flat, kind of monotone. Something was off, but I shrugged it off, thinking he was just upset because I sure as hell was.


            “This is sick isn’t it? Who does this?” I whispered to him, voicing my opinion. I meant every word I said.  What sick person does this? Going around, murdering innocent people, sending letters written in blood.


            “I don’t know,” he said quietly. He casted his eyes down to his fingers and puckered his lips together. I decided to stop bothering him about it because for one; he seems really upset and two; I’m getting really angry, really quick. 


            “Harry, Brigh, Kate. I need to talk to all of you, now.” Officer Greene stated and stood up from his seat at the front of the table.


I slowly stood up and waited for Harry who took his time getting up. Kate, Harry and I followed Officer Greene out into the hallway and waited for him to continue.


            “Do you know what witness protection is?” Officer Greene asked seriously. Harry looked up curiously as did Kate.


            “I have heard the term before, but I’m not exactly sure what it means.” I said honestly.


            “Witness Protection is a federal program in which a witness to a criminal activity is protected.” Officer Greene stated almost immediately. Oh.


            “What are you exactly implying?” Harry said, not exactly rude, but kind of.


            “What I’m saying Harry, is that there is a psychopathic killer on our hands and Brigh and you are being threatened and we can’t take the chance in you guys getting hurt or killed.” Officer Greene ran a hand through his short brownish gray hair and sighed.


            “What about me, Officer Greene?” Kate suddenly asked. I looked at Officer Greene. She was right. She hasn’t witnessed me getting attacked, nor has she been mentioned in any of the letters.


            “Well, there hasn’t exactly been any mention of you in any of the letters, but you are a friend of Brigh’s and we really can’t take the chance in letting this killer get his or her hands on you.”


            “So I will go in with them?” Kate asked.


            “Yes, I advise that you do.” Officer Greene nodded.


            “So what happens now?” Harry asked, shifting from one foot to the other. He looked almost annoyed.


            “Right now, we discuss a secret location for all of you, and give you enough time to get some of your necessities, but of course, with a police officer with you.”


            “What about our job?” I asked gesturing between Kate and I. Officer Greene shrugged. Very professional, I thought.


            “What’s more important, your job or your life?” He asked timidly. We all stayed quiet, waiting for Officer Greene to say something else.


            “So,” he continued, “A police officer will ride with each one of you so you can go back to your house and pick up some possessions.  You have an hour before you are taken back to the station. Then we can figure out everything else from there. You must not tell anyone anything. Understand?”


            “Yeah, we understand.” Harry answered for us.


He was scuffing the bottoms of his boots on the ground, his hands clasped together behind his back.  His green eyes looked hard and intense.


            “Good. Thank you for your cooperation.” Officer Greene sighed and led us towards the back of the police station were the police cars were and two other officers standing next to the exit.




            Roughly an hour later, Kate, Harry and I were back at the police station with bags in our hands. One of the police officers had dropped Kate and me off at her flat while Harry went to his. I made sure to grab all of Butter’s belongings, like his toys and bed. I grabbed a weeks’ worth of clothes and brought my toothbrush and hair brush.


            “Have everything you need?” Officer McKay asked us, standing with us in the lobby. I clutched Butter under my arm tightly and nodded.


            “And don’t worry about running out of clothes or anything; there will be shops and stores you can go to in the long run. I also took care of your job. Thankfully, your boss was understanding and wished you to be safe. Now, just as a reminder, you are only in witness protection until we are certain you are no longer in danger, or if we are lucky; the killer is out of the question and brought to justice.”


She ran through the procedures with us. On what we could and couldn’t do. Unfortunately, we couldn’t go out in the middle of the night to see a film at the cinema or something without someone with us. There would be undercover agents to keep an eye on us, somewhere where they can see us but we can’t see them.


            Kate raised her hand. “Officer McKay? Where exactly where we be going?”


            Officer McKay looked at the pad of papers that she gripped in her right hand. “It says Bedfordshire.” She answered and looked up. “There are already two houses set up for you.”


            “What are the living arrangements?” I asked. I snuck a quick glance at Harry. It would be awkward to live in the same house as him, since we’ve only been seeing each other for a short time.


            Officer McKay laughed and shook her head. “Don’t worry. There are two houses set up. Two families had willingly volunteered in lending their house to you and to keep an extra eye on you guys. Kate and Brigh,” she looked at both of us. “I assumed you guys would like to be together am I correct?”


            “Yes, we would.” I said. Butter suddenly squirmed under my grip and ended up scratching my forearm. I flinched.


            “Do you want me to hold him, Brigh?” Harry asked from beside me, watching my bleeding arm warily. I nodded and happily handed Butter over.


            “Do you need a Band-Aid?” Officer McKay asked. I shook my head and reached into the front pocket of my suitcase, pulling out a simple brown bandage. 


            “As I was saying, I assumed you two would like to be together and I thought that you,” She pointed to Harry, “Wouldn’t like to be in a house full of girls.”


            Harry chuckled and shook his head. “No thank you, no offense.”


            “None taken,” I smiled at him and giggled as he struggled with Butter in his arms.


            “Great. Officer Greene and Officer Novikov will meet you at the houses. Be safe, all of you, please.” Officer Greene said, giving us a sad smile and walked away, leaving us alone in the lobby with our bags in hand. 


            “You guys ready?” I asked Kate and Harry. They both nodded slowly and began to walk towards the back of the station where the same two officers that drove us to our houses met us. Here goes nothing, I thought.








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