We Are The Wild Ones

First fanfic. Don't judge. If it sucks, my bad. Yes, Black Veil Brides is my favorite band. They were the first band I ever found

This story follows The Wild Ones and their journey to face F.E.A.R. Everyone is a big family, but people have secrets. Including Andy. He cannot fight his inner demons alone, but with the help if his love, Juliet, he can face them as much as he can face F.E.A.R. The question is, will he make it?


7. Shadows Die

The next day, The Rebels marched towards F.E.A.R's headquarters. They were several thousand feet away when night fell. Andy didn't think it would be so far away. They set up tents and lit a fire. Juliet stepped inside Andy's tent. "Andy, we need to talk." She said. Andy looked up from what he was working on: sharpening a long straight stick to make some sort of spear. He set it down and looked up at Juliet. "What is it?" He said blankly.

"What are you thinking, sending us to battle F.E.A.R? For what? Revenge?"

"Juliet," he said sternly "You don't understand. You never will."

"What? Is this because you want to show that you're capable of being 'leader'? This doesn't show leadership. This shows cowardice. And if you think for a second that putting everyone's lives in danger is 'leadership' you're fucking wrong."

Andy slammed his hand against the desk and yelled at her, "YOU DON'T THINK I KNOW THAT?! I am fucking terrified! I'm not trying to show leadership so stop fucking trying to make me feel like a sack of shit!"

They stood quiet for what felt like an eternity. Juliet took one step towards him, but he turned away. He looked at his clenched fist, still resting on the table where he slammed it. The room was so quiet, you could hear their hearts beating. "Can you just go? Please?" He said, his voice shaking. Juliet heard this and felt that he was on the brink of tears. She stepped out and walked away. She understood what he was trying to do. He may have been older, but he was naive. He thought that life was about an eye for an eye, a man for a man. He felt that pure revenge was the answer. But she knew it wasn't. She didn't want anyone else to get hurt. So she knew what she had to do.

Andy sat back on his bed, made of sheepskin, and continued carving. He felt the hot tears roll down his cheeks. He couldn't continue. He set down his materials and buried his head in his hands. His quiet weeps turn to sobs. That night, he cried himself to sleep.

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