We Are The Wild Ones

First fanfic. Don't judge. If it sucks, my bad. Yes, Black Veil Brides is my favorite band. They were the first band I ever found

This story follows The Wild Ones and their journey to face F.E.A.R. Everyone is a big family, but people have secrets. Including Andy. He cannot fight his inner demons alone, but with the help if his love, Juliet, he can face them as much as he can face F.E.A.R. The question is, will he make it?


2. New Years Day

Andy made his way to the head table of the dining hut where the rest of the Rebels sat speaking to each other about the weather, or the days events, or anything. Andy and The Wild Ones stood at their seats as the Rebels all sat, waiting expectantly for the day's announcement. The loud speaking turned to hushed whispers as Andy began. "The battle with F.E.A.R has been successful. We have prevented the soldiers from infiltrating The City." The Rebels all clapped and cheered, happy that their leaders had protected them from evil once again.

"But," Ashley said, "their forces are growing by the day. Their soldiers are getting stronger."

Jinxx then said "But please, don't be afraid. We will know when the time comes."

Jake then intervened. "With that being said, tonight, the New Year celebration commences. You all know what to do. We will see you all in the Square at sundown."

CC was the one to begin it all. "And now, Rebels, we feast!" He said smiling. Andy spotted something out of the corner of his eye. "Excuse me." He said as he stood and walked out of the hut. There was a shadow trying to run away, but Andy caught the figure and pulled it to face him. "Who are you?" He ordered. The figure looked at him. A woman. She pushed him away and sprinted towards the gates. Andy ran after her on buildings and jumped in front so that he was standing between her and the gates. "I asked you a question."

"Does it matter to you?" She hissed. He grabbed her by her forearms and took her to his hut. It wasn't long after Ashley, CC, Jinxx, and Jake came out to see what was happening. Andy motioned to them and they followed.

"Look. I asked you a-"

"My name is Juliet." She finally said. Andy then looked at her and said "Who do you work for?"


"You heard me. Are you working for F.E.A.R?"

She hissed at the word. The rest of the group entered the hut. "Who's this?" Jake asked.

"She said her name is Juliet. But I asked her another question."

"No. I don't work for F.E.A.R." She shouted. "How do we know that?" Jinxx asked. She motioned toward her shoulder. Andy lifted her sleeve. "She was a prisoner." He said. "Yes. I was. But I escaped. I came here hoping for some hospitality. Not hostility." Andy apologized. "Where you headed?"

"Nowhere. My home was destroyed."

"That's awful." Ashley said. She shrugged. "Would you like something to eat?" Jake asked. Andy stepped out of the hut and returned about 5 minutes later with some food. "There's leftovers from dinner." He handed the plate to her. "Thank you." She said. "You know, you came just in time for our New Years celebration." Ashley said.

"What's that?"

"Well," Jake began,"every year, there's a big celebration we have to honor the fallen ones and the warriors of the past year. There's music, and stories. It's fun." He beamed. Andy chuckled and stood. He pulled out a cigarette from his desk and stepped out. "Hey, where you goin?" CC said. "Just need a minute alone." He said sighing. He stood on the same roof he sat on when he returned. Pulling a book of matches from his pocket, he lit the cigarette and looked at the sunset. He stood for about 15 minutes before he heard, "That New Years thing starts at sundown, you know." It was Juliet. "Yeah. I know." He replied. "Are you okay?" She asked.

"Yeah. I just wish my parents could see me."

"Where are they?"

"Dead. They were murdered. By F.E.A.R." He said blankly. "Oh." She said. "I'm sorry."

"They left the City under my rule. My protection. And I'm afraid I won't be able to save them from F.E.A.R."

"Wait." Juliet said. "It's you. You're the Prophet!" She said, her eyes widening. "Ive always heard stories in the Prison. I've heard so much about you." He smiled. "Let's go. The celebration is about to begin."

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