We Are The Wild Ones

First fanfic. Don't judge. If it sucks, my bad. Yes, Black Veil Brides is my favorite band. They were the first band I ever found

This story follows The Wild Ones and their journey to face F.E.A.R. Everyone is a big family, but people have secrets. Including Andy. He cannot fight his inner demons alone, but with the help if his love, Juliet, he can face them as much as he can face F.E.A.R. The question is, will he make it?


8. Days Are Numbered

Andy woke up to Jinxx shaking him violently. "Andy. Andy! Get up!"

"Huh? What? What is it"

"It's F.E.A.R. They found us. They've attacked." They both left the hut to see probably the biggest a battle Andy had ever seen. His first though was "Where's Juliet?" He picked up his dagger and lunged at a nearby attacker. The battle raged on, and all but 150 of the Rebels remained. Blood covered and panic stricken, the evenings meeting didn't go as smoothly as Andy had anticipated.

"Alright. All that remains of us is 150. But we can still be strong-"

"Who are you to say that, Andy? You're the one that put us all in this danger!" A man said. Some Rebels murmured in agreement. Andy felt his heart begin to pound. "It appears that my actions were the wrong ones." He replied coolly. "No shit." He heard another Rebel mutter. "What do you have to say for yourself?" The same man had said. The Rebels looked at him in anticipation. Even The Wild Ones looked at him. He needed Juliet. "I-uh-um-well..." He felt himself begin to shake. He felt a lump growing in his throat and tears in his eyes. "Well?" The man said again. "I-I have...nothing to say." Andy said. "I knew it. You're nothing like your father." The man said, pointing at Andy as though to accuse him. The Rebels began muttering in agreement again. But The Wild Ones took to Andy's aid. "This was a poor judgement call."

"Damn right it was a poor judgement call! It cost us almost all of the Rebels!"

Andy's heart began pounding. He began shaking. And before he could even tell, he was crying. Jake put his hand on Andy's shoulder. "No. I mean yes. It was a huge mistake. Andy was thinking on impulse. He was angry. He never meant to cost us this many lives."

"I lost my fucking brother because of him!" Andy shook himself from Jake's grasp and ran. Ran away. He didn't know where he was running to. He just knew he had to run. To get away. He ran until he felt his lungs would burst. He ran until his legs became weak. Then he collapsed, and allowed the darkness to take him.

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