Love Doctor

Louis finds him self with a rather odd problem. It doesn't go away by itself and he soons finds himself having to visit the doctor. The doctor likes the odd problem and they find themseld in a situation that they didn't think they would. But they both can't complain about it.


4. What Happens in a Bar

~~“Hi, patient.”
That made him smile. I didn’t know that I could do that. “What are you doing here all on your lonesome?” he signalled to Paul as he asked.
“Got nowhere better to be I guess.” I was honest in saying that. To anyone else, I would’ve lied.
He did seem surprised that I was so honest and for a moment his belief wavered. But with the drunk talking, I was as honest as I got when I wasn’t thinking hard about it. “That’s tragic… but convenient.”
I audibly sighed in agreement though I wasn’t sure how it was convenient and waited for an explanation on that part.
“You see, it’s convenient because I’ve been wanting to catch up with you for a few days. I wanted to buy you a drink to thank you for how you handled what happened to my… you know. And it wasn’t exactly the right thing to ask your doctor in his office so I’ve been waiting to catch you out of there.”
That explained why I thought he wanted nothing to do to me. He didn’t want to cross a boundary. But we had clearly crossed that when he had sex in my office. It is very honourable of him to want to maintain some kind of professionalism – it should be me doing that.
But I couldn’t get ahead of myself and think that he’s interested and that was the only reason we hadn’t gotten together since.
“Sure. Another one wouldn’t hurt,” I answered after a substantial pause, he must have thought that I had fallen asleep or something. Paul had been standing at the bar in front of us pretending not to be listening and waiting for me to answer so he could being us our drinks.
I think I heard a sigh of relief when I finally answered and he could get back to work. I let Louis choose a drink for me since I wasn’t even sure if I’d taste it and could please him by enjoying his recommendation. “So… how’s work been going?” he asked casually, looking at me sideways.
“Pretty dull now that you’re done there.” Really? Did I really just say that? No wonder I don’t have a boyfriend that was horrible.
He smiled at it though, which made me feel… good.
“I’m guessing you don’t get too many interesting things happening too often.” He smiled. It was hard to tell if it was out of embarrassment or if he was laughing at himself. It’s probably both.
“No, not at all. But it’s good to have things spiced up a bit. An unusual twist to the usual work never hurt anyone. In fact, I think it helped them greatly.”
We had a few more drinks and I had definitely had too much to drink and had to stop.
“Well, I hate to say it… but I think I have to stop drinking.”
“Oh, no! Did you really just say that?”
“Yes, indeed I did. I’m close to having drunk my body weight in alcohol, if I haven’t already that is,” I said with a smile and a bit of a slur.
He smiled and nodded his head in understanding. “May I have the honour of conveying you home?”
“I don’t want to bother you. I’ll have Paul call me a taxi, he knows the drill.”
“Really, I would like to. It wouldn’t be a bother at all. And I would sleep much better knowing that you were safe.”
My drunken-self emphasised my swooning over this comment. “Awwwwww! Loouuiiiiiiis! You’re such a sweetie. What would I do without you? I have to let you take me home after that. I really wanted to say yes, but I thought that you were just offering to be kind…. And I don’t want to seem over eager, because then you would know…” I rattled on before I stopped myself. I was about to say something stupid. Something stupider than what I had already blurted out.
Louis just chuckled at me. “Oh Harry! You’re a cracker,” was all he said. He seemed kind of overwhelmed at what I had said and he was definitely more sober than I was, so he knew exactly what was going on.
By the time we made it to Louis’ car, my head felt half the size of what it had been in the bar. I was on my way to sobering up.
With Louis’ help, I plonked into the front seat of the car and Louis strapped me in like a child. “Thanks mum” I joked and got a smile from him. I had slumped in my seat and when he got in the car beside me, I had turned with my head against the head-rest and was looking at him. I was almost curled into the foetal position, except my feet were on the ground still.
He started the car and I watched the concentration in his face as he reversed and then turned out into the flow of traffic.
“Address?” he asked me. I forgot that he hadn’t been to my house before.
“69 bridge street. I’ll give you an extra ten bucks if you can get me there by eleven, Mr Taxi driver,” I joked with him.
I got a chuckle out of him and a big smile. “I’ll try my best, Doc, I sure could use the extra money, you know. Being a taxi driver these days is hard.” He smiled again after he said this.
We both fell. Louis looked ahead, concentrating on the road and I looked at his face mostly. But if he asked if I was looking at him, I could say that I was looking out his window at the blurring lights passing by.
My eyes traced the lines on his forehead, down his temples to his cheeks, then his nose and down to his mouth. His lips looked perfect. His nose looked perfect. His face was perfect.
I didn’t know what he did for work. But I’d like to imagine he is a schoolteacher. But having thought that, he’ll be like, a builder or something – wasting his brains. I could see him as a teacher. He’d care for every child and have the patience for all of their little dramas. And if he were a higher school teacher, I could see him listening to them all, teaching and filling their minds. He’s the kind of teacher I’d like to have.
He has a kind face that makes him approachable and beautiful. That’s what’d make him perfect for any job involving people.
The car turned into my street, we were a few houses away not and I didn’t want this trip to end. It was a ten minute trip but it felt like both a million days and a few seconds.
We came to a stop and the headlights illuminated the front door.
After a moment of both of us sitting in the silence, Louis looking ahead and sometimes glancing at me while I looked at his face some more and pretended to be looking out the window contemplatively when he looked at me.
Louis made the first move. He unclicked his belt and let it fly up to the side of the car.
I sat myself upright, undid my seatbelt and opened my door before he could do it for me. As much as I enjoyed him helping me, I couldn’t carry on the whole time.
I did however, let him help me to the door. I got my keys out and, though it took me a moment, I eventually unlocked the door. He helped me through the door, again. With my direction and his movement, we made it to the bedroom.
We walked into the room and I forgot that my rug was there. My feet got caught in the corner of the rug and I fell. But I didn’t end up on the ground because Louis pulled me tighter and kept me up.
There was a moment when we were still, suspended and pressed against each other.
And all in a moment, our lips were locked and we were falling onto the bed, still with our arms wrapped around each other.
Any plans Louis had of leaving were gone. He was on top of me, then I was on him. We rotated and moved. My hands roamed every inch of Louis and he returned the touches.
I felt every scar, bump and crease. It was like touching a tree with charred limbs that was still as smooth and perfect as a river stone…
Late in the night, we both calmed and lay in each other’s arms. My hands continued to feel Louis’ skin. I felt the mounds on his stomach where his defined abs lay and his belly button and the thin trial of hair from his belly button to groin.
Still, he felt me too. I felt his fingertips across my shoulder blades and down my spine.
And for a moment, I forgot that we had only just met this week and that I may not see him again. I forgot about every except for Louis.

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