Love Doctor

Louis finds him self with a rather odd problem. It doesn't go away by itself and he soons finds himself having to visit the doctor. The doctor likes the odd problem and they find themseld in a situation that they didn't think they would. But they both can't complain about it.


6. See You Soon

Louis and I parted that day... Again. But there was a glimmer of hope in this goodbye. He said "see you soon" instead of just a goodbye.

Now, it's probably just me reading into the situation too much, but I would like to believe that it means something new and different to his other goodbyes.

But I'm not getting my hopes too high. It is me we're talking about.

I just had to get through today and I would be back at work. I didn't want to go back to work that desperately, but I also didn't want to be able to sit around here all day. Who knows what I could get up to. I would rather suffer through work than be left to my own devices.

Then I would get through another week, and another and another until they make up months... and years, until I'm dead.

Each week would pass with the hope of seeing Louis, but I wasn't counting on it too much.


Author's note: This chapter is short, I know. So sorry about that bits just that there's a lot about to happen and I didn't want it to be too long. I'll update as soon as I can (I promise within the best day or two). Love you all who have read my story. Like and comment to give me feedback ( if you want to that is). I would really appreciate it. I think I could improve a lot. Thanks for reading. I'll update soon I promise xx

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