Love Doctor

Louis finds him self with a rather odd problem. It doesn't go away by itself and he soons finds himself having to visit the doctor. The doctor likes the odd problem and they find themseld in a situation that they didn't think they would. But they both can't complain about it.


2. Doctor's Orders

The next few days passed much the same as the one when I met Louis. On the first day, there was one man that had a strange growth on his leg. He had been back frequently over the past six months so I palmed him off to an ortho specialist. That had been an interesting case but I wasn’t helping him and there could be something serious happening to him.

On the second day, I had quite a few kids scheduled for vaccinations. They’re generally easy and bearable, depending if you’re in the mood or not, that is.

Then, on the third day, all of my patients must have thought I was on happy pills. It was hard to wipe the grin off my face, even as I told a man that he had anaemia and he yelled at me.

I had finished all my patients early because I was so excited. It was 4:30 and I had half an hour to wait for my last appointment.

I found myself thinking about Louis. I don’t know why I was caught up on him. There’s just something about him. I don’t know what I was thinking about him in particular, I was really just replaying yesterday. And thinking that I’d like to have more memories to play back. And what it would be like to see him without more than his pants. Stop! I told myself. I can’t think these things – he’s a patient! Anyone else would have the decency to separate their sexual thoughts from everything else. What would Louis think of me thinking these things about him? He’d be appalled, surely.

I mean, I saw him for less than half an hour so it’s not like I know him or anything. I don’t really know if I have the right to think like this about him. He didn’t express any interest in me so it’s not like I have anything to go off.

Five minutes before the appointment, Hannah came to my door. “Dr Styles, Mr Tomlinson is here earlier if you would like to see him early. Would you like me to send him in?”

“Thank you Hannah that would be brilliant. You’re fabulous.” I smiled at her and leant back in my chair to stretch.

She smiled back before disappearing back down the corridor. I adjusted myself, trying to find a comfortable position but not getting one. I resigned to sit at my desk facing the computer and looking busy with work. I should have actually been busy with work, but instead I just played with my stress ball shaped like a cow.

There was a firm knock on the door. I spun in my seat to face him. “Mr Tomlinson, come in. take a seat.” I motioned to the seat next to my desk. He sat and a smile spread across his face. “How are you feeling?”

“Brilliant, now that I’m here.” As soon as he said it, he looked down for a second and I could imagine what he was thinking – Why the hell did I just say that? Stupid, stupid, stupid.  Well, that’s what I would be thinking is I said that. Because I have this bad habit of saying exactly what I am thinking or feeling at the wrong times. Such as, when I first meet someone and it is probably too early to be saying some things.

I returned his smile and gave him a look that said it was okay, I kind of feel the same too. “Good. Has your… problem been fixed?”

“I think so, thanks to you.” he looked down into his lap at his twisting fingers.

“Do you need me to take a look… or are you okay with it?” I was hesitant to tell him to show me it, because I was afraid that I would betray myself by doing or saying something stupid again. But then, I also wanted to see it so much since it might be the last time that I ever do. I mean, there are ten other doctors that he could go to, so who knows if he’ll come back here.

“Umm… you can check it out. I mean, it looks fine, but I’m not a doctor.” He stood and started taking his pants off. I had to make sure I kept my crotch hidden so he didn’t see the bulge that had appeared there.

“I guess I better to make sure.” He dropped them to the floor followed by his underpants.

Then, the one thing happened that I had kind of been waiting to happen but refused to let myself think about. As I touched it to make sure the swelling and bumps had gone down, it sprang up – fully erect. And I swear, there isn’t a colour under the rainbow to describe the colour of Louis face at that moment.

He let out a sort of gasp and groan at the same time. There was a hint of relief – like he had been focusing so hard on not letting it get hard but it was inevitable. Then the relief was immediately replaced by fear and embarrassment.

I stood and turned my head to the side to save him from further embarrassment of being exposed. I put my hand up to me mouth, just out of habit and also to hide a bit of a smile. If he was looking at my crotch now – which I doubt he is, he would see the obvious tent that my pants were making over my own erect cock.

“Um… it looks okay. Much umm… better…”

I didn’t know whether I should be talking or whatever, I can’t say I’ve ever been in a situation like this before. I stopped talking and just stood with my hands on my hips.

He sat in the chair and moved his pants on top of his crotch instead of putting them on. He looked like much of the embarrassment and shock had passed and he was accepting what had happened. I couldn’t deny that I liked it – if I said it was a horrible moment, I would be lying. It was the greatest feeling of his cock responding to my touch like that. Feeling it swell and enlarge literally between my fingertips was marvellous.

“Well, from the look of your business, I think we can safely say that both of us enjoyed that experience in one way.” He surprised me when he said this with a straight face. He was so blunt it made me want to laugh. So I did, not full on laugh but more of a scoff mixed with a laugh and took one of my hands from my hips to move over my cheeks.

“I guess you could say that.” I looked up at him then and he looked so innocent – even after what he said – that what I was thinking seemed incredibly wrong.

I took a step toward him then stopped, could I do it? I’m pretty sure it breaks a code of practice. I took a two more steps and I was directly in front of him. He looked up at me through his eyelashes and I wanted to pick him up and bend him over my desk now.

The way he looked at me was like an okay. I felt through the look that he wanted to do something too – but he wanted me to make the first move because then it would really be okay (since I’m a doctor and all).

I leant to the side and turned the lock on the door. I was sure we wouldn’t be disrupted, Hannah never does unless it’s absolutely urgent. And this is my last appointment for the day, so no one’s waiting on me. Hanna will be gone soon anyway. Hopefully sooner rather than later. I stood upright again and outstretched my hand to touch Louis’ face.

It was as soft as I had imagined it would be, much nicer than my skin. I knelt in front of him and put my hands on his pants and lingered for a moment. Before I took them off, I leant in close to him and connected our lips. The kiss deepened and I brought one hand up from his lap to rest against Louis’ face as I felt his touch mine. He wasn’t deterred at all by my prickly cheeks from lack of shaving. If anything, he seemed to enjoy it more. But  wouldn’t really know,  just got the feeling from how he kind of pawed my face more.

I pulled his pants off his lap and tossed to the floor on the side. Shortly after, I broke the kiss and looked down into his lap. It was still erect, actually, it looked even more than before but I didn’t know if that was possible since it was so freaking big to begin with.

Now, I had the chance to admire his cock as I stroked it and wrapped my lips and hand around it – it was for medical purposes.

He let out a gasp then tried to speak. “I thought you said no sex or stimulation…”

“I did.” I looked up at him and smiled. “But  think I can make one exception.”

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