Love Doctor

Louis finds him self with a rather odd problem. It doesn't go away by itself and he soons finds himself having to visit the doctor. The doctor likes the odd problem and they find themseld in a situation that they didn't think they would. But they both can't complain about it.


1. Doctor's Appointment (Please ignore the last 3 lines as they are left over from editing but can't bet deleted. Sorry)

It had been a long day. Not long in the too many extreme cases and I needed a break. It was the exact opposite - too many trivial cases. Nothing too serious or exciting had happened. It was just a lot of simple cases – the typical ones really. And I wanted something that a doctor could fix, not a nurse. Hannah, my receptionist, informed me of my next patient. It was a ‘special’ case. I wasn’t sure what that meant but if it was something better than common colds and headaches – I was in.

Since all of the cases were so simple, they didn’t take the time allocated, so I was sitting around for a while in between. I decided to take my chances and walk out to see if my next patient had arrived. I grabbed the patient file and headed down the hallway, opening it before I stepped into the waiting room. Louis Tomlinson. That was what the name read.

I looked around the room; there was an elderly man, a young woman and a rather attractive man. I was hoping it was him and not some other guy that would enter soon. That would be nice and he does look like he could bring me something interesting or special.

“Err, Louis Tomlinson,” I looked up, not at anyone in particular. Then a deep, sexy voice responded.

“Yep, that’s me.” It was the attractive man. He stood from his seat, tucked his phone in his pocket and walked toward me. I gave him a smile as he approached, he returned it then I spun in my heel and started down the hall. I could hear his steps behind me – they were soft, but they were there.

“Through here, sir,” I stepped aside and let him enter before me. I closed the door behind him. “Please, have a seat,” I gestured to the bed/table against the wall. He hopped up onto it and sat with his legs over the edge crossed at the ankles and hands in his lap. “What is it I can do for you?” I hoped by ‘special’ that Hannah meant cool and interesting not like a jar stuck on a hand or a mysterious viral disease.

His face went a little red when I spoke and he uncrossed his ankles. “Well, it’s rather embarrassing really,” he gave a little laugh and looked down into his lap – red cheeked still. “I have a… um… a thing on my um… thing.” He was waving his hands in an attempt to motion what he was trying to say without actually having to say it.

“A thing on your thing?” he nodded. I think I could guess what one of the things was as he had motioned to his crotch a few times.

“Something bit me,” his face was still red when he jumped to his feet. “I’ll just show you.” He unbuckled his belt, then his fly and dropped his pants to the floor. He pulled off his undies and then he was all exposed. The one time I did look back up at his face, he seemed to have lost some of the redness – perhaps at the relief of it finally being out and not having to explain it. It looked huge, and it was only flaccid! I couldn’t begin to imagine the size of it when it was erect!

“I see your predicament.” I moved in closer to get a look at the red blister-looking patch on his penis. He turned his head to the side as I did so. I wondered what he was thinking in that moment. Maybe it was ‘oh my god, why did I wear no pants when I went trekking in the woods’ or ‘gee, I hope he likes the enormity of my cock!’

I gave a smile and looked up at him. It was very unprofessional of me, I know that. But I was imagining what it would be like if the roles were reversed. I would find some kind of weird pleasure in the fact that such a hot guy was checking my private parts out, and I would also be embarrassed.

I prescribed him some cream that would hopefully help. 'You're going to need a follow-up appointment. How does Wednesday sound?" I couldn't wait for our next appointment. Maybe I could just keep saying he has to return so I never have to stop seeing him.

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