*This is an idea by Anything is Possible in her book Idea Bubble* Kayla can read minds. If you are 10 meters away, you might as well tell her your life story. She can read your mind, see memories, and is really good at memorizing all the facts. She has to keep her power a secret though, it could be dangerous if not. A real life or death situation.


3. The note

I always hated school, always. Today was no different. When I got home I sat down at the table to do homework. My mind also can't stay still for that long. It's a side effect to knowing everything. I had to think about my day. Sandy is the only friend I have made at school, ever. I mean Jake is probably my friend to, he likes to play around and he is my best friend boyfriend so... I was wondering if I should tell Sandy about Zoe when the door bell rang. When I opened it no one was there but there was a note taped to the door.

I know your true identity. Come to me or I will spill your whole secret. Meet me in the abandon warehouse tonight at 12:00 or face problems at school tomorrow.

From a boy-in-your-english-class

I ran to my room with tears in my eyes.

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