*This is an idea by Anything is Possible in her book Idea Bubble* Kayla can read minds. If you are 10 meters away, you might as well tell her your life story. She can read your mind, see memories, and is really good at memorizing all the facts. She has to keep her power a secret though, it could be dangerous if not. A real life or death situation.


2. School

Right now I was attending South High School in Topeka, Kansas. I had been here for a while. At the moment I was a blonde with blue eyes, I had some simple glasses. I though I looked prettiest like this.

 I walked into school, it was Hot! If you know Kansas, you know the weather is not predictable, it was April but about a million degrees. Well the school was really cold, you had to dress opposite of the weather outside. I walked with my best friend Sandy. She was really pretty, she had long black hair and a looked like she was from Mexico, because she was.

"What's new Kayla?" She asked me. I shrugged.


"Me and Jake are back together!" She squealed. I liked Jake so I was... Not that way!... I was happy she was going out with him instead of some idiot but I spaced out as she continued talking because I didn't care. I heard her voice in my head. Is she even listening! I thought my best friend would care about this stuff. I frowned and tried to get back into the conversation. I could read minds. I know things I shouldn't. I am dangerous.

Sandy was kind of mad at me for not listening but tried not to show it. If you really want to know more about Jake, he is smart and really good at baseball. He broke up with Sandy a while ago. He was in my first class, English, and I was hoping to talk some sense into him about breaking her heart.

I sat next to him, we could sit wherever in English. "The counselor will be coming in today to talk about bullying." Mr. Marcus said. I hated when the counselor came. It was sooooooo boring! I was... Bored... So I started looking into Jake's mind. Is that mean? I was so bored I didn't care thoguh.

"Hey Zoe." He said to a girl, this looked recently.

"Hey Jake." She said and she batted her eyes. "So now that you are done with Sandy, can we date?" I didn't know Zoe. Jake looked heart-broken.

"No, I don't know why I broke up with Sandy." That's so sweet!

"Let me rephrase that! We will date!" Zoe demanded. Jake backed up.

"Zoe, we have been through this before." He gulped. "Remember last time." She smiled devilishly.

"You almost got jailed for speeding." She giggled. "Man up boy, who cares?"

"I do!" He screamed. "Maybe we all don't want to drop out of high school like you!" He had hit a hard spot because she shuddered.

"We can't all be perfect." She screeched.

The bell rang so I came back to reality. I remember one day, a week or so ago, Jake came to school with a black eye. That made me shudder more than Zoe had.

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