*This is an idea by Anything is Possible in her book Idea Bubble* Kayla can read minds. If you are 10 meters away, you might as well tell her your life story. She can read your mind, see memories, and is really good at memorizing all the facts. She has to keep her power a secret though, it could be dangerous if not. A real life or death situation.


5. Panic


Fear pulsed through my veins, I know everything, how come I didn't know who this is? He's in my English Class, I must of seen inside his head. I don't see why he is so bothered, it's not like I sell everyone's secrets... Hold on. Maybe he wants ME to tell him everything I know, so he can get revenge! No. That's being silly, I've been looking inside Megan's head to much, that's what I get for looking inside a writer, crazy ideas. Anyway, I shouldn't be thinking of what he wants with me, but how he found out. Nobody knows, maybe he's a robot! Here I go again with crazy ideas. I sat down holding a hand to my head, it ached and for the first time in my life, I had a headache.

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