*This is an idea by Anything is Possible in her book Idea Bubble* Kayla can read minds. If you are 10 meters away, you might as well tell her your life story. She can read your mind, see memories, and is really good at memorizing all the facts. She has to keep her power a secret though, it could be dangerous if not. A real life or death situation.


1. Expostion

I am Kayla, a normal 15 year old girl. Maybe not normal. You see my family has this special power. We call it Know, it reminds me of those books with the creepy, old fortune tellers. Maybe I am not creepy and old but I can figure out anything I set my mind to. The only problem is I can barely tell he difference from real talk and mind talk and if I slip it could cost me my life.

I am very normal looking, a brunette with brown eyes. Sometimes. Sometimes I have red hair and green eyes or blonde hair and blue eyes. I have to dye my hair a lot and I had to get used to the fact I wear contacts every day. We have to move if someone gets even the slightest bit suspicious. I don't make friends and if anyone starts to get suspicious about my identity I move to a new school. I don't mind though.

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