*This is an idea by Anything is Possible in her book Idea Bubble* Kayla can read minds. If you are 10 meters away, you might as well tell her your life story. She can read your mind, see memories, and is really good at memorizing all the facts. She has to keep her power a secret though, it could be dangerous if not. A real life or death situation.


4. A/N

I don't know if it is classified as an update but I just changed a bit of the story, nothing drastic, a couple grammar errors and I changed her age I don't know if anyone caught that. It said she was 12 but Jake had gotten a ticket for speed so he would have to be like held back or something... Now she is 15 btw. I never update this but school is almost out so I will be able to update a ton more in a few days. Thank you fans and others, like comment, etc. :)

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