The Trainer (mostly liam fanfic)

Three girls with the names of: Mack syd and Maddie all went to the gym one day all hoping Mackenzie would loose a few pounds and not get bullied again Maddie and Mackenzie didn't know of 1d that much but Sydney was a WHOLE different story. Will they react just to find Liam is Mack's trainer will they fall in love or will they not care to find out the rest read Th Trainer!!!!!!!


1. Unconcerned

There, just lying against a tree sat, poor, poor Mackenzie. Every body made fun of her, when she was on the streets, in places, and even at home! Every one called her fat when she just would reply," I'm just a bit over weight, and plus it shouldn't matter if I'm fat or not OKAY!" In an angrily voice. So she finally decided she was sick of it so, she said to herself,"I'll teach them and I'll teach them I can be beautiful on the outside even though I am on the inside! I'll.. I'll go to the gym and hire a personal trainer!" She accidentally shouted the last part out.

When she finally found a gym not to close or far from her house she signed up for a membership. Now all Mackenzie had to do was find a trainer. When she went in her house she went searching through magazines on how to stay fit and looked for personal trainers." No that name looks to much like he makes out with every one he meets, no no no! Wait that guy is famous right there! I think he's in the band One Dimension or some thing and he's hot! I'll call him!" She said to her friend, Maddie." But remember Mackenzie this is about getting fit not meeting boy band members!"

Mackenzie and Maddie had the phone on speaker as they were calling him. "Ring ring ring," the phone rang until an answer came. "Hello" said a British accent " hello yes is this, Liam Payne?" Asked Mackenzie "haha it sure is!" He replied. "Well it says here you are up for being hired as a personal trainer." "Well I sure am in London!" "Great I'm there to! So do you want to meet up at the National London Gym tomorrow at 7:30am to exercise?" "Umm I guess that will work okay! Hey what is your wonderful name?" "It's Mackenzie." "Okay I guess I'll be seeing you tomorrow Mackenzie! Bye!" "Bye" they said as they ended the phone call.

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