The Trainer (mostly liam fanfic)

Three girls with the names of: Mack syd and Maddie all went to the gym one day all hoping Mackenzie would loose a few pounds and not get bullied again Maddie and Mackenzie didn't know of 1d that much but Sydney was a WHOLE different story. Will they react just to find Liam is Mack's trainer will they fall in love or will they not care to find out the rest read Th Trainer!!!!!!!


6. Too Much Love

Sydney's P.O.V

It is so late. I'm really sleepy. Wait I can't just sleep at someone's house? Then again I probably shouldn't be driving this late to get home so there's no point. I looked around, Maddie and Niall were gone and Liam and Mackenzie were sleeping. The only ones awake/ here are me and Louis. Louis got up and laid down on the couch and said," Come on I don't bite! You can snuggle with me." Then I laid down next to him. He then whispered in my ear," Will you be mine Sydney?" Did I just hear what I thought I heard?I THINK LOUIS THE TOMMO TOMLINSON ASKED ME TO BE HIS GIRLFRIEND! I gave a huge smile and nodded quickly and he gave me a big hug and kissed my forehead.

I quickly feel asleep after that in Louis' arms. I was so happy! This honestly was the best day of my life!

Nialls P.O.V

We were upstairs and we finished kissing cause we thought someone was coming to the door so acted like we were sleeping. We quickly got up after that and here we are right now. I crept up behind Maddie and wrapped my arms around her stomach and kissed her cheek. Then right after Maddie surprised me and turned around and started kissing my lips. This was so right you have no idea how many ways I love her and to be doing this with her, gives me butterflies! I picked her up while she was still kissing me then laid on her on the bed next to me. I was so tired. Wow when one girl comes in my life it makes me feel so alive. But why? Oh yeah 'cause I'm falling in love. Oops I just said out loud.

I should go to sleep it is what? 5:00am? Gosh I will never forget this wonderful night!

Maddie's P.O.V

(It is morning)

"Good morning good look in!" Niall said to me," Right back at you smokin'" I replied. I got up, and ... Wait I don't have any clean clothes! I asked Niall," Hey do you mind if I borrow one of your old sweatshirts and sweatpants?" "Go ahead darling, and if you wanted to know we have bathrooms in our rooms so you can take a shower, and get changed in there." Niall is so sweet. I went in the bathroom and got in the shower. Once I got out I forgot to get a towel! So I said," Niall can you bring me a towel I forgot to get one?" I heard the door open and there was Niall. " AHH YOU COULD OF SLIPPED IT UNDER THE DOOR! IM NAKED!" I shouted. He then said," Nah I like to see you, any time, any where, any way." I quickly responded " Fine but, just give me my towel!" Niall told me," No not unless you give me a kiss like this! And not a peck on the lips, an actual one!" Then I grabbed him, pushed against the wall, and started kissing him. Man I really hate how he always gets it his way! But I still love him.

He finally gave me my towel and and I dried off, and put on Niall's clothes then used his hair drier. After that I put it in a messy bun. We went down stairs and Niall's hair was messed since I was kissing him.

We ate breakfast then Niall brought me upstairs in his room. Once we got in Niall locked the door. Uh oh it's a little to early for this! I knew exactly what he wanted to do.then he got closer to me kissed my cheek then whispered in my ear," Can you be my princess?" Turned to him. Then he said while laughing," Oh my gosh you actually thought I was gonna do that!" Then I started to blush. He walked to the bathroom and said," I just don't want any one walking in while I'm in the shower! Unless it's you." He walked to the bathroom door and asked me," You comin'?" I nodded and ran in the bathroom. Why am I doing this?

Mackenzie's P.O.V

I woke up in Liam's arms. I looked up and he was awake and he smiled at me and said," Wanna make some pancakes?" I nodded and got up. I went to the kitchen and Liam got out every thing we needed to make them. When I was flipping them I felt hands wrapped around my stomach. It was Liam. He kissed me on the cheek and said," You know you look sexy when your cooking?" I started to blush. A lot. I loved him. He was so nice to me and caring for me. I can't believe after one day I no longer need to work out I was in shape. Liam was so nice to help me! I turned and said to Liam," They're ready, so once everyone else is here they can eat them!" We finished eating and Liam said," Let's go to my room. I never really showed you it!" We raced up stairs and I got to what I thought was his room. He laughed and said to me," Haha you're wrong!" He sounded like a five year old saying that. We went in his room and said," You were about to go in Niall's room." Wait all of them have their own room here? I guess so.

When we were in Liam's room it was really big. And me and Liam ended up kissing. I laid on his bed and said," Can we do it one more time PLEASE!" Liam said," I could do it all day!" He leaned I and started to kiss me I pulled away and asked," First can you take off your shirt?" Then he replied," Only if you take off yours!" So we both took off our shirts but luckily I was wearing a tank top! Liam leaned in and kissed me I kissed back and we didn't stop for a while! He went down my neck and back up. I was messing up his hair. It felt so right! I knew I could do this after what happened last time I had a boyfriend. Only Liam made me happy! Liam started to touch my bum. I didn't care at all at this point!

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