The Trainer (mostly liam fanfic)

Three girls with the names of: Mack syd and Maddie all went to the gym one day all hoping Mackenzie would loose a few pounds and not get bullied again Maddie and Mackenzie didn't know of 1d that much but Sydney was a WHOLE different story. Will they react just to find Liam is Mack's trainer will they fall in love or will they not care to find out the rest read Th Trainer!!!!!!!


2. Show Me Your Moves

Mackenzie's P.O.V

When I woke up today I was so excited to go and exercise with Liam Payne (and I did some research his band is one direction!) I went to Maddie's house and got her because she wanted to see me improve and see me lose weight. After that me and her drove to Sydney's house because she is a 'directioner' or what ever you call them and she wanted to see Liam Payne. I was early to the gym and I saw Liam and the other members of one direction there talking and then Liam turned around and said in a nervous voice."heey your an early bird Mackenzie? Isn't that your name? And who are your lady friends?" I told him they're names and I could hear Niall whisper into Harry's ear (or at least I think that's they're names)," The Maddie one is hot don't you think?" And I saw harry nodding his head and looking at her. Then Sydney screamed took millions of pics of them then said to Louis,"MARRY ME LOUIS!" Then shouted again.

Liam finally started helping me exercise. When I went to one of the thingy magyuars that help me run Liam went behind me when I was holding the bars he grabbed my hands and he put his chest up against me and he was shirtless then I started blushing! I saw Niall flexing his muscles and said to Maddie (which she hardly knows about the band either) ,"So what's your favorite song of ours?" While he was hitting on her. She froze completely,and replied nervously,"I've only seen one of your music videos so it's hard to choose but I'd say The Best Song Ever is..." Not completing her sentence Niall stops her and tells her," Wow! Me too! Isn't the best song ever THE best song ever" "ya..." She said really nervously but just went along with it.

Now back to me and Liam. Then after that happened I went on some type of equipment that pulled down a bar and I was having normal. So Liam showed me how to do it and I still didn't get it so he picked me up (I don't know how) put me on his lap and he pulled it with me. And now I have a feeling I'm, I'm,I'm, in love with him.

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