The Trainer (mostly liam fanfic)

Three girls with the names of: Mack syd and Maddie all went to the gym one day all hoping Mackenzie would loose a few pounds and not get bullied again Maddie and Mackenzie didn't know of 1d that much but Sydney was a WHOLE different story. Will they react just to find Liam is Mack's trainer will they fall in love or will they not care to find out the rest read Th Trainer!!!!!!!


5. Are You Ready?

Liam's P.O.V

Okay first of all I need to clear things up with Maddie, Louis, and Niall. I haven't said it to any one that we decided to be girl friend and boyfriend, so we are dating. I knew it in her eyes when she first walked in, light baby blue eyes. She also improved in her weight. And her astonishing dark brown hair takes your breath away, long, straight hair. So now is the awkward part we first met and we were making out with each other and I need to explain now,"Yeah so guys we forgot to tell you when you guys left Zayn,Harry, and Sydney left soon after you three and went to Harry's house, and it was just us two in the gym. We were doing sit ups and when Mackenzie finished she got up, then tripped over a weight and fell on top of me and then we felt something between us two so then I asked her if she would be my girlfriend and I started kissing her then it turned into that." It was awkward saying that I felt my cheeks burning the whole time knowing I was blushing.

And during that I didn't tell them she gave me her number. So once I got home I was texting her nonstop. Then I asked her if she wanted to come over and she wanted to bring Maddie because she wanted to see Niall at my house. Sydney was still with Zayn and Harry probably she's been kissing both of them cause probably got drunk and didn't care about one thing.I heard a knock on the door and there came Niall storming towards the door and slipping around because he was wearing socks." Hey! Go ahead and come on in!"

Mackenzie's P.O.V

"Hey! Go ahead and come on in!" Niall stated with an enormous smile on his face. Wow Maddie must make him happy. When we got there Louis shouted," Hey you guys wanna watch a mystery movie?!" We nodded our heads I came in the kitchen and hugged Liam,and kissed my cheek. I'm sure he saw me blushing. I heard another knock at the door and just with that Harry, Zayn,and Sydney walked in.

We were in the middle of the movie and I was getting sleepy. I nuzzled up to Liam's chest and I saw a smile on that face of his. In the corner of my eye I saw Maddie and Niall run up stairs. Sydney had Louis' arm around her.

Niall's P.O.V

I was watching a movie with the lads,and Maddie, Sydney,and Mackenzie. Maddie told me we could hang out some time at her house and the movie was boring so I decided to make a move. I grabbed her hand and we went up stairs. We all have our own room at each other's house so, I went up to my room and closed the door. I saw Maddie had a smile on her face like she knew what came next and indeed she did. I leaned in and she did as well and then boom! First I started slow then went up. I went into a passionate kiss with her. I could feel her kiss back. She put her hands in my shirt. So I decided to play back, I put my hands in hers. Then we moved on my bed. She pulled away for a second and said," I love you," I mean what can I say? Then we started again.

Maddie's P.O.V

We started but then he started kissing my neck. Then he pulled back again and said," Go ahead," so I assumed he meant to take his shirt off,so I did. Then we continued and he was kissing my neck.

Louis' P.O.V

I had my arm around Sydney. I don't know why but I felt a connection. Maybe because I'm falling for a fan, I don't know, but what I did know is that she loved me. It made me happy. I began to smile. Then I felt soft lips just touch my cheek. It was Sydney. I loved her. OMG I do like Sydney. But what will she think? I finally looked over and Liam was kissing Mackenzie, man he really likes her!

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