The Trainer (mostly liam fanfic)

Three girls with the names of: Mack syd and Maddie all went to the gym one day all hoping Mackenzie would loose a few pounds and not get bullied again Maddie and Mackenzie didn't know of 1d that much but Sydney was a WHOLE different story. Will they react just to find Liam is Mack's trainer will they fall in love or will they not care to find out the rest read Th Trainer!!!!!!!


8. Again?

Mackenzie's P.O.V

I woke up once again to Liam's arms wrapped around me. I got up feeling so lazy. Oh yeah I should probably get some coffee. I got a cup of coffee then went to the couch and turned on E!News then the screen said," One directions new tour is already selling out! The 5 hotties confirmed it they will be starting their tour in 1 month! Not to mention all of the boys were spotted with different girls! We all know Perrie zayns long time girlfriend but we don't remember the other four faces!"

My heart shattered Liam never told me about their new tour. Liam came down the stairs with a huge smile on his face and said," Good morning babe! Got some great news! Me and the boys are going on tour and you Maddie and syd can come!" "Awe that's great baby when did they tell you!" "Actually last night while you were dead asleep." We both laughed.

Liam asked me," Hey do you wanna go to the gym?" I nodded my head, grabbed my gym bag my keys and went to the car.

Nialls P.O.V

I woke up to the smell of maddie's cooking. I went down stairs and turned on the tv then the news reporter spoke," Turns out one direction are having another tour in one month!" I turned off the tv how could Simon confirm with press before me. My thoughts were interrupted by Maddie speaking," Oh yeah Simon called when you were sleeping and said you guys are going on tour in a month and me Mack and syd can tag along!" Maddie squealed suddenly a huge wave of relieve hit me. I smiled and hugged her. Then grabbed some pancakes a stuffing them in my mouth. They were delicious !

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