Forever my Twin

Paisley and Hazel are identical twins who find out the both have the same kind of cancer, Ewing's sarcoma. Their mother complains that 10 year olds need to be free witch everyone agrees. They continue their fight to survive.


2. why us

Paisley went in to the MRI first then they took Hazel. When they looked at the scans they found a tumor the size of a golf ball and growing rapidly on Paisleys back. Hazel also had this.

Their mom had to reveal that she had that cancer when she was younger. The doctor said that it nuts have gotten through to them.

They will both be able to be in the same hospital room said dr. Anne but first they need to go into a tumor removal surgery so we can access a port. What's a port asked Paisley? It's a thing we put in your chest so we don't have to poke you with needles.

Meanwhile y'all get some sleep and I'm going to call your dad.

When both the doctor and mom left I asked Paisley,

Pais, you are forever my twin and I love you to the moon and back. Hazel, in scared, what if we don't make it? Well pais we just have to trust in God.

Hazels pov

When mom walked back in a nurse came in and took Paisley and she went to go get a port. Forever my twin I yelled as I heard crying down the hallway. Mom, what if we don't live. With tears streaming down her face she said Hazel Nut we just gotta trust in the man who controls what happens. I replied by saying my one, true, nice God.

💕find out what happens next soon✨

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