Forever my Twin

Paisley and Hazel are identical twins who find out the both have the same kind of cancer, Ewing's sarcoma. Their mother complains that 10 year olds need to be free witch everyone agrees. They continue their fight to survive.


3. while she's gone

Hazels pov:

Since Pais is in surgery I thought I could go to the indoor play ground. When I got there there was three girls, Mia, Alyssa, and Ali. They told me that they were ten as well as me.

I had informed them that I had a sister named Paisley and she is my identical twin that's in surgery. Why do you have hair if you have cancer said, Ali kindly. I explained that we just got diagnosed.

Suddenly, my legs started to hurt so I told mama and we went back to the room there we found pais sleeping with an oxygen mask on her face. Dr. Anne told us that during surgery she woke up and felt some pain but they stopped and put the mask better on her face. Hazel, you know what time it is. Yes mam I said and I sat up waiting for the stretcher to roll me away. Bye Pais ill see you in a couple of hours. As I said for her she said for me, forever my twin.

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