Forever my Twin

Paisley and Hazel are identical twins who find out the both have the same kind of cancer, Ewing's sarcoma. Their mother complains that 10 year olds need to be free witch everyone agrees. They continue their fight to survive.


4. now me

I did not cry.

I did not smile.

I did not talk

I sat there...with no emotions

Riding to the surgery room felt like forever.

I layed there and waited and soon enough they put me to sleep. I felt as if I was in gods presence. It would hurt. But it doesn't. I would cry. But I don't.

I woke up in the recovery room. As soon as I woke I saw paisley in a wheel chair. Tears in her eyes.

Do you know what happened in surgery to you mom said?

No! What happened!

You had a seizure!

Is that why I have this breathing tube in my nose? Yes! Well I visited God but I can't remember what he looked like. You were really close to death Hazel!

I'm scared mom

For the rest of the day we slept.

But not me I had a tear in my eye knowing I could not live.

I got this pain in my legs and I'm dizzy. Mom, I said crying something's wrong i said wailing. Press the button for emergency so I did. Dr. Anne and nurse Kay came in. I got this pain running through me. Oh no she said. She then told me to come with her. I can't walk! Why? I don't know? Go get a stretcher! When nurse Kay came I was lifted into the stretcher. No I was in the MRI.

And we waited.



And finally we were told that my cancer, Ewing's sarcoma grew and spread on my back.


Done I thought.

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