Forever my Twin

Paisley and Hazel are identical twins who find out the both have the same kind of cancer, Ewing's sarcoma. Their mother complains that 10 year olds need to be free witch everyone agrees. They continue their fight to survive.


5. intensive care unit for twins

Paisleys pov:

Mom I cried! She woke up and so did Hazel. What's the matter? It's hard to breathe! It is Hazel said. Press the emergency button!

When doctor Anne came in she said she'd go look at our scans. A few minutes later she came back and said our cancer spread to our lungs and that it needs to be addressed quickly! Today you girls will start chemo today she said! You will loose your hair so don't worry if it falls out. Our hair?!?!

But we love our hair!?

Would you like to live!?


Okay then!

I want to move you girls into the intensive care unit. Okay, gather up your things she said! Instead of putting us in a wheel chair she brought two stretchers. Once we got up there the room was much bigger and they had a different bed to one corner other from me and Hazel which each had a bed. There were lots of machines like you would see in a movie. They each had 4 large bags of liquid and only one went in my port, chemo. The others had needles into me. It was the same with Hazel but she just slept and our machines beeped our mom was working and I was scared so I got up and I could walk so I took my I've pole and I went to walk I heard something in our room it was hazels machine beeping louder and faster I yelled for a doctor and rushed and they gave her CPR her heart could have stopped but she did not die.

Taking a break💖💖💖

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