These empty walls

Where do I turn?



Next day

Another bad dream and u don't even know what it's about.i get out of bed get dressed and run down stairs hopping that my dad doesn't see me." Hey Lilly get over here!" I slowly walk over there.oh no he's drunk. "Ow!"I say as he slaps me across the face. "I'm leaving!" Run out and get to school as fast as I can. My friend was there waiting for me,"what happened?" She says looking at the red mark on my face,"dad." I replie. She is the only person who knows and gets me. I walk in and see Louis he starts to walk over to me but Sarah had to interrupt."Were you going to make fun of those losers?" She say loud enough to let the whole school know. "Why are you so mean to them?" Louis asked. "Look at them they are losers why wouldn't I?" Louis rolls his eyes and walks away.sarah came sashaying over to us," Don't you dare get in the way of me and Louis or I will trap you in a room with just four empty walls!" Maybe she is the person in my dream, so if I stop her than I can stop those dreams! So it's lunch time and me and my friend sit at our own table, but today was different because Louis came and sat with me. Bad part is that everyone else wanted to sit there now. We had me,my friend, Louis, the football team, and the cheerleading team sitting with us. It was fun. For once I had a good time.but the best part was that Louis asked me on date we Are meeting tonight at seven. So once I got home I put one my strapless fancy red dress and my black high heel and makeup and was ready. As I was leaving my dad saw me and told me u couldn't leave the house. But I snuck out the window. we went to Texas Roadhouse. Was sat down but guess who was at the table next to us? Sarah! She just wouldn't stop. We talked for a while and then he leaned in for a kiss and so did I,I was about to kiss him when Someone put a strawberry pie in my face I was humiliated so i left without saying goodbye! That night the dream had gotten scarier maybe every time she wins the dream gets scarier. I can't let her win!

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