These empty walls

Where do I turn?


1. first day


I open my eyes, another terrible dream about a person is coming for me and I have no where to go. 7:30, time to go to school, I never want to but I have no choice. I run down the stairs hoping my dad doesn't see me. He is kind of abusive and it hurts. I walk to school every morning, I cold and dark like usual. Once I get to school I have my one friend who doesn't pick on me. Oh no, Sarah, she bullies me. " where are you going,I don't want you to miss out on all the fun." She yells,"go away." I say back. I finally get to my friend who is playing on her dsi. "Hey" I say but she's not listening. So I start to look around.oh there's Louis, the cute guy, "hey Lilly right?"he says to me. "Ye..." Just then Sarah had to come and ruin everything. "Hey baby how are you?" She says pulling his attention away from me."Really he was talking to me!" I yelled. "Oh shut up dork!" She fired back. Louis shrugged and walked away with Sarah on his arm. That night I had the same dream where there was someone trying to get me but there was no where to turn. I was trapped in a corner between these four walls just waiting to wake up and I did before I could see the person.

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