These empty walls

Where do I turn?


3. a twist

So the night before I had the same dream that the person was chasing me and I couldn't stop them. I saw a glimpse of the hair so I know it's a girl but the only bad part is that I still don't know who it is. I woke up feeling confident today. So I grabs my bag and dash down the stairs. Oh no my dad. But I'm not going to let him ruin my day! "Get over here!" He yelled. " go away I don't want to talk to you." I yell and run out the door, I didn't stop running until I got to school. But then I saw some people and I about threw up! It was a group of boys who were suspended for trashing a teachers classroom. They hang out with Louis. But they bully me and my friend, Kendra. The reason they bully me is because me and Louis were really good friends and I was dating Niall, his is part of the group, Sarah liked Niall so she tried to break us up by spreading rumors and it worked. They were so mad at "what I did" and start to bully me. I just miss it all. The bell rang and I to walk as fast as I could but Harry caught up to me." Why you walkin so fast?" He ask and well Zayn and Niall held my arms and Liam held my legs Harry punches me. And I got the wind knock out of me and fell to the ground. I look up and see Louis with his hand out. He hands me a note and walk away with the rest of the boys. I read the note and smile it said:

Hey I need to talk to you. I know it hurts that they back but don't worry we will get through it together. Meet me in the Janitors closet in third period. Please


Wow, I was about to walk to class when I hear a familiar voice behind me. " what's that you got there?" She asks and take the note from my hand. "That's not yours now is it!" I yell. She read it out loud and laughs."Do you really think that he likes you in your dreams." My heart sank. In third period I left the classroom to find the janitors closet. I know the janitor and he knows me, the janitors closet is more like a room. It's big for a janitors closet! When I got in there I saw Louis waiting for me. "Hey I need to ask you a question" he said. "What is it?" I ask. "Will you..." All the sudden the door swung open and Sarah came walking in."what is she doing in here? You told me to meet you in here because you wanted to ask me out!" She yells. I froze, I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I look at Louis and he is shaking his head no. All the sudden Zayn came and opens the door. "Zayn!" Louis says looking surprised. He grabs my arm and pulls me out well shutting the door behind him. "What the heck were you doing in there!" He yell whispers. "He told me to meet him in there." I fire back."Sarah has been going around and saying that Louis asked her, anyway I was wondering if you wanted to go on a date with me?" " with you! You expect me to forgive you after what you did!" I yell and he hushes me." Would you give me a chance? Please I sorry!" He pleads."fine I guess I can forgive and forget." I say."yes!" He yells. That night I had the dream but there was a boy who tried to rescue me it was to dark to see who it was. The girl had more people behind her and she threw the boy who rescued me to the ground and almost got to me but then i woke up.

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