My life as a poor soul

.......Emma Gait , has been beat down by the world , but not knowing her world is falling down until it's to late , she's torn apart from her family and is taken to a place unlike any other , she's tested to she if she's is correct ...... she fails , her world is flipped and she must find a way keep her secret a secret.


1. Chapter 1

Emma wakes , yawns , and looks around , she thinks her life is perfect , other than the bullying and abuse  she faces everyday by her classmates , she pours at the thought , and drags herself out of bed and gets ready for the day ahead of her , she brushes her long brunette hair and braids it behind her back , she sighs and wishes she was as beautiful as the girls she sees in magazines at the stores her and her mom's visit , she dresses in her best cloths and goes into bathroom to brush her teeth , and goes downstairs to eat breakfast with her family , it's just her mother , and little brother . Her father and little sister Annabelle died in a car accident , she still mourns over there death. As she eats her cereal , she gags , due to her brushing her teeth before breakfest , her mother asks "Everything alright sweetheart?" , Emma nods and says "Can I be excused , I'm afraid I may be late for the school bus." Her mother smiles caringly "ok sweetie" Emma also smiles , the smile that can just melt hearts , she grabs her bag and fast walks to her front door , waits 10 mins. For her bus to come , when it does , she runs inside , and plops down in the seat by herself , for the kids think she's weird , and have decided to not sit next to her anymore , which she's ok with , but she would like to have someone around to share her problems with . She slams her head against the soft seat and closes her eyes , wanting to get a few mins. Of sleep before they arrive at school. About 4 minutes later there's an explosion , that shakes the bus , Emma jolts awake at the screams of the kids on her bus , she looks over at the little adorable girl named Dawn , she jumps over to her seat and tells her to go over it and hold the bars underneath , and then the bus shakes again , another explosion , that jolts Emma toward the window , the window shattering , and more screams as her fellow classmates come over to help her , but all is black , she's passed out and they shout her name , a boy pours his water onto her face , Dawn still hides under seat , sobbing , and then the bus concaves , and is filled with fire as more explosions go off , they all thought Emma was dead. Emma wakes up to the blinding lights of But no a laboratory where her people , well already they were , she's told she's been asleep for over 2 years , her eyes almost pop out of her head , so they meant she is 14? Her face is sort of wrinkled due to well not eating in over 2 years , she trays to sit up , fails , she starts to struggle , as she realizes that she's strapped to a metal table with Velcro , there are ivs that go straight into her blood stream , she looks up , the bag the ivs are hooked to is filled with green sludge. She flaires her nostrils in her disgusted face , she struggles more , they crowd around  Her and stick her right in the stomach with a paralyzing shot , few seconds later she claims down , they say she's going to have to take a test of strength , in her mind. They inject her with a turquoise needle , she slowly passes out and dreams a dream no one wants to dream about. [Shes running from a avalanche of wreckage that is forming behind her as he runs down mount Everest , people are shooting poison darts , all miss one that's coming toward her face she catches and throws it back at the guy who threw it , right in his eye , she keeps running , dogs barking , a glass dome is covering her path , as a flood of blood hurdles toward , she screams and yells but nothing happens , no sound , she starts to bang the dome , not even a sound , she picks up a thick stick and bangs it , a wave of blue electric lightning is sent out , forcing her backwards , she plummets into the flood of blood ] she wakes up before she can finish it's , drenched in sweat , she's not on that metal table anymore , but in her own bedroom , In her own houses , an then she hears the screams of her brother and sister , she rips off her covers and downstairs just to find her mother and brother both dead. She crystal and sobs , she falls to her knees and strokes her mother's face , touching her icey cold face , and then she hears a deep voice say "reach for he sky" she slowly turns and face to face with a man in a uniform , his face covered by a helmet , he pulLs the trigger , the bullet going straight into her heart , she falls , gasp for breath until he puts her out of her missery , shooting her in the head , where she now joins her family in heaven , Never to seen again.


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