Ellie Haron has had enough.
Of her dad.
Her dad is the Doctor, from Gallifrey.
Her mother is the notorious killer River Song.
He only comes when there is trouble.
And he's back.


2. Running. Never Stop Running...

As I run through the streets of Trenzalore, I realize... 

I barely know my father... 

He's telling me to run, but to where?

"Ellie, what are you doing?" 

My thought echoes through my head...

"What am I doing?" I think.

I need to run, faster than I ever have before...

One thought echoes...

"Run, Ellie, run, faster than you ever have or ever will... He's dangerous, and so are you. Putting you two together in a situation like this, it's basically putting a match and a case of TNT in a closed in room."

As I continue running, my speed increases, and I feel emotions, some that I never have before, fear, sadness, rejection. It's never been this bad, I need to keep running. He can't get me if I'm still running... If I just keep going... Just reach the town of Christmas, and he'll tell the truth. 

I see a statue protrude from the ground, and I scream.

'Looks like a statue isn't a statue, so basically run..."

 As I remember him saying this, I shake with fear. It's a whole new thing.

A weeping angel.




Tick tock,

Tick Tock,

Tick Tock.

I can hear the clock ticking, time is passing as fast as it possibly could. 

Tick Tock,

Goes theclock,

He gave all he could give her,

Tick Tock,

Goes the clock,

Now prison waits for River.

I can never stop running.

If I do, he'll catch me.

Running is what I do.

It's what I live off of.

Why can't I stop?

The Doctor can travel through space and time, without leaving a trace.

He's probably here right now.

Watching my every move.

He was at the radio channel station.

And now he was here.

To say goodbye.


I received a letter today, in a TARDIS blue envelope...

It has coordinates to somewhere. 

Lake Silencio, Ohio.

The day The Doctor dies...



 Ah, hi!

It's me!

This is the sequel to Free Falling, and I'm excited. I decided to do a four book series... So I'm pretty psyched. Can't wait to release 'Crashing' and 'Found' ! I haven't starting writing them yet, but when I'm finished with 'Landing' I'll write them!




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