Ellie Haron has had enough.
Of her dad.
Her dad is the Doctor, from Gallifrey.
Her mother is the notorious killer River Song.
He only comes when there is trouble.
And he's back.


3. Run You Clever Boy

  Run You Clever Boy
I need to leave Trenzalore, I’m also a time traveler. Trenzalore is the cemetery planet of the Time Lords. What do I do? I left my TARDIS on Earth. I had to sneak into his and go to the circuit room with the growth room-y things. 
“Run you clever boy, and remember.”
I was trailing behind the Doctor and Amy on that trip. I met Oswin. She was a genius, but not the real genius. That was all me. I was the one who cleared the hive mind. I was the one who did everything. I had to gain control of her mind so I tracked the Alaska and, well basically hacked into the destination point, and crashed it in the Asylum of the Daleks. Oops. 
Well anyways, he’s found Clara, and she never remembers, so… 
Clara and the Doctor are now in Trenzalore, in the town of Christmas.The Doctor will meet his fate in 300 years, and he’ll die. And I’ll be there to watch. I don’t think you can regenerate by 300 years, can you? 
Well, I’ll just disguise myself as Tasha Lem, the Doctor hasn’t found out that she’s dead.
I’ll steal the TARDIS and then run away with it. It’ll be easy. Right?
He was running, but he won’t run again. 
I’ll make sure of it.
He wont change faces again. He has exceeded his twelve regeneration limit.
The Doctor is dying…



One the Doctor dies, I can be free.

I need someone to help.

Who would help?

The Daleks?


The Cybermen?


The Silence?

No. Don't even think about.


When he dies, I can keep running....

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