Just Another *Aaron Carpenter FanFiction*


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1




Hunter's POV:




I could hear the horn of my moms car from the driveway. I was was going to be late to school, once again. I have always had a problem with getting up early. 


I quickly ran down the stairs and opened up the front door and went down to my moms car. I could tell that she was upset with me because she didn't look at me the entire car ride. 


As soon as we got to school, I got out of the car, took a deep breath, and walked in. I hated going to school. But not for the same reason as everyone else did. 


I always got made fun of at school. Not many people liked me I guess. I just didn't fit in. I got made fun of for the way I looked. I was called "fat" a lot. But honestly, I wasn't fat. I just had curves, unlike every girl at my school, who literally look like walking sticks. 


I was made fun of ever since elementary school. I am currently at the end of my 8th grade year, my last year of middle school. High School would be a new start for me. I started to self harm in 7th grade because I got teased so much. I still do to this day, but i’ve gotten a lot better now. 


I walked into the school with my head held high. I went to the main office and signed in (when your late to school they make you sign in. I don't know why..my school is weird) I signed my name down, the lady at the desk gave me a pass to get to class, and I went to my locker. 


My locker was right down the hall from the main office, so I didn't have much of a walk. I put my backpack and books into my locker and grabbed my binder, notebook, and folder for first period, science. 


I closed my locker and went to science. I saw my friend, Jack, who is in the grade below mine. I held up the "Stay Fierce" sign to my face, he did the same and we started laughing. I was already by my science class so I walked in. (Jack isn't gay by the way)


"Your late, Hunter" Mrs. Spring said to me and gave me a little bit of a glare. "sorry" I said and looked down at my feet. I went to sit in my seat and my friend Tyanna was talking to my friend Caity about the Magcon boys.


To be honest, I really like the Magcon boys. Their vines are really funny and fun to watch. Mrs. Spring started talking about protons and neutrons, basically stuff that I don't care about. 


The weather was changing from cold to hot and it looked so nice out. I stared at th window, wanting to leave school to go outside. Daydreaming of summer. I was brought back to reality when the classroom phone rang. "Yes she is", "Alrighty she will be right down" I heard Mrs. Spring say, she hung up the phone and cleared her throat.


"Hunter your needed in the guidance office" Mrs. Spring said. My heart dropped. The last time I was called down to the guidance office was because the school found out that i self harm and the guidance counselor wanted to talk to me about it. Not like it helped in the slightest though. 


I stood up from my seat, scared, and walked down to the guidance office. 

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