The pop games

Welcome to the pop games
10 people
A lot of weapons
1 winner


4. oh Selena!

Harry's pov

I am running with Zayn trying to get some good loot when Selena came up to us and asked us if we could be on her team.

"Sure why not." I say. So we started to walk and we come across a button.

"Press the button Selena." Says Zayn.

"No you!" Selena fires back.

"I will! Stop being babies" I say.

I press the button and the ground starts to break under us.

"Run!" Zayn yelled!

We were jumping and leaping through the forest trying to dodge any tree or object that could get in our way.

Selena's pov

We were leaping over objects trying not to fall in molten lava when all of a sudden a vine grabs me by the foot and I get pulled up.

"Help!" I scream.

Harry and Zayn look back at me and they point down. I look down and see a what looks like a 70 foot drop and at the bottom is lava. Zayn throws a knife witch cut off the vine perfectly. I was about to fall when Zayn comes in like Tarzan and catches me.

"Thanks." I say shyly

"Your welcome"

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